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  1. No, but BN works surprisingly well. (The first half of the haiku, anyway.) People will argue that the second half fits, too. I wouldn't be one of them, but in the absence of a specific critical opinion of the film it's a plausible candidate. I suppose, but the second half of the haiku absolutely fits the film I'm thinking of (even though I don't believe it myself). Dale
  2. No, but BN works surprisingly well. (The first half of the haiku, anyway.) Yep. Dale
  3. Short bald guy. Thin guy. Waiter. And people think that this is a movie? "Look upon me! I'll show you the life of the mind!" And then a bird dies. Man lies in a grave. Then we switch to video and jazz music plays. "Boy, the food at this place is really terrible." "And such small portions!" "Did you drive that thing all the way here to see me?" "I did." And they sit. Dale
  4. Being vague for spoiler reasons, obviously. And focusing on the very, very end of films. The last shot of A Moment of Innocence. The last shot of The Green Ray. The final scene in The Son, by which I mean the very, very last scene. Johnny's walk in Naked. Dale
  5. That's probably true for a certain class of nominated film, such as my nomination for the Minghella short "Play"; probably the only people who have seen that are Beckett eggheads like me. But many of the new nominated films are films that are somewhat widely seen (among this group) but weren't nominated for 2010. I'd consider my nominations for Naked and Barcelona and Time Out to fall into that category; I would guess all those were seen more among voters than was A Moment of Innocence, despite the Makhmalbaf having been on the most recent two incarnations of the Top 100. That said, I have no issue with requiring a supporting paragraph describing why the film is being nominated. I would even be willing to wave my right to ex post facto immunity. Dale
  6. A few I've thought of; I don't believe any of these duplicate the most recent nominations. Title: Barcelona Director: Whit Stillman Running Time: 101m Language: English IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109219/ Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILxixHrq7Lk Title: Gates of Heaven Director: Errol Morris Running Time: 85m Language: English IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077598/ Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjEZv6y_YO4 Title: Housekeeping Director: Bill Forsyth Running Time: 116m Language: English IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093225/ Video Link: http://www.reelzchannel.com/trailer-clips/23588/housekeeping-trailer (stupid trailer, but the only thing I could find) Title: Leila Director: Dariush Mehrjui Running Time: 102m Language: Persian IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116851/ Video Link: Title: My Dinner with André Director: Louis Malle Running Time: 110m Language: English IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082783/ Video Link: Title: Naked Director: Mike Leigh Running Time: 131m Language: English IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107653/ Video Link: Title: Time Out (L'emploi du temps) Director: Laurent Cantet Running Time: 134m Language: French IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0279065/ Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw2B5IDCn6Y If shorts are allowed (there was one in the top 100, right?): Title: "Play" Director: Anthony Minghella Running Time: 16m Language: English IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0268536/ Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdTjRumkT9k (part 1/2)
  7. Precisely. And this will change voting next year for sure, seeing the expectation actually play out in the list reception. I agree; I know *I* would have voted slightly differently if I knew that this is the angle the media was going to take on the project. I wouldn't have given Punch-Drunk Love the 5 I did, that's for sure. Dale
  8. It didn't, and that's what I'm here for. Films on the 2010 A&F 100 that were not on any previous incarnation of The Hundred: 9. Early Summer 18. Floating Weeds 19. Munyurangabo 20. The Burmese Harp 22. A Serious Man 24. Into Great Silence 26. Still Life 27. L'Enfant 33. The Island 37. Playtime 39. Through a Glass Darkly 40. The House is Black 43. Silent Light 46. M 48. Killer of Sheep 50. The Cyclist 51. The Spirit of the Beehive 53. My Life to Live 60. Fanny and Alexander 61. Paris, Texas 64. Beau Travail 66. By Brakhage: An Anthology 67. Lorna's Silence 68. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days 72. Heartbeat Detector 74. Summer Hours 77. Black Narcissus 78. Eureka 79. Meshes in the Afternoon 81. Syndromes and a Century 87. Stroszek 89. Ushpizin 90. Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher 91. Au Revoir, Les Enfants 92. Son of Man 94. In Praise of Love 96. The New World 97. M. Hulot's Holiday 98. The Return (n=39, for those not inclined to count) Dale
