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  1. Most polls that use this format use no. of voters as a tiebreaker, but feel free to have a three-way tie for 15th in your own mind if you'd like. Regardless, it's not a problem that's happening again in this list. If by "best film of the decade" you mean "film of the decade that most increased its grade in its very last scene," then yes, you are correct. Anyway, today's topics to complain about below. I pretty much guarantee that no. 11 is higher here than in any other decade poll anywhere. No. 14: Memento (41 points/3 voters) No. 13: The Incredibles (42 points/5 voters) No. 12: Punch-Drunk Love (45 points/5 voters) No. 11: Lars and the Real Girl (48 points/4 voters) Dale
  2. To heighten the drama, I'll release the top 20 in bits and pieces over the week. Let's start with the bottom six: No. 19 (tie): The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (38 points/3 voters) No. 19 (tie): Dogville (38 points/3 voters) No. 18: The Dark Knight (39 points/5 voters) No. 17: Beau Travail (40 points/2 voters) No. 15 (tie): Pan's Labyrinth (40 points/4 voters) No. 15 (tie): Master and Commander (40 points/4 voters) Dale
  3. Okay. We're counting Beth's last addition and Thom's vote and reclosing shop. Nos. 16-20 tonight. Dale
  4. I hereby closeth the gates of voting. Beth and Tyler can legalize their lists by the end of today. Dale
  5. All current votes now spreadsheeted (except those of Beth and Tyler, whom I'll give a day to to revise properly). I'll still count votes through noon o'clock Central tomorrow (1/18), since I'm not doing any more work on this until at least then. Dale
  6. Bzzzzzzt. 100 points among 9 films. Invalid. Invalid. Invalid. Dale
  7. Bzzt. One film/10 points short. I'll still count it if you don't change it, but I'll give you a day to add another film. Dale
  8. If, today, you do change your votes from earlier in the thread, please PM me or post below, as I'm starting to work on correlating all the data a day early. M. Dale, temporarily MIA but still doing this
  9. Bzzzzt. No film may receive fewer than five points. Dale
  10. Bzzt. You must have exactly ten films on your list. Dale, parliamentarian
  11. I think it probably has to do with your group being "Validating" rather than "Member." Dale
  12. Um, please explain. I have absolutely no concept of how someone can hate Lagaan that much. Dale
  13. *Bzzzzzzt* You must give each film at least five points. Dale
  14. Here is my extremely tentative list, which I extremely reserve the extreme right to change extremely as I catch up on a few films from the '00s. The Son: 18 Yi Yi: 17 Ghost World: 13 Memento: 11 Hell House: 11 Dogville: 8 Time Out: 7 You Can Count on Me: 5 The Wind Will Carry Us: 5 Fantastic Mr. Fox: 5 Dale
  15. Here's my favorite review, from a straight-talkin' woman in one of my bell choirs: "I liked the instruments and the singing, but why did you have to go and mess around with all the songs? You should have just recorded the carols the way everyone knows them." Dale
  16. Noël is now CD of the Month at indie music blog The Deli Chicago. Kind of a shocker to me, given the genre of music they usually spotlight. Dale
  17. If I'm putting a Mike Leigh film among my ten best of the aughts -- and sadly, I'm probably not -- it's All or Nothing. I'd say let each person decide whether they want to out their picks or not. If they post them, fine. If not, fine. I like simply "Top Ten." Just let each individual decide their criteria. Dale
  18. No no no no NO. Those lyrics are entirely wrong. How DARE you bowdlerize the pristine words of Elmo like that. Let me correct you: La la, la la La la, la la Elmo's World! (He he he he!) La la, la la La la, la la Elmo's World! Elmo loves his goldfish His crayon, too That's Elmo's World! Dale
  19. Mods, maybe we should split this discussion (of an A&F best-of-decade poll) off into a new topic. Dale
  20. Also, what if you want to give 500 points each to 795 films, plus 497 points to another 12? Dale
  21. I'm in favor of a Jop & Pazz-style scoring system (also used in the Skandies), where each voter can allot 100 points among 10 films in any manner they see fit as long as (a) no film gets more than 30 points and ( no film gets fewer than 5 points. The beauty of the system is that people can give 10 points to each film, or 30 points to two films and 5 points to eight, or any combination therein. The downside is it gets a little bit complex for some. Anyway, I'm happy to collect and add up responses if no one else is... Dale
  22. Paste's aughts list and a whole lot of discussion of Paste's aughts list v. the Skandies v. Dogville (starting maybe halfway down). And Michael Clayton would probably be on my second ten of the decade. Dale
  23. Yes, and under my strategy, each fluff post you write will, on average, increase your voting power 1.0005x to 1.001x. Woo hoo. Dale
  24. Back to weighting. I'm not completely sold on it, but if it's used I think the following need to be true: The weighting must be transparent. The rationale must be clear on who is being weighted and why they are. The weighting must be quantitative. Even if someone doesn't know their exact weighting, they should know (or be able to look up) the formula that their weighting is derived from. The weighting must be modest. I would say someone at the top should receive no more than about double the amount of weight as someone on the bottom. The weighting must be gradual. Putting some people into a 2x bucket and everyone else into a 1x makes the arbitrary line that separates them far too important. The weighting must be fair. And that's where we run into problems with probably any weighting system anyone comes up with. Anyway. Dale
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