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  1. Have to say I really enjoyed this film ... and generally I'm not much of a Kevin Smith fan. It's raunchy and crude and really funny imho, but it has a heart as well. It really hit home in some ways concerning the 10 year reunion feelings, etc. I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. His arguments against the kind of faith many hold really struck with my own arguments against certain parts of "belief" ... misguided intentions, strict dogma, etc.
  3. He was one of my favorites ... I agree that he had gotten a little too "angry" late in life ... the last time I saw him, I think I only laughed a few times and really wanted to leave. I still remember him fondly and some of his stuff in the 80s and 90s really made me think a lot and hit me at the right time in my spiritual walk. HE WILL BE MISSED!
  4. Without getting into logistics ... I believe in the spirit of the Bible and its spiritual message. I do not believe Jesus is THE son on God or that he literally died for our sins as some replacement. I know all of this sets off people's alarms, but don't waste your breath. I think Maher's site is kind of funny ... I generally agree with a lot of what he says in general.
  5. As someone who's far from a faith literalist, I have to politely disagree ... I'm with Maher on most everything. Husker, I'm curious what you think of Maher's website (as well as what you mean by "faith literalist"). I don't believe in the Bible literally ...
  6. Wow! What a treat! So real ... touching, funny, inspiring! 9.5/10
  7. As someone who's far from a faith literalist, I have to politely disagree ... I'm with Maher on most everything.
  8. I was VERY surprised at how much I liked this movie. The treatments given to many of the songs were surprisingly great. I liked the take on "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" ... taking it in a sorrowful direction rather than pop happiness. Maybe it was b/c I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but overall I really thought this movie was very, very solid. Thought provoking without having to delve too deep. I do realize I'm in the minority though. 9/10
  9. Darn! I was excited to see it ... guess I'll have to wait a bit longer.
  10. Netflix Synopsis: Just days after an Afghan taxi driver picked up three passengers and never returned home, he wound up dead at Bagram Air Base, killed by injuries inflicted by U.S. soldiers. Interviews, news footage and firsthand reports provide a gripping look at the case and the Bush administration's policy on torture. Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) directs this Best Documentary winner for the 2008 Oscars. ------------------------------------------------- Couldn't find a thread ... very provoking documentary. Well worth your $s! 8.5/10
  11. Husker4theSpurs


    "Say It To Me Now" is my personal fave
  12. I really enjoyed it as well ... different from most fare. It is playing here, so I would imagine it's gone as wide as it's going to go. I also was turned off by the trailer ... glad I trusted my favorite reviewers.
  13. Husker4theSpurs


    Yes, it is ... "If You Want Me" is the title of the song. The soundtrack is great and the quality is REALLY good ... you appreciate the songs even more b/c the sound quality in the theatre wasn't the best.
  14. As a HUGE Bill Maher fan, I cannot wait to see this one!
  15. Also doesn't hurt in the least that Oprah was really propping up the movie as well ...
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