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  1. Thankfully, I was wearing my Blue Like Jazz film T-shirt while I read this, so I knew that "enormous" didn't equal "profound."
  2. douggimmick

    War Horse

    I hope everyone takes this as I meant it - tongue-in-cheek. SDG/Overstreet, just yanking your chains. Tyler's and Bowen's comments above sum it up pretty well. It's still nice to see SDG quoted in that press release...
  3. douggimmick

    War Horse

    Well, obviously, JO. If SDG says it is, it is. Come on - get with the program. Wow, for so many reasons. After all of these decades, somebody finally did it. A perfect movie.
  4. I've seen it, and I think you might be pleasantly surprised. Despite the trailer. Would love to hear what others think, to see if I'm way off base here. Of course, I haven't watched many "Christian" movies, so perhaps I'm just plain wrong.
  5. bowen, I'm with you. Thanks for writing that - it encapsulates what I am thinking about this thread at the moment. Well written.
  6. Excellent. Thanks for those two cents, Jason!
  7. OK, as an interested viewer who is quite a novice anime-wise, is the Cowboy Bebop series worth watching? Verve and panache are the words I have found here to describe it so far. Is this series "proto-Firefly"? Did Joss Whedon liberally steal from Bebop? We really like Firefly around there, but I am skeptical. Thanks.
  8. Josh, you rock and are hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh!
  9. Well, but you gotta check SDG's review. I mean, come on - when is that guy ever wrong? Seriously.
  10. Peter, Right. I was trying to think of films that failed to live up to their potential cast-wise, and you chose a very appropriate one! I wonder if the recent remake of All The King's Men might be another; I didn't hear many (any?) good reviews of that film, despite its star-studdedness.
  11. Wow, that cast is indeed ridiculously loaded. Unless there is a horrific breakdown of writing and/or directing, one might *hope* it's a sure thing. Of course, such breakdowns from vision to end result have occurred before....
  12. Good. Enough with this deconstructing! I mean, come on! You're not actually expecting to critically analyze Transformers 3, are you? Just enjoy it in all of it's teal-and-orange glory.
  13. Right, Darrel - good point! Thanks for that reminder.
  14. Well, Darrel already hinted at it anyway, but I think that Swift and "Serena" stay together in some fashion, alive: either Swift is transformed into a merman and the two of them live in the ocean together, or "Serena" renounces her mermaid existence and lives on land with Swift (or they live near the ocean and she lives a kind of double-life as a sometimes-mermaid, sometimes-human (a selkie, like Roan Inish, perhaps). In this way, I don't see that the redemption motif is chucked/not fully realized, somehow.
  15. SDG, Great question. Would love to know what the writers intended on that one. I have a thought or two, but I am not sure that they are at all borne out by the film itself (neither of my thoughts on this are "explained" at all in/by the film - that's for sure). I am afraid of spoilers here, and I am not sure how to hide the text for spoilers, as you have done above. Um....
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