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  1. Doesn't make any difference, since I capped it at 1000 posts and you're close to 5 times that. All I'm arguing with my methodology is that people with over 1000 posts are *generally* more active in/useful for the forum than people with 250 posts, who are probably more active in/useful for the forum than people with 50 posts. If there are obvious exceptions, fix them manually. No, it's not perfect, but. Really, if people have alternate suggestions for weighting, let's put them out on the table. And honestly, I think weighting no one is a pretty reasonable idea as well. Dale
  2. It may be many things, but I'm not sure weighting post count is "arbitrary." (The cutoff of 1000 posts was arbitrary, though; I'll cop to that.) Post count is a decent proxy for participation in A&F, which is, after all (along now with Image) the creator of the Top 100 list, so it makes sense to me that those who participate in A&F more (or in Image) should have more voting weight. It's certainly much less arbitrary than picking out specific voters by hand to give extra voting power to. (I'm not saying it's *better*, just less arbitrary.) And I did allow IMAGE to bump up anyone they believed appropriate. Dale
  3. I say we forget about what may have been done in past and try to come up with a method that will work for 2010. Such as this: Nominations: All films listed on any previous iteration of the A&F Top 100 list are automatically nominated. Any A&F member can nominate any film with an IMDB date of 2007 or before with a running time of one hour or more provided they (1) list the film, director, and IMDB year; (2) give the IMDB link; and (3) write -- or copy and paste from any review -- two or more sentences supporting the film's nomination. IMAGE may disqualify any nomination that does not meet these guidelines or that they do not think was done in good faith. Voters: The voters will be the august body of A&F, along with anyone whom IMAGE would like to invite from the world at large. Weighting: Voters will have their votes weighted between 1x and 2x dependent on their participation in A&F. Voters with 1 to 99 posts will have their votes weighted 1.0x. Voters with 100 to 199 posts will have their votes weighted 1.1x. And so on and so forth, until all voters with over 1000 posts will have their votes weighted a full 2.0x. [1] All moderators, Image employees, and outside voters will have their votes weighted the full 2.0x, along with anyone else IMAGE deems necessary. Voting: All voters will be able to rate all nominated films (that they have seen) from 1 to 5 -- 5 meaning this film should absolutely be on the list, and 1 meaning this film should absolutely not be on the list. Scoring: The score for each film will be the average of all the votes minus 1/SQRT(n) (n being the number of weighted votes), which helps to ensure that a film only seen by one or two people isn't an automatic no. 1. Ranking: The films with the top 10 scores will be ranked 1 to 10. The films with the next 70 best scores will be on the A&F 100, but unranked. The next 20 films will be chosen one each by 20 people whom Image deems awesome enough. There. All settled. No need to debate, since this system is absolutely perfect. Dale [1] Joke about PTC elicited, as I think it's confusing the issue.
  4. A, uh, graphical representation of Primer. Dale
  5. "We changed the story! We solved the problem! We worked together, so hip, hip, hooray!" Grrr. I knew I shouldn't have created this thread. Dale
  6. B. Dale, after asking a couple other existential questions on the way to Boston Market: "So what if there were no people? And no anything else, like the earth? And no God? I think it would all look white." (One of his earlier questions was something like this: "If the only people were you and me and Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa and Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Josh and Aunt Beth and Ava and Uncle Dave, how would that change everything?") Dale
  7. With all those unintentional polyrhythms, I think it's literally impossible for a The Shaggs song to get stuck in my head. Dale
  8. Topic title self-explanatory and sadistic enough. Inspired by the shocking, sudden mental onset of this song, which I probably hadn't heard for a decade until today. My first thought: What happened to the "Boy, you must be crazy" sample? This was going through my head earlier this week -- not annoying to me, but since it's probably so to half the people reading this thread, I'm gonna count it. Dale
  9. According to my master spreadsheet, I have $161.08 to go to break even. Which means right now Benjamin owes me $161 before he's allowed to go to start saving his own college fund. That seems about right. Of course, if I hadn't paid metalfoot that $200 bribe to promote the album... Dale
  10. If it's all right with everyone, I would like to be the weighted voter in charge of Mike Leigh TV movies. Dale
  11. Ys is one of my three favorite albums of the decade. Really. Other than some excessive animal craziness in track 2, I think it's nearly perfect. Dale, who will buy the tar if you pluck the feathers
