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  1. Congratulations! Would your client be Tyndale or Christianity Today? I'm just wondering because I used to live in Carol Stream. Matt
  2. Wow, I had almost forgotten about this thread. Thanks for bumping it Thom. Yes, those little shorts are shot with the Canon A95. They're encoded using Google Video but I'm looking at some different codecs that might have better results. Google and Youtube tend to use a quick and dirty approach. Either way I was reasonably pleased as these are for the web. I don't think they would hold up as well being viewed on a full size television...the small dimensions are to its benefit. I'm planning on putting more out but I haven't had access to the web except at work for a few months now. Blogging as
  3. Tour Dates I hope they're better soon also. The above link says it's supposed to be rescheduled ASAP. Hope that helps.
  4. Hey everyone. Okay this is my newly launched blog for my experimental films. So far all have been shot with my trusty Canon A95 which is okay because it works for the web. At some point I'll probably use a real camera once I sense that I'm on to something, but for now the conveniance of the little camera has won out. Critiques are welcome. I'll try to have a new one up every week or two. I'm hoping that keeps me on my toes. Thanks for looking. Matt Imprinted Time I freely admit to stealing a chapter title from Tarkovsky's Sculpting in Time.
  5. Thanks Thom. The experimental piece is more along the lines of what I'm going after, even though it was shot on a whim because I was getting sort of bored waiting to get to West Chicago. The music video doesn't have a real place for what I'm thinking of but I put it up more out of guilty pleasure necessity. And I have a few blog visitors who were intimately involved so... I'll try to put up more videos in the coming weeks. Maybe they'll be more snapshots of life but I'm not sure yet.
  6. Lately I've become increasingly interested in the world of video blogs. So a few days ago I started incorporating some videos into my regular wordpress blog to see how well it worked. I'm using google video so the quality doesn't seem to be the best but I think it's similar to Youtube. I also haven't figured out yet if there's an ideal format for submitting. The first video is a music video I did about 4 years ago and the second is just an experimental piece I shot on my Canon A95 on the way to the western suburbs of Chicago. I did edit it and put in some music I had the rights to. Any tho
  7. I forgot to mention that the other dirty little secret of hdv is that you're not really supposed to "natively" edit hdv despite that being a major feature of Final Cut etc.... You're supposed to use an intermiate format using something like Cineform which incidentally is part of Sony Vegas 6. Using this transcoding the hdv should be as zippy as regular dv. It's another step however and needs to be integrated in the workflow. "Native" hdv edting IS a resource hog.
  8. Yeah I forgot to mention that bad part about hdv. That's actually a major reason we've stayed away from it but since you're in the market I thought I'd through it out. And that's why I'm keeping my dvx100. In that price range it is probably the best value to find a used dvx100/a because it has by far the best audio solution. If you're staying in 60i then the other solutions are great also.
  9. Check out the Sony HVR-A1 for hdv. It's supposed to have comparable image quality to the HDR FX1 but uses a CMOS chip instead of CCDs. It performs a bit less well under low light. With any of these camera you'll want to get an xlr adapter to 1/8 mini. Panasonic also has a less expensive 3 ccd consumer series but I'd stay away from them as they're obviously consumer and their chips are small.
  10. Wow it took Cave 3 weeks to write this thing! http://www.futuremovies.co.uk/filmmaking.asp?ID=159
  11. I agree with Stef that this was a horrifying film. I actually had a knot in my stomach wondering what aweful thing would happen next. I guess I'm a bit soft when it comes to these things. It was very violent. SPOILER SPOILER I was wondering the same thing. I was conflicted because we're not supposed to root for the brothers because they did some VERY bad things. At the same time we're feeling very sorry for the youngest brother, maybe because he's crying through most of the film. Also the soldiers guarding him don't help because they reminded me somewhat of the Union soldiers from Da
  12. I hate it when the search doesn't work for me. Sorry, this isn't really meaty.
  13. Anybody seen this yet? I caught it last night at Chicago's Music Box theater and was rather blown away. At least from a filmmaking stand point. I'm still processing what it actually meant. Most of the dialogue felt like it could have come out of one of his songs but I don't know if that's surprising or not. Maybe some on this board who are more familiar with Cave could shed some light. Anyway it's kind of strange having Cave's vocals along with stark images of the Australian Outback.
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