Spiritually Significant Film

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The Wind Will Carry Us (1999)

aka Bad ma ra khahad bord

A busy video producer/engineer from Tehran is sent to a remote Iranian village to capture an obscure burial ceremony. But the 'subject' of his film is ill, not dead, forcing the man and his production crew to slow down, linger in the village, and mingle with the local families.

Along the way, the engineer encounters a radically different lifestyle than his own, with different priorities. In doing so, his perspective on the natural world is changed.

This film is remarkable in its sustained pace, perspective, and ability to focus so sharply on a single character without revealing too much of that character, allowing him to retain a sense of mystery and delightful ambiguity.

This film was included in the 2004 Flickerings @ Cornerstone Festival. Click here to learn more about this film's appearance at Flickerings.

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Directed by Abbas Kiarostami
118 minutes
Primary language(s): Persian