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  1. The Crying Game? Mr. White, in Reservoir Dogs, is a killer who has some stirrings of conscience, albeit shortlived ones. Actually, Tarantino's films could all be considered stories about monsters having moral awakenings. (Well, I'm not sure about Jackie Brown, haven't seen that one.) Jules in Pulp Fiction would also count. And maybe Jean Valjean and Javert in Les Miserables? Neither are exactly monsters, but they're both fallen men.
  2. I'll second your reccomendation of the Simpsons commentaries. The Ed Wood commentary is excellent. The Moulin Rouge commentary with Baz Luhrman and the co-writer is really interesting, too, mostly for all the discussion of rejected story ideas. The commentary for the Goonies was an absolute blast, although I'm not sure "valuable" is the word I'd use to describe it. It was a fun little commentary, though, and very nice to see all the kid cast members grown up and reunited. The most disappointing commentary I've ever listened to is the one on the Dogma two-disc DVD. It's like being at a p
  3. I'm inclined to agree with Husker and Anders; the Christian Music scene is ripe for satire, but this just looked stupid.
  4. I despised the twist to Indentity. Absolutely despised it. The movie up until that point had seemed like an excellent whodunit: a taut, entertaining spin on a classic mystery set-up ("Ten Little Indians" transposed to the modern day, complete with dark and stormy night). I was enjoying myself more and more as the film went on, and the going-ons got increasingly bizarre and mysterious. I couldn't wait see how they were going to explain all the seemingly unexplainable events. But then the movie reveals its big twist: the story isn't really happening at all, it
  5. I don't mean to be a stickler, really. I was just trying to point out that humanism, as it's historically understood, is not about placing humans at the center of things, and is not unChristian. I would consider myself to be a humanist, and it just pains me to see the term used interchangeably with secular humanism. Sorry for the pedantry.
  6. Foster and Anthony are on this list: http://www.adherents.com/adh_sf.html#Blish. Anthony is an agnostic. Foster is a question mark. Out of curiousity, what do you mean by "humanism" here? I've always been under the impression that humanism is very compatible with, and essential to, Christianity. I understand the objections to secular humanism in sci-fi, that's one of things that puts me off most of the genre too, but isn't anti-humanism kind of a, um, bad thing?
  7. [i apologize in advance for a post that contributes nothing to the conversation. But, that said...] Is this show seriously still on the air? Seriously? And poor Wonderfalls got canned after only four episodes? Now I remember why I got rid of my TV.
  8. What, no mention of Mr. Roboto? I'm shocked. It has its own dance, for crying out loud.
  9. I think the deal with Rex Reed isn't that he's a racist, it's that he tends to react with violent outrage every time he's confronted with an artsy, unusual film. This is, after all, the same guy who wrote: Sounds like he's just a grouchy old jerk. (In all fairness, though, the man did star in Myra Breckinridge when he was younger, and if half of the things I've heard about that film are true, I can understand how it would leave him paranoid about all unconvential filmmaking. ) (But it still doesn't explain how he got from The Royal Tenenbaums and Eternal Sunshine to Hudson Hawk and House
  10. I also recently saw this for the first time. Very impressed. Captivated throughout the entire film. The social commentary struck especially close to home. The movie isn't really interested so much in the killer- it's really about a society of people who are all guilty of commiting their own sins, but choose to demonize one man (albeit a very bad one) rather than look a little closer at their own behavior. That seems sadly similar to our own society, where we seem to have this need to parade around "freaks" and "psychos" nonstop in the media (Michael Jackson, or Scot Peterson, to use two ove
  11. I'm not a particularly big fan of Star Wars. I saw the theatrical rerelease of Episode IV in 1997 and loved it, but missed the second two. Finally saw Return of the Jedi on TV a few years later. A few years after that I rented ESB, knowing it was generally regarded as the best of them, and was completely underwhelmed. Maybe it was the years of buildup and the fact that I was spoiled on pretty much every major plot point. But maybe I should give the original trilogy another chance, sitting down and watching them in order. Anyway, I'm still rooting for Ep. III to turn out well. But it's hard t
  12. Wow, thanks for all the thoughtful responses, everyone. I would have replied earlier, but I
  13. I guess I already knew cable news stations were more interested in sensationalism than journalism. I'm just surprised they came right out and admitted it. What do you think the odds are they went with Ted Baehr instead?
  14. What a wonderful article. Congratulations, Jeffrey. I hope this will boost the visibilty of the great work you (and like minded critics) do.
  15. The Olsen twins beat you to it (more or less): http://imdb.com/title/tt0106763/ Sadly, I didn't even have to hunt the IMDB to know about this. I saw it, and thought it was the greatest. In my defense, I was eight.
  16. Just got back from watching this. More thoughts may follow, but for now I just have to quote my favorite line from the movie: Keanu is explaining the latest plot turn and begins to exposit about "the spear that killed Jesus-" Weisz cuts in "-The Spear of Destiny. I know the crucifixion story. I'm Catholic, remember?"
  17. Okay, watched it several times now, and it's definitely growing on me. I love that the Vogon ships look like giant, upright bricks. Adds a bit of extra irony to the line "the ships hung in the air in exactly the same way that bricks do not." As well as being the kind of design a Vogon *would* come up with. The decision to keep Zaphod's second head hidden some/most of the time is very promising to me; hopefully it means that they don't want that gimmick to define the character or overshadow Rockwell's performance. Feeling optimistic...
  18. How about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead? The script is one of the most clever- yet gutwrenching- examinations of despair I've ever seen. (And although I tend to think the play worked on a few more levels than the movie does, it's still a pretty strong bit of filmmaking, and the themes of existentialism come through pretty well, IIRC.)
  19. What an excellent article. His description of his journey from faith into doubt was very poignant, since it sounded painfully like my own crisis of faith. Especially his descriptions of the doubts that crept in as banal and run-of-the-mill, so much less dynamic than the experience of faith... and yet those doubts, almost because of that steady, creeping, banality, still have the power to accumulate overtime and if not addressed, completely overwhelm a person.
  20. 136 the first time through (a couple weeks ago). 185 this time around. The key isn't actually seeing these movies- I've seen maybe a quarter from beginning to end, and most of them were from the 90's onward era- the trick is reading through a couple of coffeetable books of famous stills from the cinema- that's the only way I would have recognized most of these images. Yeah, sure, if you do it my way, you miss the insight and magic of actually watching a great movie all the way through- but you get to quote a decent score from an online film trivia test, and in the end, isn't that what the mov
  21. Funny, I had considered that it might be use of the word "baby," but then I remembered that I've heard Bono use that word once before, in Rattle and Hum's God, Pt. II: "As it spins in revolutions, baby, spirals and twirls." But then, listening to it again tonight, I'm not entirely sure that's what he's saying, it's kind of muddled, and the word doesn't appear in the lyrics printed in the liner notes. Was I mishearing?
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