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  1. Great topic, thankyou for your curiosity, like how u phrased " due to his/her own misplaced sense of perfection?", as well , well phrased. Jack in Malick's Tree of life comes to mind... David's "brother" in Speilberg's A.I. too perhaps? Oh and Kazan's East of Eden(1955)
  2. The Erotic Theology of Mad Men via Michael P. Foley at First Things.
  3. Belly of and Architect...do postcards to a dead architect count?
  4. King Lear - Shakespeare Divine Comedy -Dante Till we Have Faces -CS Lewis Winters Tale- Mark Helprin The Gideon's Bible ( so lonesome and waiting there- i always double check to see )
  5. An animated 15 min film by Directors William Joyce & Brandon Oldenburg , film website here. Its fantastic.... the i-pad app is beautiful as well and worth the price of admission. Now off to see if my own books can fly...
  6. Tree of Strife Terrence Malick’s new film—a cinematic meditation on God, grace, and the wretchedness of man—is an important and masterful work of art. It’s also the least Jewish film ever made. Liel Liebowitz explores the film, grace and Augustine overthere at Tablet
  7. Thanks thats a good point about Elihu
  8. Peter C absence noticed, glad your better and back...i knew the term parasitic would ruffle , hence my awareness of the lack.. it is silly perhaps but i was coming from the stand point of the Critic in Ratatouille - his vampire vibe... before he tastes a thing of beauty.. shifting his paradigm...and regaining some palor too his skin and heart as well. re: are critics bad , of course not-that would be silly but like Jobs friends they can miss the point*... and as is the case we see in the Anton Ego of Ratatouille(2007). Anton Ego: In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk ve
  9. Favorite reviews VJ Morton Scott Derrickson and Joel C... Published: Eberts for the heart and Overstreet's for the brain, his thoughtful handling of dissonance and the honesty …I'd like to recognize the talented, Alejandro Adams too but that segment reminded me to too much of a Saturday Night Live skit , the impressionism of Dinosuars and the criticism of Malicks expressionism this irony had me in stitches.. and even recalled the professor in that movie line of Annie Hall, and sadly as he is a talent Adams lost me with mentioning Agee while ignoring James Agee's own symphonic works that
  10. And of his other films the only one to show parenting*** too...the glimpse of marriage, the silences as well. And on a lighter note baseballs cards in bicycle spokes, and letting go of your ride in a sunplashed meadow.... kapow. Was the dinosaur bone or rock found and heaved by the middle son ( was it him?) in that meadow ....was that some remnant of one of the dinosaurs earlier ? ***correction The New World ....the scene with her baby and one of the most transplendent joy filled hide and go-seek games ever put to film but never like this....over the kitchen table no le
  11. Scottt Cairns review is just exceptional amd draws you in so, look forward and congrats!!!
  12. Bravo! "So shines a good deed in a weary world" to quote the Wonka... No its not lame... its true, and all Philippians 4:8 baby... HUGE and i say again bravo, I'd buy you a beer but i can only type this, Yes..this was your Yawp- your courage, you stood on the desk and said my captain. my captain! Whats better- is this is real ! Real and in common as Bukowsi looking at a snarling dog and saying "ohhh beautiful" real as saying susan sontag is self indulgent crap by way of Bull Durham...real as an Al Pacino rant about the rat ship of acedia and the status quo in Scent of a Woman.
  13. Walking in and Walking Right Back Out of ‘The Tree of Life’ by way the New York TImes reading the posts are good too.... a play of voices one part Under Milkwood meets Wilder's Our Town, equaling aesthetic arrest. And for any who might be interested, re. said referent Tree of Life, you might like this article of its use in scripture The Tree of Life: Protological to Eschatological i only mention this because of Melville pencil markings in his own bible at Isaiah 27:1 I wonder now of the markings in Malick's Holy Bible as well. And what of the Sunflowers frame in the film?
  14. Jeffrey O in #488 wrote It's interesting that we're never given access to the POVs of Jack's brothers. I recall theres a shot of Jack's fated brother looking at the stained Glass window of Jesus, the crown of thorns, would this not qualify? Or is the shot then the brother... p.s thanks for the response to my earlier post as well, Jeffrey appreciated the Chesterton vibe of the crowns! and putting on Grace by U2 accordingly Attica ty for sharing the response in the theatre,,, i love to watch people take in a film, a bit of Cinema Paradisio i guess.... your point here reso
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