  9. 34. In the top ten, I've only seen Ordet, The Decalogue, Babette's Feast, The Son, and The Gospel According to St. Matthew. Perhaps worse than that, The Son is the only one of the five I really wholeheartedly love; I love some episodes of The Decalogue, I admire the heck out of Ordet, St. Matthew's fine, and, um, I think I gave Babette's Feast a 1 or 2. Anyway, uh, share. Dale
  10. First: Pretty pretty pretty. I like. Second: I think it's extremely noncontroversial to say that Au Revoir, Les Enfants should be listed as the primary title rather than Goodbye to the Children. Ditto with Au Hasard Balthazar over By Chance, Balthazar. Nema-ye Nazdik is listed as an alternate title for both Close-Up and Rashômon; it's only true for the former. Toyko Story has an odd link, both formatwise and where it links to (nowhere). Dale
  11. Actually, I think it's this exact example that tells us why most (though not all) foreign-language titles catch on: The ability of an English-lanugage public to guess at a reasonable translation. Maybe 5% of English speakers who'd never taken a French class know that "fils" is "son," but a strong majority will see "enfant" and assume (more or less correctly) "infant." See also La Promesse; Nostalghia; Au Revoir, Les Enfants; and *maybe* Beau Travail (although that's tougher). Dale
  12. [some snarkiness elicited.] Why not just use the results from the poll we just did and cut off the bottom 25% (or whatever percentage you prefer)? It would seem to save us some work. Dale
  13. The ones I know: Floating Weeds is the only title I've ever seen this referred to as; I've never even heard of the original-language title. Man, tough call. I've seen this both ways. The Green Ray is the far superior title, and that's what the film is called overseas (such as the U.K. DVD); unfortunately, in U.S. we usually stupidly call it Summer (such as on the region 1 DVD). So the title as above (Summer/The Green Ray) is probably best. I've seen Bicycleran used in English-language media once or twice, but it's almost always The Cyclist instead. We should also call A Moment of Innocence by its far superior festival title (and more literal translation of the original title) The Bread and the Vase. No, I cannot realistically defend this opinion. Dale
  14. Clearly my guess was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esy2b7qA9U4. Dale
  15. For MLeary: A ranked list of the 23 films from the aughts that made the new A&F 100, with their ranking from the A&F aughts poll in parentheses: 1. The Son (1) 2. Munyurangabo (no votes) 3. A Serious Man (no votes) 4. Into Great Silence (27t) 5. Still Life (22) 6. L'Enfant (no votes) 7. The Island (no votes) 8. Silent Light (118t) 9. By Brakhage: An Anthology (no votes) 10. Lorna's Silence (no votes) 11. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days (53t) 12. Heartbeat Detector (no votes) 13. Summer Hours (34) 14. Eureka (118t) 15. Syndromes and a Century (71t) 16. Yi Yi (6) 17. Punch-Drunk Love (12) 18. Ushpizin (no votes) 19. Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher (no votes) 20. Son of Man (no votes) 21. In Praise of Love (44t) 22. The New World (3) 23. The Return (54t) Someone smarter than me can explain this. Dale
  16. And the twelve most consistent films in the past three A&F 100s, as measured by the sum of the differences between each year and the mean of all three years; again, parentheticals are '05 to '06 to '10. 1. The Seventh Seal (14 to 12 to 13) 2. The Passion of Joan of Arc (2 to 6 to 4) 3. Ikiru (10 to 13 to 14) 4t. The Decalogue (3 to 7 to 2) 4t. The Gospel According to Matthew (7 to 4 to 10) 6t. Ordet (6 to 1 to 1) 6t. Babette’s Feast (8 to 8 to 3) 8t. Au Hasard Balthazar (5 to 11 to 6) 8t. The Son (9 to 2 to 5) 10. The Diary of a Country Priest (4 to 5 to 11) 11t. It's A Wonderful Life (52 to 53 to 45) 11t. Wild Strawberries (41 to 32 to 35) Dale
