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  1. I'm still seeing them. Or at least I'm seeing your new "books to read this summer" post when I click View New Posts.
  2. Thanks for posting that Peter. I didn't read the LA Times article, but the New York magazine piece that it references was fantastic.
  3. I'd assumed the same kind of career for Kris - that he'd try to be John Mayer but isn't distinctive enough to make it work. I don't think he'll go the Taylor Hicks route, because unlike Taylor, he doesn't already look 45. But after watching last night's show, I really think he'd be smart to think country. Not Randy Travis country, but more contemporary rock/country. It was brilliant pairing him with Keith Urban. He's got the background, looks, and sound to fit extremely well in that world. I think if he has any chance to become a star in his own right, that's where it is.
  4. I never understood the "it's a lock for Adam" sentiment. Where did this come from anyway, just the judges persistent fawning? Like Christian, when I heard that only a million votes separated them the week before, and Gokey's votes were the ones up for grabs this week, it seemed like Adam should have been the long-shot, not Kris. Of course, I've already seen the "he lost because he's gay" and "Kris won because he's a Christian" responses that you could've pretty much written before we even knew the winner. I'm sure there were "Adam won/Kris lost because of the gay vote" stories ready to be
  5. I understand. If someone were to say anything bad about The Three Amigos, I'd find a way to reach through the computer and punch them in the face. What if I told you I hadn't ever seen it! You would just make me sad.
  6. I understand. If someone were to say anything bad about The Three Amigos, I'd find a way to reach through the computer and punch them in the face.
  7. Just watched the finale. Ultimately it didn't have much of a "finale feel" other than the final scene I guess. Biggest question - why does someone get a blood test for a sprained ankle? Fun guest spot from James Urbaniak.
  8. I think maybe if they had at least made *some* reference to the choices being made, some hint at the motivation or desires involved, it would have helped. As it is, the only way (that I can remember) that you could see Rachel as the kind of person who would make those kind of choices is by using the choices themselves as your evidence. I especially don't remember anything about Rachel whatsoever that would even hint at the choices being a true reflection of who she is. Again, other than the specific wedding choices themselves. That was the problem for me. I wanted to be moved, but I was
  9. Hmm... I just recently saw this and felt like it was worth discussing, but realize from looking through this thread that I'm like a guy showing up late to a restaurant and then hoping someone feels like sticking around while I eat. Heh, maybe someone can find something here for dessert... First, I've got to say that Hathaway's performance was really, really good. She deserved all the accolades she received. I'd seen Rosemarie DeWitt before in a few tv series: Mad Men (pretty good) and the short-lived Standoff (not so good), but was still very impressed with her as well. I was also really
  10. MattP

    The Road

    Wow. As someone who loves the book, that trailer makes me angry. I hope it's just marketing crap and not actually representative of the film.
  11. I believe the software only allows you to "stay" logged in on one computer at a time as well. So if you're moving from work to home and back or from a laptop to desktop or something, it may require you to re-login every time you make the switch. At least I know it did that at one point.
  12. Ellen, if you feel that I'm being disingenuous, or looking for a place to flame people, please feel free to PM me to discuss privately. Thank you.
  13. The Politics forum hasn't been flammable since Obama was elected -- not for lack of effort on my part! I'm willing to let it go, though, especially since the interest level in that area has plummeted since November. Not that we're compiling votes here, but I rather like having the politics and religion forums around. Some people have trouble staying out of them despite themselves if they see conversations happening there, so I think it's appropriate that politics at least doesn't show up in the "View New Posts" list. The whole nature of politics is borne out of debate, so those not comfor
  14. let me state before the shift that i am not at all comfortable with looking at anyone's colon... :shock: can we please ban all images of colons from the next iteration of this forums? please? Just please don't ban ellipses... I'm not sure whether I'd be able to manufacture a post without them.
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