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  2. Thanks! Sounds like I'll be reading John Wigger's PTL this summer in prep for the movie!
  3. I got an e-mail for a publicist saying the film will be available in September and "more information" was coming in May. Sounds like they are going to do at least some marketing to evangelical press.
  4. Darrel Manson

    The Disciple

    Haven't watched it yet, but Justin Chang excoriated Netflix in his review for not pushing this, even to critics. He considered it the best film of the year to date.
  5. Does anyone know anything about the upcoming film of the same title staring Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield? Apparently it's set to release in September 2021 but I haven't seen a trailer for it yet and I am curious to know the film's status.
  6. Most of you know Nathan's film Wrestling for Jesus. This new one is one of those thoughtful documentaries that has spiritual undertones and embedded messages without needing to be overtly preachy. I liked it: http://1morefilmblog.com/2021/05/06/the-passing-on-clarke-2020/
  7. Viva l'Italia! is on MUBI for 30 days. I'm gonna try to watch it.
  8. Cindy and I are watching. Not sure what I think yet. The lead actress was in Outlander, so I'm a fan of hers.
  9. Peter Chattaway, who hasn’t been active on A&F for a while, has reviewed The Chosen s1 on his Film Chat blog, as well as recaps of all 8 episodes, and more. Thanks, PTC.
  10. I'm dispirited by the widespread negative response (might even call it outright dismissal) to this film, which is a relatively modest, small-scale Netflix movie about three astronauts headed to Mars who discover an authorized fourth passenger on their ship and must face the classic moral dilemma about how to value one person's life versus the lives of several (or many) other people. Even though the screenplay is not an adaptation of an existing source, the parallel is a 1954 sci-fi short story, titled The Cold Equations, with essentially the same situation but with the resources changed (a sho
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  12. Is anyone else watching The Nevers? Episode 1 premiered April 11. Last night was ep. 4, so two more to go in the first half season. The remaining six episodes will be run by Philippa Goslett. No word yet whether writers/producers Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie will remain with the series. From Caroline Framke's Variety review:
  13. Andrew

    The Disciple

    This one almost sneaked past me, since Netflix has been focusing the energy on promoting their latest animated film instead. But this is so good, and so artful, that it needs a wide viewership. I'm pretty sure it's the first film of 2021 where I've said to Jessica afterwards that I would've loved to see it at a festival, to soak in the energy of a good Q&A and hear the director's thoughts afterwards. So it wasn't totally surprising, as I did my pre-review research, to learn that it was an award winner at TIFF and Venice last year. It's only the director's second film, but his styli
  14. I did a huge hundred dollar Amazon order last week thanks to my stimulus, and though my pre-ordered copies of tiny music remastered and Stephen King's Billy sommers haven't gotten here yet my other five purchases have. My very own DVD copy of All is True, the absolutely outstanding new remasters of cat stevens mona bone jakon and tea for the tillerman, as well as the brand new ultimate remix of John Lennon's plastic ono band. As well as my very first Tom waits purchase, the 2018 remastered version of his debut closing time which is a phenomenally great album with gorgeous vocals and melodies a
  15. I think i found an internet history relic. this is amazing i just went deep down the Harrison Ford rabbit hole.
  16. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned this crowdfunded, app-based series, now in its second season, which is re-telling the gospel story more or less from the perspectives of the disciples and others "chosen" by Jesus. Created by Dallas Jenkins (son of Jerry B. Jenkins), who produced or directed a couple of so-so Christian films, it is a crowdfunded project that raised over 10,000,000 for season 1, and plans to continue in this way for seven seasons. Season 1 can be viewed free online here, or by downloading the free app, which works with Roku or various TV things. I don't know if
  17. Did anyone else catch up with this film? I'm curious to know if I misread it (I watched it only once) as a fundamentally religious story.
  18. I'm usually "meh" about Oscar songs, but I feel strongly that this performance should have created a special exception and caused "Husavik" to win, not just for Molly Sanden throwing heart and soul into the song, but especially for the chorus of Icelandic sweater-wearing children. Also, fireworks:
  19. I presumed the original query was a springboard from the most recent wave of transphobia generated by the conservative/evangelical outrage machine, and the comment on the 13th pretty much confirms it. I was going to refrain from commenting, but the recent back-and-forth in my subculture between Richard Dawkins and the American Humanist Association on transphobia has me thinking about it more. No matter one's belief system or lack thereof, I think one's worldview whether Christian or secular humanist should favor defense of the marginalized over proof texts. (Matthew 25, the Gospel of Lu
  20. Evan C


    Not sure whether this thread is for the Hitchcock film, the remake or both, but I finally wrote about why Rebecca is my favorite Hitchcock. https://catholiccinephile.wordpress.com/2021/04/22/rebecca/
  21. Ah, I should've added an update. It's been available through some arthouse cinema sites in the US for a good week or so now. Reviews thus far have been underwhelming, so I've not been in a hurry to see it...
  22. Hey Andrew, just wondering if you were able to find The Man Who Sold His Skin in the end? A friend here in Canada tipped me off to the fact that it's rentable from iTunes here, though it doesn't seem to be available on any of the other streaming services. Maybe it's available in the US, too...? Better Days, thankfully, is now available on Google Play here.
  23. I somehow missed the fact that there is a Society of Lyricists and Composers, and that they gave their award in this category to Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.
  24. I somehow missed the fact that there is a Society of Lyricists and Composers, and that they gave their award in this category to Soul. (They also gave an award to Blizzard of Souls for best original score for an *independent* film, but that film isn't nominated for the Oscar.)
  25. Hmmm. This is the tally *I* have (not counting guild winners that don't have Oscar nominations in the respective categories, and not counting short films, animated films, documentary films, or "international" films): Guild awards relevant to 4 Oscar categories Ma Rainey's Black Bottom -- Screen Actors Guild (actor, actress); Costume Designers Guild (period); Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild (period/character make-up, period/character hair styling) Guild awards relevant to 2 Oscar categories Mank -- American Society of Cinematographers; Art Directors Guild (p
  26. And the winners are... Mank, which has an Oscar nomination, and Two of Us, which does not.
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