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    il conformista
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    1. Magnolia 2. Taxi Driver 3. My Life To Live 4. 8 1/2 5. Raging Bull 6. A Clockwork Orange 7. Glengarry Glen Ross 8. Walkabout 9. The Conformist 10. Apocalypse Now (Redux) 11. In Praise Of Love 12. LA Confidential 13. Ghostbusters 14. Brazil 15. Amarcord
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    Stones, Dylan, Oasis, Radiohead, The Cure, Ryan Adams, The Vines, Richard Ashcroft, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews Band, BRMC, Pulp, Wilco, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Art Blakey, Mingus, The Libertines
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    1. Catcher In The Rye -- Salinger 2. David Copperfield -- Dickens 3. LOTR -- Tolkien 4. Great Expectations -- Dickens 5. Slaughterhouse 5 -- Vonnegut 6. 1984 -- Orwell 7. American Tabloid -- Ellroy 8. The Cold Six Thousand -- Ellroy 9. Crime and Punishment -- Dostoevsky 10. Franny and Zooey -- Salinger Non-Fic: Scorsese On Scorsese, Easy Riders and Raging Bulls, Mere Christianity, The Four Loves
  1. I just wanted to say: How good is Gloria Grahame, that she even pushes Bogie to the background when she's onscreen!!! Having said that, this was the role he was born to play (and did, variations anyway) his whole life. A full fledged classic, this.
  2. Theatrically, TT owned the others. Extended, Fellowship. I'm still hoping the ee of ROTK will at least make me not hate the movie as much as I do now...
  3. Marty Scorsese deserves to be there. I forward a motion to remove M Night in favor of Saint Martin (thereby substituting Scorsese films on the list as well).
  4. Well then that should be the case because LOTR is one film. If the Decalogue is one (which it makes sense that it is), then shouldn't it be a wash that LOTR counts as one? This was probably debated to death in another thread I haven't read, right?
  5. No kidding!! That's great. Gotta love that guy. *** But, um... Shyamalan??!? Seriously...
  6. SoNowThen

    Rock vs. Non-Rock

    Rock is beautiful, brilliant, and perfect. Maybe it gets the short end of the stick cos all the best of it is about sex and drugs. It would be easy to defend Coltrane's My Favorite Things as opposed to the Stones' Stray Cat Blues, but I love them both.
  7. While the article-writer picks safe and boring choices in movies (for the most part), I mean... I can sorta agree with the idea that some great movies are gonna appeal to guys more than gals. Would you feel totally safe recommending Taxi Driver or Raging Bull to women? There's a certain male anger to those films that I feel might be lost to a female viewer and therefore hinder her full appreciation of them. Not to ALL female viewers, but I'm sure to a large majority. I suppose it's a useless thing to point out, but the idea has some validity...
  8. Fred is great in it. I think you missed it, Tim. It was playing at the Princess, but I think last night was the final showing. Dunno about the rest of Canada (it may have already come and gone), or the States for that matter, but I'm telling everyone who'll listen to try and check it out. Edit: Peter, I'm an avid anti-fan of all that is Canadian art (besides stand-up comics). What Woody Allen might call a self-hating Canadian... Though I have not seen Jesus Of Montreal yet, Arcand is not a filmmaker that excites me enough to check him out. Maybe someday. I had my fill of French Canadia
  9. I saw this mentioned briefly in the Van Film Festival thread, but I thought I'd give it a home here. It's a mocumentary on parking ticket officers, and also has some great bits involving the struggling young filmmakers who make the doc. Just saw this last night. I can now say I've FINALLY seen a Canadian film I thought was good. Finally. 2 months before I leave this country (and it's sad sad cinema scene) forever, a filmmaker here finally makes me excited. Anyway, catch this if you can. It's what more Canadian films should aspire to be, and what Telefilm should keep funding. It's witty, c
  10. Wow, all the arguing about a whole wack of stuff, yet nobody points out that one of the best/biggest albums of the 90's is missing: (What's The Story?) Morning Glory - Oasis Like 'em or not, leaving them off a list of 100 90's albums is just plain negligent.
  11. ...except that it's hilarious. Really though, if you're gonna start editing stuff for content, pick another movie.
  12. SoNowThen

    top five

    I heard the five best songs ever are: 1. Sympathy For The Devil -- The Rolling Stones 2. Buckets Of Rain -- Bob Dylan 3. The Obvious Child -- Paul Simon 4. The Rain Song -- Led Zeppelin 5. You Can't Always Get What You Want -- The Rolling Stones
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