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  1. Saw the movie on Friday, and over all I really liked it. I have many thoughts, but I'll start with these. ***spoilers*** Today a friend asked me for a detailed synopsis of the movie - she's not typically a movie-goer, but was generally curious. When I was describing the theme of forgiveness as it played out between Steve and Miranda, then Miranda and Carrie, I said to my friend that it reminded me of the passage in scripture about forgiving others because you have been forgiven much. I looked it up, and it's from Matt 18 - the servant whose large debt is canceled, yet he goes to the man who
  2. Regarding the marketing of SATC, I'm not really sure what ya'll are getting at. Perhaps it's because I don't troll film critic blogs written by men, and I don't watch a lot of tv to catch the trailers. The blogs I read, which are all written by women who are not film reviewers, are eagerly anticipating the film. I know of at least one blogger who organized a Sex and the City cocktail party outside D.C., and was able to get it covered by local media. I looked up the official trailer on the internet, and I'm not even clear from that where the idea comes from that the movie is simply about sex
  3. There IS no marketing hook for guys, and I don't see why there needs to be. It's a chick flick. They maybe be gambling with the purity of its chick-ness, but they happen to think it's a wager worth making. Here's a Seattle Times article addressing the issue.
  4. Why do you assume Sex and the City is only about "shopping, or relationships, or something"? Why do you assume the characters are shallow, and that watching one or two episodes will give you a sufficient understanding of its overall themes? Would you say The Sopranos was just about the mafia, or that The Wire was just about ghetto life? Like every other show that has appeared on HBO - including The Sopranos and The Wire - the series contains a very intentional story arc that spans years, and involves complex themes, relationships, and emotions. I won't bore you with those things here, thoug
  5. Mrs. Zug


    I haven't commented in here since I saw Children of Men, but I loved this film so much I wanted to see what the buzz was in these parts. Have to say I'm a little disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm. *SPOILERS* I thought it was a great film about complicated relationships that didn't insult my intelligence. Even at certain points when I was sure the absolutely predictable thing was going to happen (the scene when Mark and Juno are dancing - I was positive the wife was going to walk in), the story avoids the melodramatic and stays true to its tone. I loved how you know from the moment Jun
  6. Mrs. Zug


    Yeah - if you're in my house to steal my computer and HDTV my foot will meet your ass as I escort you out the door. But if you're in my house because you are hungry and lonely and destitute, I will feed you a meal, talk with you, and help you find a job. But that's just me.
  7. Mrs. Zug


    Bryan and I just saw Babel this weekend while away without the kids. And by the way, I don
  8. Mrs. Zug


    I've never used Pandora so I can't compare, but I like the plug-in feature of last.fm that uses an rss feed to automatically update my listening habits in the sidebar of my blog. I don't have to double enter anything - if I listen to it within Itunes, the last ten songs I listen to will post to my blog automatically, and online friends can click through to see my musical choices.
  9. Mrs. Zug

    Pan's Labyrinth

    To be honest (and maybe I'm a bit naive?),
  10. I haven't seen it, but was Babel really THAT good????
  11. Mrs. Zug

    Pan's Labyrinth

    Bryan and I saw this movie over the weekend. I
  12. Gosh, yes. I'm flattered. And if you like, you can reference my blog: www.thispile.com.
  13. Bryan and I saw this movie last night, and it evoked a response in me that I have never before experienced from a movie. I am familiar with sad movies, and scary movies, and emotionally manipulating movies, and even action and violence, but I felt none of the usual responses to these types of films. It has taken a day or so for me to put words to my emotion, and I think I have finally found the right description: grief. I disagree with the comments about the film lacking seriousness and being filled with meaningless violence. I consider myself an apathetic person who finds it fairly easy t
  14. To be honest, I think they're compelling from Junior High through college. I know a 19 year old gal who got hooked on them and ordered the whole Caitlin series! I think they resonate because they are epic. For instance, the Caitlin series follows her from high school, through college, to living on her own, to getting married. The Chloe series follows her through high school, forming a band, going on tour, etc. For me, personally, they gave me insight to how passive I was about my faith as a teenager. I was able to see that teens CAN think critically, and now is the time to start teaching
  15. When I was a teenager I smoked, I shoplifted, I double pierced my ear with a needle and an ice cube, and I kissed boys in the bushes at church camp. These are the kinds of characters and antics I find in the Diary of a Teenage Girl series by Melody Carlson. This is not simply the Christian version of the Sweet Valley High series with its drama and quest for popularity, but these are honest stories of real people who wrestle with everyday things like car privileges, school bullies, body image, and boys. These are girls who struggle to interpret how life as a believer fits into the mine field
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