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  1. Just a quick visit before departure... Jeff, Very much so. Generally a lover of the outdoors in general, along with pretty much all the natural sciences. I received my winter mountaineering training from Mark Chauvin, of Chauvin International Mountain Guides a while back. I also canoe, kayak, backpack, hike, etc., etc., etc. I like to take pictures while doing all the above: http://tinyurl.com/5nflr5 Just another busy beaver! Holy Moly: Yes, there seems to be much more popping all of a sudden. The Fox review panning the movie was a bit of a surprise, given what one usually expects
  2. Greg, Yes, I liked that line too - about the only thing worth the visit. I found another in a totally unrelated newspaper article that you will probably like as well, to quote: "Then he got specific and all reason helicoptered into the ether." I've never been to the Grand Canyon before and this is going to be a seriously concentrated in-your-face dose. Descending on foot to the bottom, 5 days exploring, then climbing out - fully self contained, self supported trip with four climbing friends. I expect the experience will be similar to our winter mountaineering trips in the 'meet the face o
  3. Ouch. Maybe it's a little late and I'm (definitely) tired, but that reading that mess gave me a headache. Gads. Please remind me never to go back to that page again. I used the opportunity to link over to your page, Jeff, and read your new post on spirituality versus religion, along with the linked posts, and found it far more interesting. I'm not sure the frazzled brain is up to this right now (going thru the final prep before heading out to the Grand Canyon - we scored permits to descend into the Canyon for a week and I'm getting my gear and photo equipment ready), but here is a quick comme
  4. I was skimming some new (for me) blogs today and found this site with a recorded dual interview on Expelled the movie. The first half is with Richard Dawkins and is pretty standard fair for him. The second half is much more interesting: Michael Shermer reporting on his interview experience and then he expands at some length on the movie itself. He seems to have a pretty fair minded take on the whole affair - at least he comes across that way. Unfortunately, he echoes my concerns about the likely reaction of the general public to the movie exactly. http://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/ Scroll dow
  5. Greg, Just a note to let you know I read your transcript of your interview with PZ Myers regardign the Expelled movie. I thought it was nicely done. Good questions and good discussion.
  6. I'd suggest that Rob Sherman is the definition of a person with an agenda, given that the page you pointed to is specifically titled "Rob Sherman Advocacy." It's more the fact that it was quoted here as fact, when its reliability is quite obviously under question, that seemed ironic to me, given the nature of the conversations about manipulation and out-of-context remarks in Expelled. (Note also, that the FoIA documents referred to - even though he refers to them as "'Atheists are not citizens' documents," don't appear to even be actual evidence from what I can tell of anything other than the
  7. Why, exactly? That post hasn't been updated since 2004, and I'd sure think it would have if the FOI Act request had yielded corroboration. A story that inflammatory would surely have been carried by CNN or MSNBC if there were corroboration or confidence in the source, wouldn't it? I can't even find a site carrying a denial of it, or a right-wing site quoting it. Greg, Only because the guy quoted - Rob Sherman - says it was so and he was there. First party, not third party. I freely acknowledge that it may still be a false statement by yet another person with an agenda, but it seems a more
  8. I'm surprised after your defense of clear-headed logic and reason that you would stoop to posting text from an exchange so questionable in nature without anything resembling proof. This has been one of those stories circulating for years without a shred of evidence. It actually reminds me of a conversation I had with Dawkins at London Heathrow a few years ago. I was boarding a flight, and happened to be sitting next to the luminary, so I asked Dawkins what he thought about the fact that I was a Christian. ME: I'm a Christian. Do you believe that makes me stupid. DAWKINS: I believe that makes
  9. <snip> I have to believe that 100 quiet atheists who take the time to listen to their neighbors and and gently explain their positions will have more of the desired effect than another polarizing bestseller. But, I think you raise an interesting question... 2. It does appear that idealism won't get you very far in this world, especially the sort of idealism which rejects views different from one's own by more than some amount. I cringe at some of extreme sorts of environmentalism that goes on out there, but I recognize that there are times when I have to look past my qualms and join
  10. This is my greatest concern regarding this film. Most of the public who are likely to actually go see it probably do not have the requisite experience or background to recognize what is being done in this film and will take it at face value as Mr. Blessman did. It may take an uninvolved maderate and push them towards a less moderate (and less accurate) understanding. Michael Moore is certainly guilty of the same thing. I remember considering a couple of his bits in 9/11 and saying to myself that "that is not an accurate or logical conclusion based on that presentation.". Like Greg, however, I
  11. And that's the whole point! Seems like 90% of the folks involved in the issue are out to change the world rather than connecting with real people -- and without realizing that the only way to really change the world is to connect with real people. You're a gem, Jim. Greg, Oh, sure! Spread that around the internet, why don't you!?! So much for my tough guy manly man act! In fact, you are correct , of course (about the connecting with people, that is!). This is ultimately the challenge that lies before all of us and this film is another effort to prevent that from ever happening - not th
  12. Two out of three right on that assessment, I think. <snip> And that's the problem with this approach on either side: predominantly, it merely further entrenches people in existing beliefs and shuts down dialog and understanding rather than promotes it, when the latter is what both sides profess to want. It's like a communications course case study in how NOT to communicate, and it makes a lot of folks on both sides (and those caught in the middle) just nauseated. On this one, I'm with Archie, who hangs out here from time to time: they all should just Grow Up. LOL!!!! And there l
  13. Holy Moly, I think you are on the right track. First, They wanted the name recognition of the Big Atheist Players. Myers wasn't on our radar, but he certainly was on theirs (and he's on mine now). Second, I suspect they wanted an opportunity to play 'smack-down' with them. Third, yes, Myers and Dawkins clearly make fine examples of the Loud Mouthed Oppressive Atheist, or at least are very easy to portray that way (it still required misleading questions and creative editing if the reports are accurate). In retrospect, I would bet even money that they may be regretting involving those two play
  14. Thanks for forwarding that comment, Greg. It may sound odd, but a week ago I did not know who PZ Myers was. I had run across the occasional reference, but never had a reason (or time) to look him up. I've been struggling trying to determine the reality of the guy between the commentary within both camps, which are certainly disparate. I will comment that I tend to find the atheist reporting a bit closer to the truth when the facts finally wash out, but I tend to reserve judgment until an independent party weighs in. Your description jibes with my tentative conclusions, however. PZ feels that h
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