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    Woody Allen Ingmar Bergman Robert Bresson Luis Bunuel Werner Herzog Stanley Kubrick Akira Kurosawa Yasujiro Ozu Eric Rohmer Andrei Tarkovsky
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    The Cure Pink Floyd Pet Shop Boys
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    for better or for worse, I'm only really into film, so here are my next 10 favorite: Carl Dreyer Jean-Luc Godard Hal Hartley Jim Jarmsuch Abbas Kiarsatomi K. Kieslowski Richard Linklater Bela Tarr Tsai Ming Liang Zhang Zimou
  1. re: MLeary's commentary/introduction to the new list... I was quite moved by your thoughts - you put fine words to the aesthetic/spiritual experience that I treasure in my favorite films - thank you. I think I have a fairly unique position within this group because [a] I've studied international art film for years, but mostly only love ones that touch on the very spiritual themes that are emphasized in this list, and last time I checked, I was in no way a Christian. ("jubu" - get it?) Concerning the first matter, here are my stats from the old to new list: Total Seen: [2004=77] 2005=72 Al
  2. (I really liked the lists from Sara and Yukiyuki) ok, I have listed one per year, but the ones with the "*" indicate my "real" top 15, at least for today... 04 *Before Sunset 03 *Time Of The Wolf 02 *To Be And To Have 01 *Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (and *The Royal Tenenbaums) 00 *Werkmeister Harmonies (and *Yi Yi, and *Eureka) 99 *Rosetta 98 *After Life 97 *Taste Of Cherry (and *The River) 96 *A Moment Of Innocence 95 Dead Man 94 Through The Olive Trees 93 Trois Coleurs Trilogy 92 *Lessons Of Darkness 91 Life And Nothing More... 90 *Trust Anyone out there seen all of these? Cheers.
  3. Hello everyone, I've been away for awhile...am excited about the new list...I predict that my percentage will go up...I base this on one simple fact - that I had seen most of the older films and few of the newer films on the 2004 list, and I figure that should work out for me, since I suspect/hope that the Dropped40% will come mostly from the newer films. If anyone ever wants to chat, I'm usually on the IMDB Classics Film Board (id: "ju-bu"....get it?); and my favorite directors include Bergman, Bresson, Kiarostami, Ozu, and Tarkovsky, all of whom I trust will be well represented on the new
  4. Hello all, a (silly?) question for those in the know... ...do we have an estimate for how many films will drop off the old list? ...and would it be too much to ask to have the results for Round 1 (votes on old films) released early (or now?), so that we have some idea what would likely be dropped...think of it as a sort of treat/teaser for those of us anxiously waiting on the late voters... ...pretty please? (my reaction if Signs stays on the list)
  5. Thanks to a kind soul yesterday, I will now make my first attempt to insert a link... I do not believe these have been nominated: (but I just can't get them to "bold"!! ugh!) Shoah Waking Life Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left For The East? While all of the following have been nominated, they were not on the OfficiallyNominated list I saw, either because they are too new, or lacked links, so just in case... An Autumn Afternoon http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105888' target='_blank'>And Life Goes On
  6. Hello everyone, I am a newbie (and a technophobe, really!) so please be patient. Is there an organized list for films already nominated? In browsing the above I did not notice: BARAKA (1992) (no links or anything, sorry) (so please nominate it, if it hadn't been already) Thank you. Cheers.
  7. Hello everyone, I just signed up today - look forward to joining in - looks like a good group, and what a great list! As I noted in my first post (over in general discussion - still learning my way around here - be patient with the newbie technophobe), I was struck by how much overlap there is between my own Top 100 and your 2004 list - 23 shared titles! (and 16 more are in my Top 250). Anyway, walking in the door here, I had seen 77. Anyone friendly out there want to help me get up to speed? Cheers.
  8. Hello everyone, I found this site today when I was looking for Top 100 lists....the 2004 list is overall quite impressive...I am looking forward to joining in...here are my relevant stats: 77 seen 39 are in my Top 250 and 23 are in my Top 100 (which is the largest overlap I have ever had with a public Top 100 list!) How do these numbers stack up? and when (and how?!?) can I (1) re-support the 39, (2) offer a few others, and (3) gently, oh so gently, start poking around as to how Signs and a couple others made the list last time. Cheers.
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