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  1. Great post, Russ. I also love that scene. Nope, I moved to Pittsburgh to go to CMU, and then stuck around for 5 years after graduating. The time that I mentioned in the above post was mostly spent in Garfield, but also in East Liberty and Larimer.
  2. I didn't mean to sound like "people didn't cuss" in the inner cities. I meant that colloquial double-meanings while teaching each other how to play chess is most definitely how people do NOT talk in real life. Sorry. I know. I went to a high school in the inner city, and I was a part of the chess club there. Never did the posse-members and the chess geeks meet. That is a great scene, precisely because it sets up the conflict of the thinking man in the drug trade. D is not a normal "posse-member." But the game is not made up of just corner boys. Talented, intelligent men (mostly) get in
  3. One of the blogs at The New Republic has a list full of links to a lot of Wallace's articles, essays, and fiction that are online.
  4. I think I'm with Alan on this one. I thought it has enough potential to keep watching for a couple of months. If for no other reason, it will be good to watch Noble and Reddick. I'm not so sure about that magical negro thing. Maybe it started to turn that direction at the very end, but he sure started out behaving, rather than just walking, like he had a stick stuck somewhere a stick does not belong. (I do recall reading that Reddick had some kind of back injury in the past which contributes to his unique posture)
  5. So, for the first in my fantasy football career, I have a true fantasy stud on my team. You know, the kind of player that can almost singlehandedly carry your team to a winning season. The kind that can make up for all kinds of injuries and mistakes with the rest of your roster. And his entire season lasted about half of one quarter. Nice.
  6. This is a funny way to begin the college football season. I guess that from the air, one football stadium looks like any other. As the article states, it's good that nobody got hurt (or that the Duke game had already begun)
  7. I like h2h, and I am terrible at any pick-em type games. I suppose the next question is how many people would be interested. It would be nice to have a few more participate than last year.
  8. Anyone interested in another season?
  9. I started watching Mad Men during the writer's strike, when AMC replayed the first season late at night. Like many people, there were times when the negative aspects of the nostalgia (the smoking and drinking while pregnant, the misogyny, the fear of the divorcee, etc.) brought me out of the story. I don't know if this was the writer's rubbing our nose in all of the bad things about the good old days, or if our culture has changed so much that an honest depiction of New York in the 1950's must be shocking. I loved the characters, though. Jon Hamm as Draper was excellent. The questions abo
  10. That works out to two 22-23 episode seasons if each episode is the typical length while giving them some extra minutes to occasionally do one of those extra long episodes. Sounds about right to me.
  11. You definitely had to learn how to watch The Wire. I have no doubt that fans of The Wire (which always had a small audience) will be fine watching Generation Kill, but part of the objective of this miniseries seems to me to introduce the American public to this generation of Marines. I agree with something I read somewhere, it wouldn't hurt to have a scene where the reporter is introduced to the members of the battalion. I like it that Simon refuses to hold his audience's hand, though. I didn't feel too lost. I imagine that now that they have left Camp Mathilda, it will be easier to keep e
  12. Generation Kill starts tonight on HBO. It is based on the Evan Wright book of the same name. Wright was an embedded journalist with the Marines' First Recon Battalion who were the "tip of the spear" in the Iraq invasion. Sepinwall's preview can be found here. Another TV blogger, Maureen Ryan, recommends having some references handy while watching Generation Kill, especially at first. She posted links to things that HBO sent to critics (glossaries, maps, organization charts, rosters of the Marines, etc.) It kind of makes me wonder how successful the miniseries is if you need all of these
  13. For anyone thinking about starting to watch the greatest television show in history, or wanting to rewatch it, you should know that TV critic Alan Sepinwall is doing a weekly commentary on Season 1 at his blog this summer. He is doing two versions, one for newbies and one for veterans. Here's his description: He is up to week 3, and will post a new commentary each Friday. The discussion in the comments section is also enlightening. Even though I've watched all seasons but the last one several times, rewatching while reading his blog has helped me to see things that I had missed before.
  14. I think I'm feeling worse now after 4.12, the "mid-finale" (I don't know how to designate it)... That's all I can say without spoilers. However, anyone else who has seen it may want to read these comments from Jane Espenson. Argh! Is it 2009 yet? Yeah, that break is nothing compared to next six (or however many) months. Fans who have watched up through Revelations (mid-season finale seems to work as a descriptor) might also be interested in Bear McCreary's blog (I'm particularly thinking of you, Peter). McCreary is the composer for BSG and writes about the process of scoring each episode. T
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