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  1. I have to say, that I don't think that Disney's project to set up Star Wars as a second cinematic universe alongside Marvel is going to succeed. Star Wars was showing signs of serious creative exhaustion even before Disney picked it up, and Disney has done nothing since to suggest that they have any ideas as to how to reinvigorate it. If we look at Star Wars, the first and second movies (episodes IV and V) can claim to be really fresh, but even the third (episode VI) was showing signs of creative exhaustion, recycling locations and events from the original even as it struggled across the
  2. Rachel Anne

    The Matrix

    Whatever that means. There's a reason he chooses to identify as female rather than male. If there were no difference, he wouldn't bother. Given that Lana has not personally chosen to expand on her meaning here, I am at some risk in attempting to do so on her behalf. But generally, denying the gender binary is used to endorse two ideas: (1) that many traits treated as two wholly separate points, one "male" and one "female" actually exist as a line, where people can be found anywhere along it. (2) that people often embody a mix of "male" or "female" traits; that statistical or
  3. Rachel Anne

    The Matrix

    I would agree of course that Alien is very much of an ensemble movie. The a priori assumption that "the Captain" was going to be the lead is itself interesting in that it reflects ideas based on the sf side of its heritage, as opposed to the horror aspect of its heritage, which would actually make the Captain/authority figure a pretty near certain corpse. None of this has any bearing on my general argument about the way women are handled in sf/action movies, obviously. But that doesn't mean it can't be an interesting subject in its own right.
  4. Rachel Anne

    The Matrix

    And I am saying that even in the act of catering to an audience largely made up of young males, male and female storytellers will think differently, write differently, direct differently. The logic is much less "male audience" = "only the male characters actually count" than it is "male storytellers" = "only the male characters count." I have no argument with SDG's reply, but I would like to add to it. It does not seem to me that putting the responsibility on the audience or the genre for the way female characters are often handled by filmmakers holds up very well. Ellen Ripley was the lea
  5. I agree with the above explanations about the ending. I would add that:
  6. Short answer: California hadn't reported in yet. Long answer: Different states report their results at different rates. Generally speaking, states with later poll closings and later time zones turn in their results later. The result is that early popular vote results are not necessarily representative of the whole country. Particularly important was California, which was on Pacific Time and had a late poll closing time and which favored Obama over Romney by almost 2 million votes, none of which were counted in early popular vote results.
  7. The problem with effects studios, though, is that they don't really generate much in the way of profits, and the benefits of effects studios' technology is available for rent anyway, so there isn't that much reason to own one.
  8. Does Lucasfilm actually consist of anything valuable besides a set of rights? What does the full-time staff of Lucasfilm consist of?
  9. Rachel Anne

    Cloud Atlas

    An excellent speech, I thought. Very inspirational to those of us, who, like her, have struggled with gender dysphoria their whole lives but have always been afraid of coming out, afraid of transitioning. The fear of losing everything you care about is an awesome and terrible thing.
  10. There is one point about arranged marriage in Brave that is worth noting in the context of feminism: It is as much arranged for the sons of the tribal leaders as it is for Merida. Arranged marriages in this context aren't a problem of feminism per se, but of social order: nobody gets to choose. That's why the end of the arranged marriage for Merida is celebrated by the sons of the chieftains: her freedom is their freedom. I will point out that in the history of arranged marriages, that it has by no means been true that only daughters suffered from it. I had a male coworker and friend from I
  11. I guess Taylor Kitsch can't star in everything.
  12. That may be the worst thing I've ever read.
  13. For your next birthday, you need: Link Ryan IS awful young to be an old fogie. Some people do age fast though:
  14. This is a terrific essay: http://thenewinquiry...princess-movie/ [edit]Terrific is really an understatement. I've called lots of things terrific that weren't nearly as well done as this.[/edit]
  15. Not nearly as unpleasant as the possibility of a third movie in the same vein. As you noted, the first two were remarkable in their awfulness. Not since Joel Schumacher had we seen so thoroughly determined an effort by the captain to scuttle his own ship.
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