The 2004 Top100 Spiritually Significant Films


 Selected in first voting round
special jury selection  Special jury selection
special jury selection
The Addiction, 1995, Abel Ferrara
  Amadeus, 1984, Milos Forman
  American Beauty, 1999, Sam Mendes
Andrei Rublev, 1969, Andrei Tarkovsky

The Apostle, 1997, Robert Duv

  Au Hasard Balthazar, 1966, Robert Bresson
Babettes Gstebud ("Babette's Feast"), 1987, Gabriel Axel
  Bad Lieutenant, 1987, Abel Ferrara
  Bad ma ra khahad bord ("The Wind Will Carry Us"), 1999, Abbas Kiarostami
The Big Kahuna, 1999, John Swanbeck
  Blade Runner, 1982, Ridley Scott
Breaking The Waves, 1996, Lars von Trier
  Changing Lanes, 2002, Roger Michell
Chariots of Fire, 1981, Hugh Hudson
  Code inconnu ("Code Unknown"), 2000, Michael Haneke
Crimes And Misdemeanors, 1989, Woody Allen
  Days of Heaven, 1978, Terrence Malick
Dead Man Walking, 1995, Tim Robbins
Dekalog ("The Decalogue"), 1987, Krzysztof Kieslowski
special jury selection
Dersu Uzala, 1975, Akira Kurosawa
Dogma, 1999, Kevin Smith
  Dogville, 2003, Lars von Trier
special jury selection
La Dolce vita, 1960, Federico Fellini
  The Elephant Man, 1980, David Lynch
  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004, Michel Gondry
  Fearless, 1993, Peter Weir
  Fight Club, 1999, David Fincher
Le Fils ("The Son"), 2002, Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
special jury selection
Fuori dal mondo ("Not of This World"), 1999, Giuseppe Piccioni
  Grand Canyon, 1991, Lawrence Kasdan
Groundhog Day, 1993, Harold Ramis
  Hell House, 2001, George Ratliff
  Henry V, 1989, Kenneth Branagh
  Der Himmel ber Berlin ("Wings of Desire"), 1987, Wim Wenders
  Ikiru ("To Live"), 1952, Akira Kurosawa
It's A Wonderful Life, 1946, Frank Capra
special jury selection

Jean de Florette, Manon des sources, 1986, Claude Berri

Jsus De Montral ("Jesus of Montreal"), 1989, Denys Arcand
Jesus Of Nazareth, 1977, Franco Zeffirelli
Le Journal D'un Cur De Campagne ("The Diary of a Country Priest"), 1951, Robert Bresson
  Ladri di biciclette ("The Bicycle Thief"), 1948, Vittorio De Sica
special jury selection
The Last Days of Disco, 1998, Whit Stillman
The Last Temptation Of Christ, 1988, Martin Scorsese
special jury selection
Life of Brian, 1979, Terry Jones
  The Lord of the Rings, 2001-2003, Peter Jackson
  Ma nuit chez Maud ("My Night At Maud's"), 1969, Eric Rohmer
Magnolia, 1999, Paul Thomas Anderson
  A Man For All Seasons, 1966, Fred Zinnemann
  The Matrix, 1999, Andy & Larry Wachowski
special jury selection
Mies vailla menneisyytt ("The Man Without A Past"), 2002, Aki Kaurismki
special jury selection
The Miracle Maker, 2000, Derek W. Hayes & Stanislav Sokolov
The Mission, 1986, Roland Joff
  Nema-ye Nazdik ("Close-Up"), 1990, Abbas Kiarostami
  The Night Of The Hunter, 1955, Charles Laughton
  Offret - Sacrificatio ("The Sacrifice"), 1986, Andrei Tarkovsky
  On The Waterfront, 1954, Elia Kazan
Ordet ("The Word"), 1955, Carl Theodor Dreyer
La Passion De Jeanne D'arc ("The Passion of Joan of Arc"), 1928, C. Dreyer
The Passion Of The Christ, 2004, Mel Gibson
special jury selection
Peter and Paul, 1981, Robert Day
Ponette, 1996, Jacques Doillon
  The Prince Of Egypt, 1998, Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, Simon Wells
special jury selection
La Promesse, 1996, Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne
  Punch-Drunk Love, 2002, P.T. Anderson
special jury selection
Roma, citt aperta ("Open City"), 1945, Roberto Rossellini
special jury selection
Sansh day ("Sansho the Bailiff"), 1954, Kenji Mizoguchi
Schindler's List, 1993, Steven Spielberg
Secrets & Lies, 1996, Mike Leigh
  Shadowlands, 1993, Richard Attenborough
  The Shawshank Redemption, 1994, Frank Darabont
  Signs, 2002, M. Night Shyamalan
  The Sixth Sense, 1999, M. Night Shyamalan
Det Sjunde Inseglet ("The Seventh Seal"), 1957, Ingmar Bergman
  Smultronstllet ("Wild Strawberries"), 1957, Ingmar Bergman
  Solyaris ("Solaris"), 1972, Andrei Tarkovsky
  Stalker, 1979, Andrei Tarkovsky
special jury selection
Star Wars trilogy 1977, 1980, 1983, George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Richard Marquand
  Stevie, 2002, Steve James
The Straight Story, 1999, David Lynch
  Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, 1927, F.W. Murnau
special jury selection
Snger frn andra vningen ("Songs From the Second Floor"), 2000, Roy Andersson
special jury selection
The Sweet Hereafter, 1997, Atom Egoyan
Tender Mercies, 1983, Bruce Beresford
  13 Conversations About One Thing, 2001, Jill Sprecher
Three Colors trilogy, 1993, 1994, 1994, Krzysztof Kieslowski
  Tokyo Monogatari ("Tokyo Story"), 1953, Yasujiro Ozu
  The Truman Show, 1998, Peter Weir
Selected in first voting round
2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968, Stanley Kubrick
  Unforgiven, 1992, Clint Eastwood
Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo ("The Gospel According to Matthew"), 1964, Pier Paolo Pasolini
special jury selection
Vanya on 42nd Street, 1994, Louis Malle
  Un condamn mort s'est chapp ("A Man Escaped"), 1956, Robert Bresson
  La Vita bella ("Life is Beautiful"), 1997, Roberto Benigni
  Vredens dag ("Day of Wrath"), 1943, Carl Theodor Dreyer
Waking Life, 2001, Richard Linklater
special jury selection
Werckmeister harmnik ("Werckmeister Harmonies"), 2000, Bla Tarr and gnes Hranitzky
  Witness, 1985, Peter Weir
  The Year Of Living Dangerously, 1982, Peter Weir
special jury selection
Yi yi ("Yi Yi: A One and a Two"), 2000, Edward Yang
  Zerkalo ("The Mirror"), 1975, Andrei Tarkovsky