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  1. Whatever you think of Fight Club as a movie (I have some serious reservations), there's no question that the dialogue in it is fantastic. Narrator: Marla... the little scratch on the roof of your mouth that would heal if only you could stop tonguing it, but you can't. Tyler Durden: This is your life, and it's ending second by second. To name the first two lines that come to mind. There are plenty of other great ones.
  2. So... can anyone tell me what "Laika" means and why Alex's mom should have called him it? (I love this album dearly, but this has been bothering me for weeks.)
  3. I don't have the book on hand, so I can't quote it exactly, but Lewis even makes the problem with Susan explicit by having one of the characters say "She has rushed as fast as she can to the silliest part of her life and is trying to stay there as long as she can." This makes it clear that her sin is not in growing up, but rushing to embrace a superficial image of what "growing up" involves, while refusing to actually grow up. That's what I always assumed to be the case when I read the book as a child; I was very surprised to hear that people like Pullman were assuming Susan was sent to Hel
  4. I think the first half of the book didn't appeal as much because I'm rather scientifically illiterate; when Miller started getting technical on evolution, my eyes started glazing over. In my case, he was already preaching to the converted, so that wasn't really a problem, but I think the relative density of his arguments could lose a lot of other non-scientifically-incined people. This is a weakness in the book if he's specifically trying to build an argument that will convince us laymen of evolution's existence. That billiards line stood out me too, what an excellent analogy! The best thin
  5. I work at a Barnes & Noble, and the Narnia merchandising blitz there began weeks ago. The illustrated children's books aren't so bad, in my opinion; I'm more troubled by the board game and the stuffed Aslan (he can't get much more tame than stuffed, can he?) But I can't help but feel pleased to see so many people buying the original books for their kids and themselves as a result- and I have yet to see anyone buy the board game or "Narnia: the Official Movie Cash-in Book", so that's something. You aren't wrong. She even described him as a genius in one interview. FWIW, John Granger o
  6. Not to mention pretty much every episode of The X-Files. Oh, and IT, too.
  7. Funny you should mention this, Andrew, I just finished reading this book this week. The philosophy/theology half of the book was by far the most interesting part, IMHO, I hope you enjoy it. I was especially intrigued by the idea that quantum physics is the mechanism that allows for free will. I wasn't completely sold on it (I wish I had a chance to reread that section before I returned it to the library) but it's a fascinating idea that I'd like to see Miller (or a real phsycist?) discuss in more depth.
  8. Thanks for the recommendations, everyone! Some of these sound really intriguing...
  9. Really? I wonder how that squares with what we learn about the White Witch in The Magician's Nephew. In that book, she's the last queen of Charn, a world that's far more ancient than ours.
  10. Gospel is one of those genres I've always vaguely liked, but know next to nothing about. Recently though, I've been hit with a real yearning for some powerful, spiritual, soulful gospel music. Can anybody recommend any especially good albums for a new listener?
  11. Immediate Fangirl Reaction: "That was freaking awesome!" Immediate Fangirl Nitpick: "But why is Mad Eye Moody's fake eye being held on with a strap? That doesn't seem very practical." I'm trying to temper my excitement, because I was also very impressed by the PoA trailer (although to a lesser degree) and ended up being somewhat disappointed by that movie. But if this movie even half lives up to the promise of the first two trailers, it's going to be the most satisfying HP film yet by far. (And, by the way, wouldn't that make Harry Potter the only film series of four or more in history that g
  12. I'm not balding. But then, I also claim to be a woman, so I understand if you don't believe me.
  13. Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot, writers of Pirates of the Caribbean and various other films, have written a series of articles aimed at helping aspiring screenwriters break into Hollywood. One of their articles touches on this issue in some depth: http://www.wordplayer.com/columns/wp06.Crap-plus-One.html (Warning: Only the first half of the article is really relevant; the other half veers into another subject entirely.) I'm not sure if their version of events is accurate, or if their experiences really hold true for other films, but if they do, then it looks like you can't even say for certain
  14. Well, there've already a couple of documentary films about "ex- ex-gays," One Nation Under God and Fish Can't Fly. It seems evident that there's no "one size fits all" approach to the issues of homosexual orientation/behavior. Some people who have had homosexual feelings or been involved in homosexual behavior are able to change
  15. I wonder if they featured interviews with any of the many, many people who have spent years going through ex-gay programs and never experienced a change in their sexuality. You know, if their interest really is expanding the "dialogue."
  16. You want embarassing Andrew Lloyd Webber confessions? I get teary eyed every time I listen to the soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera. Top that.
  17. Hey, that doesn't sound too different from my area, except there are less country music stations, and in their place there are sixteen "classic rock" stations that play nothing but "Born in the USA," "Jack and Diane," and "Imagine" in a continuous loop.
  18. Okay, another thing I hate is when I'm writing a somewhat off-topic post and walk away for a while, then come back to the computer and post it, and only then realize that while I was away, Uncle Ken wrote a message expressly forbidding us from making off-topic posts. That really sucks.
  19. I've been trying to think of a movie that really needs some hate- but then I realized that there are no movies that make me as angry as what passes for popular music does. I hate, hate, hate John Mayer and 5 for Fighting, two talentless hacks with whiny, breathy voices. And that talentless hack with the drugged-out, half-asleep voice, Dave Matthews. I hate that here in college, everyone treats them like the trifecta of Profundity. I hate Maroon 5, and everybody who tries to defend them on the grounds that they play their own instruments. Seriously, have our collective standards sunk so low
  20. Hey, that's okay. And, yeah, it is too late, but you might be pleased to know that that's exactly the direction I ended up going in. Exploring darker themes in American films like noir, anyway- I didn't explore many of the reasons you cited. There wasn't time to focus on the "behind the scenes" aspect of films- the films themselves and the audience reactions and box office were all I had time for. Especially since I procrastinated the heck out of this paper. I was never able to settle on a particular time period to focus on, so instead I made the paper a sketchy- very, very sketchy- cultur
  21. I'd agree that the Graduate would be an excellent choice. I loved that film as a high schooler (two years ago) and I knew quite a few others at my school who liked it. Yellow Submarine might work too, especially if you're looking for an example of animation. It's a bit slow, but it's pretty interesting stylistically. And of course, you could always show that 70's classic, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Maybe as a treat at the end of the course?
  22. Okay, I give up. What movies are those from? The only ones I recognize are the Animal House one and the Little Mermaid one (which probably doesn't reflect well on my movie-watching habits), although quite a few of them sound familiar.
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