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    My 'go to' list; LOTR, Rocky 1 & 6, Polanski films, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Matrix, Braveheart, Alien, Bond films, Open Range, Leone westerns, Without a Clue, Young Frankenstein.
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    Ben Harper, Rush, Iron Maiden, Devin Townsend, Van Halen, Beethoven sonatas, first few albums by Dave Matthews Band, many jazz/soloist bassists, Bobby McFerrin...

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  1. I found the irony in your response to my earlier misuse of the word 'pedantic' to be clever, and amusing. You're retroactively killing the irony and the amusement.
  2. It sounds like the key to their beef is in the terminology. They are called dwarves in this world. The characters are called Dwarfs in Snow White's world. That's the connection they see. One must equal the other. Of course, you're right. They are not at all the same thing despite sharing the label. I'm guessing they actually had no problem (or at least not one they could articulate) with the casting of Sean Astin and Elijah Wood as Hobbits, since they themselves are not 'hobbits'. I'm not sure what they made of Rhys-Davies as Gimli the 'Dwarf'. Perhaps they gave up on that one considering the character had to weigh at least 250 lbs. sans armor.
  3. Um, have you seen any Mendes movies? He's not big on the happy. Yes. Most, if not all of them. And as such, I am well aware of Mendes' tonal MO, and it has always been my #1 concern regarding Skyfall. Even if the har-hars are all there, there's a difference between funny and fun. I don't doubt Mendes can do funny, but I wonder if he can (or at least will) do fun. After it's all said and done, I hope to feel like I've been through a Mendes-directed Bond film, as opposed to a Mendes film about James Bond. I never had much of a doubt before, but after the trailer I'm sure I agree with Ryan. Skyfall is going to be a pleasure to look at.
  4. My. This is looking like a very dark film. Hopefully Mendes allows for a few moments of sunshine. I'm guessing that's Javier Bardem's silhouette we see just before the title frame? No evidence of the comedy promised. No idea whatsoever of the plot. Quite teasy indeed. I'm lickin' my chops now. It's going to be a long summer. Bat-who?
  5. Well, some people have been very upset with the creators' decision to put the gunbarrel in all sorts of unorthodox places within the last couple films. I can hear EON now. "You want it at the beginning??! Well, heeeere you go then. AT. THE. BEGINNING. Be careful what you ask for, punk."
  6. Judo Chop


    Why do you say that? That the appeal of this story would lie more in the details and context of the story, stuff that could easily be handled in a book, which would be free to go on at length about the historical situation, Iranian culture, the complexities of the project the CIA undertakes here, etc., stuff that would likely be discarded in a two-hour film that condenses the story for the sake of clarity. Yes, I can and will agree with that. I, probably mistakenly, read your statement as saying this story is ill-suited to a film. ie. That the film is already a wasted effort.
  7. Judo Chop


    Why do you say that?
  8. Dialogue clearly tries very hard to be punchy but appears to lack personality. Right off the bat (very weak upcoming pun not intended), I’m struggling to see how this story is anything other than the Ness/Capone story with an anti-Ness at the lead. I thought Zombieland was good enough for rental price.
  9. Judo Chop


    Sure. Yeah. I'm in, for both the film and the story. The example dialogue is surprisingly whimsical. Comes across like a Munich-lite.
  10. That's exactly the imagery the book offers. The author then does go on with the explanation/excuse that obviously the truth was/is much grander; the Carebear descriptions in the book are only the best-efforts of a prepubescent boy to describe the undescribable through his own lens. Fair enough. But putting this to screen, I think they would be well-advised to approach their visuals of heaven abstractly and avoid taking the boy's descriptions literally. Either that, or resist temptation and stay away from the visuals of heaven altogether and just tell the kid's story.
  11. So happens I read this book just a couple months ago. I didn't seek it out - we were staying with the in-laws and Mom happened to have it on the coffee table. I ripped through it in a couple nights. Factually interesting. A little tacky sytlistically. My skepticism with these NDE stories tends to begin not so much with the human perspective of the account as it does with the divine perspective of the account. ie. Would God approach things this way? I know He could. But would He? The pastor-author fails to tackle this question in any significant way.
  12. Friday night will likely be Toy Story with my daughter. I'm excited. For one, I actually haven't seen the film yet. For two, my girl makes a great movie-watching partner. She stops to ask only pertinent questions, and she is often visibly affected by moment of tension and suspense. Nothing makes her angrier than when Prince Phillip is ambushed by Maleficent and her goblins at Aurora's cottage in Sleeping Beauty. And few things make me happier than to see that.
  13. That surprises me. Definitely check it out. I think you will find it well worth your time. "And what the [bleep] is YOUR name!"
  14. Picnic at Hanging Rock is mighty effective. I haven't seen the Truman Show since it first hit DVD. (Sheesh. It could've been VHS!) The dissection it receives in here has me thinking I should check it out again with a fresh set of eyes.
  15. I can't say I have. But I have seen Thor, Iron Man (1), The Hulk (both) AND Captain America: Something or Other. And a handful of the X-Men films. So... not exactly 'yes', but maybe 'mostly'? Heh. Not helpful to me. I'm looking to confirm something I think is different here from one of the above-named films. One review I read dedicated a whole paragraph to the point that in this film the good guys don’t all exactly like each other, as if that was the ‘new thing’ this film had to offer. Of course I saw that same thing in one of those X-Men films I saw, so, not new, and again, I am being very unhelpful to you. I will stop doing that now.
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