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    8 1/2, breaking the waves, sunrise, clockwork orange, godfather, taxi driver, raging bull
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    flannery o'connor
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    van gogh (The Sower)
  1. "The Evangelist" Story of a kid who goes on a religious crusade in his town and tries to convert everyone. theevangelistmovie.wordpress.com
  2. Yeah, and Wages of Fear might be the most sadistic movie of all time. That ending was just mean!
  3. I've never met a list I liked and this is no exception. Maybe we should have a discussion about lists? When I go to an art museum, they don't give me a list of the paintings ranks best to worst. Why do we need to rank things? Can't they just coexist?
  4. I think we create cinema to glorify God. The movie doesn't have to open on 3000 screens to be valuable. It doesn't have to open on 3 actually. If your film stands as a praise to him, then that's all the really matters. Anyone else who can appreciate it too, great, but that's all extra. We can't be so concerned with the approval of human beings. If you are, and you think that's important, fine, but you will likely be pressured to do things you don't want to do. If you can synthesize the commercial world with the art world, then you've accomplished something really hard. Don't lament the difficu
  5. If you're interested in the Decalogue, particularly the 5th one, I recommend you take a look at this movie: theevangelistmovie.wordpress.com www.evangelistmovie.com
  6. I don't think we should get caught up with sex and violence. Just write what glorifies god. What is true for the characters, what optimizes the emotional effect, what doesn't compromise the reality, doesn't sacrifice the tone, what communicates effectively. You might make someone angry. But you will also be able to create something that God will find truly beautiful. Take a movie like "Silent Light" by Carlos Reygadas. It's a film that sees God's spirit in everything and convinces you of his power. And actually there is no sex or violence in it. But Reygadas wouldn't have been able to make
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