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  1. Seriously, i have never heard someone be so dismissive of Black...but then, most of what I ever read about him was from screenwriters who always had nothing but praise for his writing. I didn't completely dismiss him. If you'll re-read my original post, I said he's perfect for this type of film. I, personally, just don't think he has that great of a resume. It's still amazing to see that these films are actually being taken seriously.
  2. Fair enough. Thanks for the input.
  3. Do any of you use Tumblr as a blogging site? I had a Tumblr blog, which I started back in April. There, I posted movie reviews, interesting links, images, videos, music, etc. -- ultimately anything related to serious cinema. Well, Tumblr ended up tossing my account, with no explanation to why. I had around 350 posts (and counting), along with about 200 followers. I imagine that it had something to do with copyright issues, as I often posted music from films that, naturally, did not belong to me. For example, I held a week-long John Barry tribute, and posted a few tracks from his albums. On Bernard Herrmann's birthday, I posted a (rare) track from his score to "Obsession", as well. I imagine I had it coming, but it would have been nice to get a warning first. The thing I don't understand is that kids can get away with posting Pokeman nonsense and tracks from Hans Zimmer's "Inception" score like it's going out of style. Very odd, and a bit unprofessional, in my opinion. Should have stuck to Wordpress.
  4. A one-time director (of a complete flop) and the writer of some of the worst films of the late 80's/early 90's. Absolutely perfect for a film like "Iron Man 3" and the audience it targets.
  5. Sounds like something that would happen if you took Hans Zimmer away from the synthesizer.
  6. When you go to a 3D movie, you'll always be sitting next to Hitler.
  7. http://www.guardian....ilms-discovered Really interesting article.
  8. "Blow Out" may be my first ever Blu-Ray title. Can't wait for its release. I'm also hoping to see this announced soon...
  9. I saw Rasoulof's latest film, The White Meadows, a few months ago, and at a time when I did not realize that he too was being treated the same as Panahi (who was also Meadows' editor). There is a scene in that film where, in a metaphorical fantasy land, a pair of government agents rub salt in a dissident artist's eyes for refusing to change how he sees the world. The artist goes blind. At the time I thought it was kind of a heavy handed image (indeed, the whole film struck me as beautifully mounted but, I don't know, maybe a bit self-satisfied, though I wouldn't apply the whole meaning of the phrase to the film; perhaps just a hint of patness). And now, after following the case more closely for the last few months, and finally reading Panahi's words above, I can't help but think back to that scene and find my opinion of it totally changed; if anything it's probably a massive understatement. My reading of the film at the time came from a totally insulated place, and I'm kind of ashamed of how quickly I moved to play down the impact of certain elements within it. How I remember the film is undergoing some sort of renovation right now. Has anyone else seen it and had a similar experience? I saw "The White Meadows" at Tribeca last May. Even then, Rasoulof was in a bit of trouble with his government, and couldn't attend the screening. He sent his DP instead. The movie was gorgeous, but a bit slow in some areas. After the viewing, I had the idea that the filmmaker was commenting on God, or religion, in general. I'm not 100% sure if that idea stands, however, and would have to watch the film again for another analysis. Always a shame when an artist -- especially one with potential -- is thrown in the cage, though.
  10. See, I can't even go there. The blaring soundtrack, the constant and oppressive thunderousness of its own self-importance, the perpetual exposition (I prefer to call the film Explanation)... I really, really wanted the movie to be fun. I don't remember having much fun at all. The movie didn't give me a chance. A few days back, someone referred to a film's script as "airtight", and I objected. Inception's script is airtight. And I couldn't breathe. Another issue for me was that terrible score, as well. God only knows how that putz still has a job making music for motion pictures. The best part, however, was that people loved it. Personally, I'd rather put my ear by the tailpipe of a tractor trailer.
  11. Nothing mind-blowing, but a solid piece of work compared to the rest of the trash released last year. It was nice seeing Scorsese making an honest effort.
  12. Saw this a few weeks back. Pretty average, overall. Michelle Williams didn't earn the Oscar nomination (but then again, who does these days?). I actually thought Ryan Gosling did quite well, which I'm not necessarily proud of saying. My biggest problem with independent films like this is the craftsmanship. I'm not sure why so many indie flicks insist on featuring scenes with a shaky camera; i.e. the scene in this film when they're walking down some sidewalk, past a row of stores. Downright sloppy. Wasn't worth the $12 I paid.
  13. You are being way too hard on Nolan, the audience, and depending on the use of your words "well-crafted," Inception, too. I guess the audience in particular, because as you can see here, there are a lot of fine film readers in the film's audience. I think you're being way too easy on Nolan, the audience, and "Inception". Settle for trash and they'll keep feeding it to you.
  14. My major issue with this is Emily Blunt. Horrible, horrible actress, and doesn't even have a rack to make up for it, either.
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