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  1. :spoilers: From http://nz.entertainment.yahoo.com/070726/6/10x6.html:
  2. I wouldn't call it that! The husband is not living a fantasy life. (Unless LA writers have different fantasies than I do, which is certainly a possibility! ) I'm curious whether the show will eventually lean "for" or "against" polygamy. After two episodes it seems like it could go either way.
  3. I just got a "shipping" email from Paste. Anyone else? Or perhaps someone's already received their copy?
  4. bgeerdes


    ? I like it a lot more than ! Ditto. . I felt a little cheated, inasmuch as this had basically nothing to do with .
  5. Yes, that's what I expected at first as well. The temptation to must've been too great.
  6. And having more life squeezed out of it every day with another cover being featured in a birth control advert.
  7. Did he play anything from his new "Belladonna" album? For that matter, has anyone picked it up? Review?
  8. Yes, that would also be after Anakin cut of Mace's hand, relieving Mace of his lightsaber. I'm not so sure.
  9. Ah thanks - good call (although you wonder why if that was the case he didn't just quit? Sidious does quit! I suppose he could have quit earlier, but maybe he liked the idea of disfigurement more than that of Mace killing him.
  10. I suspect it was a trap. In the Clone Wars cartoons it is Sidious that engineers Grevious' kidnapping of Palpatine. Judging by the way Grevious treats Palpatine during the kidnapping, Grevious doesn't know the whole story (that Palpatine = Sidious) but I imagine Dooku did. Not by a long shot! Me thinks his moralizing was on the same sort as that which Palpatine used to manipulate Anakin.
  11. Huh? There are female Jedis. Here are two more in the database: http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/depabillaba/ http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/adigallia/
  12. What I wouldn't buy isn't the point. I don't care what other people buy. There seems to be some agreement that the CCM industry is "a monster" (original comment by Haseltine). My only argument is with what the CCM executive said. You seem to be saying that business is business and that we shouldn't blame the poor CCM industry for anything because the consumer rules. Fine. We'll have to agree to disagree. I make no demands here. I do, however, reserve the right to be critical of others' decisions.
  13. No, I'm just saying the argument "it's not our fault that's what the fans want" doesn't wash with me.
  14. Right, profitability in and of itself isn't evil. But what you're profiting from can be. Take my previous reference to pornography. To that I'd personally add liquor, payday loan and pawn shops. All what the customers want (and providing salaries to workers). Should we give it to them? As Christians, we can't just automatically say, "Yes, it's a business not a ministry!" I hold Christians to a higher standard than that. Mr. CCM should not blame consumers for "the monster", he should take responsibility for what he sells. No one person is going to decide what should be given to the cu
  15. Yes. My point is that just because someone wants something you shouldn't necessarily give it to them. Unless your primary purpose is to make money.
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