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  1. I just finished reading Vows: The Story of a Priest, a Nun and Their Son by Peter Manseau and Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres. I definitely recommend both memoirs about growing up in a Christian home and being hurt by the Church. Manseau writes wonderful prose, and while much of his book deals with negative aspects of the Catholic Church (and Christianity in general), it's ultimately a tender love letter to his parents and a story about being firmly rooted in your faith. Jesus Land was gritty, enraging and just plain heart-breaking. It's been a while since a book had me in tears at the end.
  2. ezz

    Icelandic films

    Thanks, guys. Opus, I'll be sure to pick up Children of Nature sometime soon. Sounds good. (Are you opus from Vagrant? If you are, I'm Skye.)
  3. ezz

    Scandinavian Cinema

    Cool, thanks. I had started a thread asking about Icelandic cinema on the other board. I've been meaning to check out Noi Albinoi for the past year, after I missed it at the Sydney Film Festival, when I couldn't get anyone to come watch it with me!
  4. ezz

    Icelandic films

    Can anyone suggest some good Icelandic films? I know the country hasn't churned out a whole lot of movies, but they must be some worthwhile films out there. I read a brief synopsis of Noi the Albino, and it seemed pretty interesting.
  5. -Life is Beautiful, of course. (Besides the obviously heart-rending end, when Guido plays the Offenbach record for his wife when they're at the concentration camp.) -Dancer in the Dark (When she's singing in the cell. Aye. And the end.) -Billy Elliot (When his dad breaks down. "He's just a f*cking little kid!") -ANY movie where a cute animal dies. -Big Fish (river scene. I had just lost a loved one and it made me overflow with tears of joy and sadness.) -21 Grams (That film just DEVASTATED me. It wasn't like most other tear jerkers...this one just left me feeling emotionally-drained and hopele
  6. Jude Law...geez, I always forget who else. I know there are plenty of beautiful lesser-known actors, but my mind goes blank. There's also Aidan Quinn...especially when he was younger. Guh. Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman. Both are just stunning. Runners-up: Benicio del Toro (OK, a little rough around the edges but SO intriguing.) Scarlett Johansson Orlando Bloom Liv Tyler Julia Roberts Penelope Cruz And I agree, that Keisha Castle-Hughes is such a beautiful little girl. Wait til she grows up.
  7. What if one day all the Mexicans in California just vanished? This looks like it could be a pretty interesting mockumentary! Check out the trailor.
  8. Good stuff, I'll be checking out that site, Christian. Anyway, I just finished THEM: Adventures with Extremists by Jon Ronson. I really recommend it! It's pretty funny and fascinating.
  9. And about Buechner...a local film company is making a documentary on him! You can get more info at buechner.newlifefilms.com
  10. Thanks for all your suggestions so far, guys! Feel free to keep 'em coming I actually started Flannery's short stories the other day. Good stuff so far! I've read Telling Secrets by Buechner, and bought The Eyes of the Heart, which is still waiting to be read a couple months later. And I started on Nouwen's Seeds of Hope reader. All great stuff. I also bought Coupland's Generation X, The Best American Non-Required Reading 2002, and Dave Egger's A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, since I've heard nothing but great things about them all. I'm unemployed at the moment so I'm trying t
  11. ezz

    Did Courtney Kill Kurt?

    I watched Nick Broomfield's documentary for the first time the other night. By the end, I was convinced Courtney did it. Maybe I'm just biased against her.
  12. Yeah, that's my problem. I don't find very much rewarding fiction. Lately, I've just been on a theological/thinker kick. But I guess I need to diversify. Here are a few writers I need to get started on: Henri Nouwen Shusuku Endo Simone Weil Jacques Ellul Douglas Coupland (yeah, I'm real behind, I know.)
  13. Hey, thanks, Diane Yup, I've read Yancey's book, and I have a book of Flannery O'Connor's short stories waiting to be read on my desk. I guess I need new writers or underrated writers I've yet to discover!
  14. Hey guys, I need some book suggestions. I mostly like non-fiction, but I guess a little fiction wouldn't hurt. I usually enjoy books in the vein of Buechner and L'Engle, and all those cool kids. Thanks!
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