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  1. I'm in the middle of Season 2. Loving every 80-s nostalgia-drenched episode. The show blossoms from the original conflict to peruse the two contrary worldviews inhabited by its two central protagonists. In this way, it's refreshing, especially since both Daniel and Johnny have moments where they are the correct ones. Daniel's earnest wins in the original Karate Kid series carry a sense of entitlement and pride that's destructive on its own, while Johnny's clumsy attempts to preserve his 80's-era pre-Daniel glory humorously collide with today's worldviews (i.e. participation trophies).
  2. Just a note that I saw this with my wife this past weekend, and found that the film was incredibly involving, despite not having much dialogue, and having much of the "action" happening off screen. This East-coast X'er was very grateful to get to witnesses a community, in the confines of our own country, so far removed from his own world. Bravo.
  3. So, in other words, if you want to watch a quality Disney live action remake, but only have forty minutes to spare, you can leave after 40 minutes. #expensivebutcool
  4. There's a flash Criterion Sale going on at the Criterion.com website, right now, only a few hours left. I just purchased Blus of Some Like It Hot, Mildred Pierce, and A Matter of Life and Death.
  5. I'm thrilled to be in the same company as some of you... I found the film to be a highly cathartic, emotional experience, provided the person watching it being the writer/director, and perhaps his family. As for me, I found myself on the outside-looking-in. I simply didn't care for these characters as much as I'd hoped I would. Even though there were some amazingly technical shots that were flawless.
  6. I nominated It's A Wonderful Life. I would think this to be the most obvious film in this category. George Bailey, as he grows older, greatly resents the paths his life has taken. His youthful optimism to "see the world" and live a high adventure is thrown off due to circumstance over circumstance which leaves him stuck in Bedford Falls. At one point, due to circumstances that are not his own doing, he is endangered by the possibility of jail, and he erupts, thinking that his life, all up to this point, had become a giant waste. It takes an angel-second-class to demonstrate for him
  7. Title: It's A Wonderful Life Director: Frank Capra Year: 1946 Language: English IMDB Link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0038650/ YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJfZaT8ncYk Link to the A&F thread on the film (if there is one): http://artsandfaith.com/index.php?/topic/18085-its-a-wonderful-life-1946
  8. Thanks for picking this film; I was away a few days and this is the first I heard of your opening the discussion. I admire this film a lot for what it truly attempts to do, that is to demonstrate Christian apologetics in the context of an-otherwise secular narrative. The dialogue in such scenes are actually quite quotable and funny, but the film knows enough to have surrealist comedy and action interludes before such dialogue gets too burdensome. I will want to see this again to have a fresher output... only, I would do so after the holidays, as I am inundated with my mandatory a
  9. The Ninth Configuration. (aka, the greatest example of a Christian movie ever made, that most people here have not seen).
  10. There is a lot to commend this version, and it may do well in this year’s Oscar race… but I can’t quite put it in the “must-own” category. Taking into account the positives (which there are many, including breakthrough performances from the two leads), the negatives I have are the following: Lady Gaga’s performance is more a revelation that she could be “normal” than be other-worldly. The fact that she had played a charade of bizarre characters for so long, make us forget that she was a “normal person” before she stumbled upon her fast-track to fame. The performance works, and there’
  11. Scott Wilson has passed away. He was a character actor who had been in movies since the 1960s (In Cold Blood) and most recently held a recurring role in The Walking Dead TV series. However, it was in The Ninth Configuration that he had garnered his highest acclaim, garnering a nomination for Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor (1980). He played an astronaut who suffered a mental breakdown after he abandoned his mission moments before takeoff. The movie is a faith-based psychological drama/comedy/mystery/thriller hybrid where his character has the greatest transformation over the cou
  12. Sleepers, Mystic River, The Butterfly Effect and The Prince of Tides all come to mind. And Molly Ringwald would make the case that The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, (and probably Weird Science) as examples of those films which "let us down."
  13. Just came back from seeing it; and I am surprised that I liked it as much as I did, in the face of all these (now reading) detractors.
  14. I suppose I had that one-liner coming.
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