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  1. I'm intrigued and will certainly watch it, but the creator of that trailer could benefit from some Ritalin. Whew, that exhausted me!
  2. Andrew

    There Is No Evil

    Oh yeah - I totally viewed those two stories in that fashion.
  3. Andrew

    There Is No Evil

    I can see where the second story would've left a negative impression; I'm not a fan of the 'filmed play' feeling either (why I wasn't over the moon about Ma Rainey last year). It was my least favorite episode, but I loved how it then became something more expansive, with a French New Wave sort of energy.
  4. Andrew

    Changing the Game

    I think the Connecticut coach - in a plainspoken but sophisticated way - elevates the discussion of fairness from a question of individual winning or losing to a matter of societal fairness and equal opportunity for all, whether cis or trans. His reasoning corresponds to a higher level of Kohlbergian moral development. As the scenes at the TX wrestling match and the CT track and field stands show, many fans are too immature to grasp this. I think the coach's argument also collides head-on with the pathological degree to which middle-aged (and older) Americans depend on high school and colle
  5. Andrew

    Changing the Game

    I can see why this film has been an award-winner at festivals over the past 1-2 years; it really is engaging and well-crafted storytelling. By following three trans high school athletes, it avoids preachiness in favor of letting the protagonists' lives and lived values predominate. As a humanist who believes part of my mandate is to encourage equality and advocate for society's disadvantaged, I applaud the film's approach to these themes. Folks of a more conservative bent and those identifying a Christian may appreciate the parental figures who see their compassion towards the trans kids in
  6. Andrew

    Summer of 85

    Jessica and I saw this during the online Chicago Film Fest last year and liked it quite a bit, too.
  7. Andrew

    There Is No Evil

    Please watch it! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, and it really is SOOO good.
  8. Andrew

    There Is No Evil

    It's a good day when I can reference Ikiru in a review. Highly recommended: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularcinephile/2021/05/there-is-no-evil-showcases-courageous-iranian-filmmaking/
  9. Andrew

    The Disciple

    This one almost sneaked past me, since Netflix has been focusing the energy on promoting their latest animated film instead. But this is so good, and so artful, that it needs a wide viewership. I'm pretty sure it's the first film of 2021 where I've said to Jessica afterwards that I would've loved to see it at a festival, to soak in the energy of a good Q&A and hear the director's thoughts afterwards. So it wasn't totally surprising, as I did my pre-review research, to learn that it was an award winner at TIFF and Venice last year. It's only the director's second film, but his styli
  10. I presumed the original query was a springboard from the most recent wave of transphobia generated by the conservative/evangelical outrage machine, and the comment on the 13th pretty much confirms it. I was going to refrain from commenting, but the recent back-and-forth in my subculture between Richard Dawkins and the American Humanist Association on transphobia has me thinking about it more. No matter one's belief system or lack thereof, I think one's worldview whether Christian or secular humanist should favor defense of the marginalized over proof texts. (Matthew 25, the Gospel of Lu
  11. Ah, I should've added an update. It's been available through some arthouse cinema sites in the US for a good week or so now. Reviews thus far have been underwhelming, so I've not been in a hurry to see it...
  12. Andrew


    Thanks for the feedback, Christian. In my first lockdown column last year, I committed to sharing viewing links in all of my reviews till it was safe to return to cinemas, and I think I've done a good job of holding to that. I agree with you that it can be a challenge to find out how to watch films at home. JustWatch is my go-to for this, but they're far from complete. I supplement that with regular check-ins at a handful of arthouse cinema websites, to see what they're offering: though I'm now on the west coast, I still check what the Grail and Fine Arts Theatre in Asheville are playing,
  13. Andrew


    And how was 10 Mile beer? The father and son look like they know what they're doing. And yes, I'm a kid in a candy shop right now. There's an embarrassment of choices here, and I limit myself to one beer a day, so I'll be in the discovery phase for a long time yet. I was actually at a fabulous bottle shop in Bellingham on Friday and went a little overboard; I used a random number generator on Saturday to choose among the 11 IPAs in my fridge!
  14. Andrew


    It's not groundbreaking stylistically or anything, but this is a fun documentary for anyone with at least a passing interest in craft brewing. Folks here might find it of more than usual interest, since one of the two microbrew startups profiled sees their business as a form of Christian ministry. My review: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularcinephile/2021/04/brewmance-serves-a-tasty-look-at-american-craft-brewing/
  15. Andrew


    Usually the IndieWire "New Movies" column and NYTimes' film coverage are comprehensive, but this one slipped under their radar. Luckily a nearby arthouse cinema is selling virtual tickets to this, or I probably would've missed it, too. As of now, it's my favorite new film of 2021: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularcinephile/2021/04/coming-of-age-story-kuessipan-stands-apart-for-its-beauty-and-unique-setting/
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