  12. Not really, but it's palatable if you mix it with scrambled eggs and potatoes. Dale
  13. You know, I just happened upon this post by thisisnotspamnopenoway that you might want to check out. I think it might be spam. No, no, you are the real heroes. Dake
  14. I'm just lucky at finding spam, I guess. I mean, it's definitely not because all the spam on the board is surreptitiously posted by me and then I pretend to just happen to find it in the hopes of becoming a hero for finding so much spam. Not that anyone is saying that. But in case you were thinking it. Which you weren't. But in case you were. Dale
  15. You might want to change that smiley to one without sunglasses. I don't see any sun in here. Dale
  16. As one of those people who edits almost every post -- I write, post, then read for corrections -- I wouldn't mind if the "This post has been edited by..." were one font-size smaller or somehow else made a little less prominent. Right now, with the different color around it and the bolded name, it's the first thing my eye goes to in a short post. Dale, nitpicking excessively
  17. I can think of more than a couple reasons why you might not want to do this (such as that it may not be possible), but is there any way that you could give some of us regular folks who have been here a substantial amount of time the ability to "flag as spammer" without giving us full mod privileges? I wouldn't use it on SDG, I promise! [fingers crossed, fingers crossed] Dale, showing right there why he shouldn't have mod power
  18. See my CDBaby Daily Deal. Or not. It's your life. Dale
  19. Okay. Call this my Amazon CDBaby Daily Deal. For the next, oh, 27 hours or so, the entire album Noël will be on sale at CDBaby for $1.99. (MP3 album only; CD still $12.99.) Arts & Faith is the only place I'll be mentioning this (I'm calling it the "Arts & Faith $1.99 MP3 Album Sale"), but it's not a secret, per se; you can tell anyone you want, privately or publicly. So, um. Go. Dale
  20. seeastroboy here and here. Dale
  21. Ah! That was the hint I needed. Gracias. Dale
  22. Okay. Talk's all slowed down, so I'll give my initial thoughts which were: Awesome. My concern was that I tend to think all such grandiose academic primary school gestures are awesome, no doubt as overcompensation for my completely uninspiring primary school education (where I was never within 200 miles of being challenged outside of pull-out TAG classes). So I wanted more rational thinkers to take a gander at it without my bias creeping in. So yeah. Based on my feelings and on what most of you are saying, I'll put it as a big PRO in that school's column. (Slight explanation: We basically have three choices for kindergarten, those being the public school, our parish school [where B. Dale is in preschool], and the above private Catholic school. And not that we can't change our minds at some point, but inertia tells me that whatever school we pick for kindergarten is probably where B. Dale is going for the next nine years. So we're trying to be smart about this.) Dale
  23. Can someone fix the "e" in the title of the thread? I guess the new board doesn't care for the poor, defenseless umlaut. All's going quite well, albumwise. Noel is the second best-selling holiday album at CD Baby (it was first, until it was displaced by a Halloween album that is "[r]ecommended if you like Jonas Brothers [and] Kidz Bop"). The first review of the album called it "touching in its understated brilliance" and says that "[t]he tracks flow seamlessly, one into the next, and remind one of butter being stirred into hot fudge, swirling and glistening, warm and sweet." And even my in-laws claim they like it. Anyway, I'm really posting because I have this...theory, I suppose, about this album. Or really about albums in general. And I think I might test it here at A&F for 24 hours tomorrow. Just some advance warning. Dale
  24. Absent some major surprise, the final results from the Skandies: Films: 1: Dogville 2: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 3: In the Mood for Love 4: Mulholland Dr. 5: There Will Be Blood 6: The New World 7: Memento 8: 25th Hour 9: Yi Yi 10. No Country for Old Men 11. Before Sunset 12. Silent Light 13. Kill Bill, Vol. 1 14. Werckmeister Harmonies 15. Irreversible 16. Zodiac 17. Ghost World 18. The Man Who Wasn't There 19. Trouble Every Day 20. Gerry Perfs: 1. Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood 2. Heath Ledger, Brokeback Mountain 3. Naomi Watts, Mulholland Dr. 4. Imelda Staunton, Vera Drake 5. Isabelle Huppert, The Piano Teacher 6. Summer Phoenix, Esther Kahn 7. Björk, Dancer in the Dark 8. Laura Dern, Inland Empire 9. Mathieu Amalric, Kings and Queen 10. Daniel Day-Lewis, Gangs of New York 11. Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight 12. Christian Bale, American Psycho 13. Billy Bob Thornton, The Man Who Wasn't There 14. Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 15. Laura Linney, You Can Count on Me 16. Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone 17. Q'orianka Kilcher, The New World 18. Julianne Moore, Far From Heaven 19. Peter Sarsgaard, Shattered Glass 20. Aurélien Recoing, Time Out
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