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  1. David Jacobson's Down in the Valley comes to mind. He's not the best day (who is?), but he truly loves his family.
  2. According to Amazon, this will be released on DVD this Tuesday.
  3. JosephD

    Trailer Alert!

    The trailer for Sweeney Todd was recently released. It's also up on YouTube.
  4. SPOILER Warning! I'd recently seen John Woo's film Face/Off (Nicholas Cage; John Travolta) and was trying to explain to a friend why I thought that it was more than a soulless action film. After watching Face/Off, I was stunned by how much depth there is. For starters, I see Face/Off as a representation of walking in someone else's boots, or in this case, wearing someone else's face. Both characters, living as the other person, learned about the other person. Both characters, we learn, have made some pretty stupid mistakes in their lives (John Travolta's character is obsessively trying to a
  5. Sunset Boulevard (Watching again for a class) Nights of Cabiria Paris, Texas Other possibilities: The Science of Sleep The Game Rosemary's Baby Metropolis
  6. Pushing Daisies sounds quite interesting. I'm curious how it will do after the first month or so.
  7. JosephD


    Out of context from your comment, but that's why I didn't like Wild Hogs that much.
  8. That looks like it could be quite good. Broadbent is great.
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