  17. For PTC: Below are films that have gone up each year of the ranked rankings. Parenthentical is 2005, 2006 and 2010 rankings in order. Films off the list in 2005 are disqualified, as they didn't really go up from year-to-year from 2004 to 2005. Andrei Rublev (18 to 10 to 8) Close-Up (82 to 75 to 34) Cries and Whispers (84 to 69 to 52) Three Colors Trilogy (28 to 17 to 15) Tokyo Story (64 to 57 to 21) Wings of Desire (30 to 28 to 12) Honorable mention goes to probably my two favorite lesser-seen films in the Top 100, which also happen to be the only two films disqualified by my third sentence above: The Green Ray (Summer) (off to 85 to 41) and A Moment of Innocence (off to 93 to 62). I am about 90 percent confident I forgot to vote for The Green Ray, as the title Summer came first and I confused it with Rohmer's A Tale of Summer (which I haven't seen), so it probably should have gone up even more. And the other half: Films that have gone down each year of the ranked rankings. Films not on the 2004 list are automatically disqualified, as they by definition went up from 2004 from 2005. The Addiction (83 to 98 to off) The Apostle (11 to 16 to 32) Breaking the Waves (50 to 59 to 99) Chariots of Fire (21 to 37 to 69) Day of Wrath (24 to 29 to 42) Dead Man Walking (15 to 21 to off) The Diary of a Country Priest (4 to 5 to 11) Dogville (55 to 72 to off) Ikiru (10 to 13 to 14) Jean de Florette/Manon of the Spring (77 to 94 to off) Jesus of Montreal (17 to 19 to 88) A Man for All Seasons (19 to 27 to 31) The Mission (13 to 15 to off) The Passion of the Christ (35 to 45 to off) Peter and Paul (53 to 80 to off) Ponette (38 to 54 to 56) Sansho the Bailiff (26 to 95 to off) Stalker (12 to 22 to 30) Werckmeister Harmonies (43 to 77 to off) (Dis)honorable mention goes unfortunately to my beloved Rosetta, which was not on the 2004 list but otherwise went 1 to 33 to 82. Too much competition from the Dardennes' other films, I gather. Dale
  18. One more before I go to bed. The complete list of films that were on our first Top 100 list and our just-released Top 100 list, but neither of the lists in between: Days of Heaven (no. 36 in 2010) Punch-Drunk Love (no. 85 in 2010) Dale, who takes requests from the audience (and will do PTC's tomorrow)
  19. Okay. Everyhing's in the database. I'll start spewing out some facts of vague interest over the next day or so. Forty films have been on the A&F 100 all four times. Here are those 40 films, sorted by average placement in the three lists where we ranked the films, with 2010's rank acting as tiebreaker. Parentheticals are ranks in 2010, 2006, and 2005 respectively. 1. Ordet (1, 1, 6) 2. The Decalogue (2, 7, 3) 3. The Passion of Joan of Arc (4, 6, 2) 4. The Son (5, 2, 9) 5. Babette’s Feast (3, 8, 8) 6. The Diary of a Country Priest (11, 5, 4) 7. The Gospel According to Matthew (10, 4, 7) 8. Au Hasard Balthazar (6, 11, 5) 9. Andrei Rublev (8, 10, 18) 10. Ikiru (14, 13, 10) 11. The Seventh Seal (13, 12, 14) 12. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (7, 25, 20) 13. A Man Escaped (29, 9, 16) 14. The Apostle (32, 16, 11) 15. Three Colors Trilogy (15, 17, 28) 16. Stalker (30, 22, 12) 17. Wings of Desire (12, 28, 30) 18. A Man for All Seasons (31, 27, 19) 19. Day of Wrath (42, 29, 24) 20. La Promesse (44, 24, 32) 21. Wild Strawberries (35, 32, 41) 22. Magnolia (58, 23, 27) 23. The Mirror (16, 62, 44) 24. Jesus of Montreal (88, 19, 17) 25. My Night at Maud's (23, 73, 31) 26. Chariots of Fire (69, 37, 21) 27. Tender Mercies (73, 26, 36) 28. Tokyo Story (21, 57, 64) 29. Ponette (56, 54, 38) 30. It's A Wonderful Life (45, 53, 52) 31. The Straight Story (54, 43, 59) 32. Sacrifice, The (86, 35, 46) 33. Yi Yi (83, 30, 58) 34. Solaris (49, 67, 57) 35. Close-Up (34, 75, 82) 36. The Bicycle Thief (28, 87, 81) 37. Open City (80, 48, 73) 38. Breaking the Waves (99, 59, 50) 39. Derzu Uzala (70, 83, 67) 40. The Wind Will Carry Us (57, 97, 85) Dale
  20. Ron: Got the spreadsheet, and it'll help quite a bit in crosschecking (although I still need to put in the rankings for each of the films). It also confirms what I was guessing: There wasn't a list between 2006 and 2010. Dale
  21. Wait, wait. So how many lists are there? I have the 2004 list, 2005 list, and what calls itself the 2008/2009 list (which is what I'm comparing to above). But there also seems to be a 2006 list, and that list seems to be identical to the 2008/2009 list. So was there actually a 2008/2009 list, or was 2006 the last list that we had? Dale
  22. All right, all right. I'll see what I can do this evening, assuming E.E. behaves herself. Dale
  23. Per SDG, and while the iron is hot, nominate for next year's list. Yes, that or I spent my first six years out of college in a position that involved a great deal of manipulating databases. One or the other. I hope to get the other A&F lists merged into my '08/'10 spreadsheet to do even more data mining. Maybe in the next couple days. Dale
  24. See subhead. Greg's opening remarks quoted from the 2010 nominations list. Dale
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