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  1. I think it's brilliantly aghast in the pejorative sense. Dale
  2. If you mean "aghast" in the more objective sense ("struck with amazement" or some such), I'll just say that it never occurred to me to teach Shakespeare to children that young in a school setting. I was honors track in the best public school district in Iowa, and I got Shakespeare twice: "Romeo and Juliet" (9th grade) and "Hamlet" and "Macbeth" (12th grade). If you mean "aghast" in the pejorative sense, did I ever mutter that? All I've said is that I'm temporarily withholding my opinion as not to bias the results. Dale
  3. Someone e-mailed me for a little more information, so I suppose I can be slightly less vague: This is from a newsletter at an independent (i.e. not affiliated with a parish) Catholic school we're considering sending B. Dale to for Kindergarten next year. But I'm going to hold off on stating my opinion on the matter for a little bit longer. Dale
  4. I don't want to bias anyone, so I'm going to give this tidbit without any background information or my opinion on it. "[This] marks the end of the middle school’s Shakespeare unit. The 4th graders were introduced to some of the bard’s most famous plays -— 'The Tempest,' 'Macbeth,' 'The Comedy of Errors,' 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' —- via Mary and Charles Lamb's 19th century classic, 'Tales From Shakespeare.' Meanwhile, the 5th, 6th and 7th graders completed a study of 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' during which they wrestled with Shakespeare’s language in order to tease out its theatrical implications. Just how well they came to understand such slippery interpretive concepts as 'blocking' and 'subtext', all while trying to come to terms with what often seemed to them a foreign language, can be seen in their remarkable 'final exams,' scenes from the play that were acted out and recorded in front of live audiences on Thursday, March 26th. Staking their claim as the elder statesmen of Shakespeare Studies at [this school], the 7th graders have now mastered two of the bard’s masterpieces, 'Julius Caesar' and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' Only 35 more to go..." Opinionize. Dale
  5. Leena here. Well poo. We were doing so well after the changeover. Dale
  6. I haven't seen the film, but I know from Glenn Kenny's blog that he was "The Erotic Connoisseur," or some such -- the one who reviewed Grey's, uh, services. Dale
  7. Back when I was a Journalism major, I was taught that serif fonts were more legible in longer passages, which is why every major newspaper, most magazines, and most books use them as body text (although that's changed somewhat in the 10 years since I was in college). But I've also read that the opposite is true with reading text on a computer -- something about the limitations on the minimum size of the serifs (since they must be >=1 pixel). So I think as long as you're using something with a large x-height, like Verdana or Georgia (which is what the body text is set to now), you should be fine. Or Wingbats. Everyone loves Wingbats. [Addendum: Actually, rather than a font change, I'd rather just see the body text set to #000000. This dark grey on light grey is the biggest readability problem A&F has.] Dale
  8. In no particular order: Danielson Family Danielson Famile Tri-Danielson Brother Danielson Danielsonship Danielson Dale
  9. I'm not seeing "Flag as Spammer" anywhere on anyone's profile. Is it only for admins/mods? Dale
  10. Seems like a spammer to me. Signed up before the switchover, though, so still no (known) spammers have signed up and posted since the captcha was installed. Dale
  11. Part of Couples Retreat was filmed right next to my son's preschool. Therefore, it is awesome. Dale
  12. In other words, Jonze is a freaking magician? Dale
  13. I see a broken image. Maybe it's different browsers -- I'm Chrome/PC. Dale
  14. It was always there -- I used it all the time -- although I think you had to hit a button first to go to it. The revamp just shortened it by a step, which is good. Dale
  15. PTC's 16,000+ (!) posts reminded me: I'm glad that the join date and no. of posts are listed under handle names again. I hope that's not lost when y'all make your adjustments. Dale
  16. Perfume. The best use of Smell-O-Vision in 2000s film. Mike D'Angelo is still in the middle of sloooowly announcing them -- no. 9 performance today, no. 9 film tomorrow, no. 8 performance Thursday, etc. I like the idea, actually; it gives you a chance to think a little more in-depth about each of the winners. Awesome people. See also SDG, although he covers all his bases... Dale
  17. PTC: : FWIW, vjmorton's picks, in alphabetical order: Speaking of Victor's Skandies' decade ballot (which is pretty awesome -- no surprise, since his cinematic tastes and mine correlate strongly), here's the current results from the slooooow reveal of their best-of-decade picks: Films: 10. No Country for Old Men 11. Before Sunset 12. Silent Light 13. Kill Bill, Vol. 1 14. Werckmeister Harmonies 15. Irreversible 16. Zodiac 17. Ghost World 18. The Man Who Wasn't There 19. Trouble Every Day 20. Gerry Perfs: 9. Mathieu Amalric, Kings and Queen 10. Daniel Day-Lewis, Gangs of New York 11. Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight 12. Christian Bale, American Psycho 13. Billy Bob Thornton, The Man Who Wasn't There 14. Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 15. Laura Linney, You Can Count on Me 16. Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone 17. Q'orianka Kilcher, The New World 18. Julianne Moore, Far From Heaven 19. Peter Sarsgaard, Shattered Glass 20. Aurélien Recoing, Time Out I gave Garden State a C- when it came out. Good job, me. Dale
  18. Only one new member since the changeover, and he seems legitimate. Dale
  19. I'm not sure why the quotes lost their formatting, to be honest. The general quote tag (left bracket "quote" right bracket) is the same on both boards, but it looks like in the SQL database (or whatever they use), the old quote tags were replaced with some commented out HTML. That doesn't make sense to me. Not that I'm blaming the folks at Image, though; seems more like an Invision problem. Dale
  20. My opinion on the board change, which is my opinion on all such similar changes, is there is no possible way to decide if I like it or not until I've lived with it for 30 days or so. Call it The Electric Razor Rule. I will mention that people using avatars from the A&F Top 100 are finding them broken. But you probably already knew that and will probably fix that when you fix the personalization stuff like the logo, etc. on Wednesday. And good job on (at least for now) slowing down the spammers. Dale
  21. Best I can tell, "143040" new members today before the board changeover: 14. "143040" new members today after the changeover: zippo. I'm tentatively going to take this as a good sign. Good job, Imageers. Dale
  22. Like a lot of that instrumental ambientish style of music, I have a hard time critiquing it in whole, but I can say that "The Tumbledown Epilogue" absolutely works for me. I don't know if you're planning on putting vocals with it, but I think one more layer of melody/countermelody (be it vocals or not) would make it even awesomer. Dale
  23. I was so caught up in making my ohsoclever joke that I forgot to mention my worst anti-bonafide. I have seen Episode 1, Jar-Jar and all. I have seen Episodes 2 and 3. I saw maybe the last half of Episode 4 on TV two or three years ago. I didn't see any of Episode 5 until the rerelease when I was in college. I have never seen any of Episode 6. Ban me now. Dale
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