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  1. And now D.A.: : I did catch Matthew's 12 Stories About Eileen and his new one Ernest : Goes to the Window (?)... No question mark needed; that's correct. : ...which they played since there was some time to kill. I liked 12 Stories. : It has a great premise, although if I might throw around some criticism, : I'd recommend spending some more time working on the audio. Certain : segments were hard to make out -- the dialog was either mumbled or : drowned out by the music. That wasn't an uncommon incidence at Flickerings, actually; a number of the lower-budget films (I'm thinking specifically of "Blink" and "Krusher") had much of the audio lost underneath the fans. I watched both my films again after the fest from the same MiniDVs that C-Stone projected them from, and both were much, much, much more intelligible on television than they were in that barn. I would ask mike_h to try to fix this somehow, but I'm not sure there's any good way to do it other than piping air conditioning into the Flickerings building. Not that the sound quality of my films are very good, mind, but there were other factors. : But overall I'd say 12 Stories was one of the best shorts I saw there and : my friend Kevin, who actually saw all the short films, agreed. Aw, shucks, fellas. Dale
  2. First Jeffrey, now Mr. Leary: : The discussion the PFCC "led" about criticism was a lot of fun for me. That was a blast, no doubt, and I am glad no one punched me for saying things like... : I was haunted by Prins assessment of criticism as narcissism all the way : home and hope to start a thread on that forthwith. ...which I will elaborate on in that thread you started elsewhere on this board. : 3. It was great to meet Prins, JO, Mike H., and spend more time with J. : Robert and Stef and Kara. Did I meet Kara? I get so confused when people do not wear name tags. But I, too, enjoyed meeting Jeff, mike_h, J. Bob, Stef, you, Darrell -- thanks for the reduced-price ticket, bud -- and Kevin. (I think I talked briefly with Bevin, but if so, it was very brief.) And I probably forgot someone. Sorry, person I forgot. Dale
  3. : I apologize for not making it to the screening of your film "13 Stories : About Eileen" at the Cornerstone Flickerings festival. Parks and I were : busy packing and checking out of our hotel in Macombe, and by the time : we headed out it was too late. So we got some breakfast with Stef and : Kara Loy and hurried in to the camp, only to find that you had already : departed and taken your DVDs with you, so not only were we too late to : see the film, but we were too late to purchase copies. 'Tis okay. I actually stayed at Cornerstone a bit later than I had planned -- 1:30P or so on Saturday, filming footage for my upcoming short documentary "Patty Gets a Haircut" -- but my phone had problems connecting at Cornerstone, so I didn't get your voice mail until I was in Galesburg. Ah well. I have about 10 copies left that aren't promised to anyone, so I'll still send an "Eileen" DVD to anyone who wants a copy for $8. Send payment to: M. Dale Prins, II Prinsiana Cinema 1705 Ashcliff Way Richmond, VA 23228 However, by missing the actual screening, you missed what one member of my posse called "the funniest introduction ever," one that I believe the audience took more seriously than it was intended. (Stupid deadpan manner of mine.) : It was great to meet the most imagainative mind on the board at last! Um, dude, SDG was in New Jersey with his new child. : The music at the fest was great too, especially Over the Rhine, who : gave the greatest performance I've yet seen from them (and I've seen : them a lot.) It was, I believe, my 6th OtR concert (all but two at Cornerstone), and I would agree that it was their best. My brother made a very nice video recording of it -- I watched much of it on Sunday -- and I may be able to persuade him to make a few copies for those who are interested. (That goes for Steve Taylor's as well.) : Our own cinematic hercules Mike Hertenstein organized a fantastic : progression of films with overlapping themes, and the post-viewing : discussions were like watching this board come to life in a thrillingly : Frankenstein sort of way. Yes, actually. The post-film discussions went extraordinarily well, despite the near-universal positivity toward Columbine, at least at screening one. (Mine, I believe, was the only voice in the minority, and I only spoke up two or three times.) : I hope the rest of you will someday have access to these [Flickerings shorts] : so we can discuss them in their own threads here. On the submission form for Flickerings, there was a box that said something like, "Hi, we might make a Best of Flickerings DVD at some point, so in case your film is one of the best of Flickerings -- and if your middle name is Dale, trust me, it isn't -- please check here if you give us permission to include your film." Is anything coming of that, mike_h? Or, um, is there some sort of illegal, immoral underground tape of some of the Flickerings films that those who didn't attend Cornerstone (or did but missed the latter Saturday and all Wednesday films) could take a gander at? Dale
  4. Um, gawsh. Thanks. Jeepers, I'll never be able to be modest again. I will comment on the end after you comment on the end, if only because I want to see the phrase "SPOILERS FOR '12 STORIES ABOUT EILEEN'." No, that is a lie. Partially. It is because everyone who has commented on the ending has had a different idea what I was specifically trying to get across, and I am curious what you thought. Also, if there is one thing I really, really like about "Eileen," it's the musical compositions. And you are the first person to say, "Yay, 'Eileen' music!" You are now my best friend for life. Question: I guess you saw it on the DVD, then, and not on projected video, because you had already left, yes? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I saw both sessions on each Thursday and Friday (and obviously the "Eileen" Saturday session), and "Shooting Guns" was my second-favorite in-competition short film of the festival, with first place being Phil Donlon's "Wrestled." I'll write more about both of these films (especially since I owe Kevin some comments) when I have a bit more time. I suppose I should not mention my least favorite short film of the festival, because that would not be very nice. Ah well. Perhaps later I will mention a different Flickerings short film that I did not like at all but I'm pretty sure other people did, because I would like to discuss it. Dale
  5. I hadn't heard about the accidents. That is very, very sad. I myself was nearly the victim of one of these wheeled death machines. On Thursday night around dusk, I was walking over by the Cornerstone Stage when I heard a cart behind me. I didn't change my pace -- why would I? -- and it got louder and louder. I turned my head, and the cart zoomed by me, perhaps 9 inches from my right arm. I gave out a little scream, and two girls in front of me turned around in time to see the cart racing at them, with no intention of changing direction. They jumped out of the way, in movie-clich
  6. : PS More about C-stone later... in many ways it was a great year... in : some ways (especially for the fest) a very hard one. Um. So I am now very curious what is meant by the last half of the statement. Cornerstone was swell. I need to start attending every year again, as I did in the mid-'90s. I am visiting my brother in Wisconsin right now, but I'll write more when I get back to Richmond tomorrow. Dale
  7. The institution putting on the festival is going to loan me some, supposedly. If that doesn't pan out, my parents-in-law also have a Super-8 camera that hasn't been used in years, and they're coming down at the beginning of August. The festival pays for 50' of film and for the processing. Also, I do not know where I got 97 more fade-ins/fade-outs. 47 would be closer to the truth, I suspect. Dale
  8. I think he's relatively menacing in my avatar, though it (obviously) isn't from The Hairy Potter. I had no problem with him in the film. Dale
  9. Now that "Ernest Goes to the Window" is 80-85 percent done -- I hope to have it closer to 95 percent by Cornerstone -- my next project is a silent 3m20s B&W film shot on Super 8. I want to tell a story in a series of fade-ins and fade-outs on...well, let me just give you an example: [Fade in on bouncing ball. Fade out.] [Fade in on gun. Fade out.] [Fade in on deflating ball. Fade out.] Continue for 97 more fade-ins and 97 more fade-outs. I am going to try to use D. Mamet's advice and tell the story in the cut rather than in the shot. Alas, I have no idea what story I want to tell. Pity. At least I have until September 5th. Dale
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