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  1. The film production was a success, and Maverick and team have begun their festival run, already screening at these great film fests: Ashland Independent FF Vail FF El Dorado FF HollyShorts BendFilm FilmQuest Oaxaca FF Certainly an impressive run thus far and with more to come, but the big recent news is that they are now an official selection at the Austin Film Festival! So be looking for their next screening at a quality film festival near you!
  2. My producing partner and I had a great few years on the festival circuit with 3 of our shorts, and all of that experience made us realize that Waco, the town he calls home, was in need of a quality film festival. So with a lot of additional research, and an amazing advisory board, we premiered the Deep in the Heart Film Festival last year. The consistent comment that we got over and over from both attending filmmakers and our audience was that Deep in the Heart did not feel like a first year festival. The Texas Film Commission was also in attendance, and they said it felt like we'd alread
  3. Okay, this project is likely right up the alley for most visitors to this forum. Maverick Moore, one of my friends, colleagues, and partners in crime is heading up this short film. He co-wrote the script and will be directing. Maverick is a fairly new professor in the Baylor Film and Digital Media Department, and he's also the Programming Director for my film festival: Deep in the Heart Film Festival (which I just realized I have yet to mention on this board). Please watch the teaser trailer for "My Dinner with Werner," and check out the film's campaign details on Indiegogo: https://www.i
  4. As I mentioned in the thread for my debut festival short, Moving Day: we are still in the middle of a great festival run! Now we've finished our second short, "The Usual Silence," and have begun festival submissions. This film is based on an actual experience I had at work this past year. While I'd never wish on anyone what I witnessed, I'm grateful for the chance to explore what happened, and I look forward to sharing the experience with an audience. Since it's a short film we felt it best to keep the trailer short as well. You can watch it here.
  5. Over 2 years later and I think it's safe to say that Moving Day is having a successful festival run - especially for a debut short film! We've been accepted as an Official Selection in 27 festivals so far, and we are likely to stay on the festival circuit through the fall of 2016. We've also won numerous awards, and we've been nominees for even more! Here's the trailer.
  6. SZPT


    Now I'm curious. Would you mind sharing the specifics and what impact you feel they had? I don't know how I missed this question for over a year, Buckeye. I have almost no recollection of what I and the producer spoke about, but I just read Martin Stillion's review and most of his criticism is spot on. I do think the acting of the main character was better than Martin gave him credit for, but the lead actor certainly was burdened by the shortcomings of the writing and directing. Also, I'm self-aware enough to know that what moved me in the film was based more on my memory of Rich Mullins tha
  7. SZPT


    I got to see the film twice over the weekend. All in all I was happy with everything, and it certainly moved me to tears a lot during the first screening. Seeing it a second time allowed me to watch with a more critical eye, but I was still moved during the deeper moments. I was able to talk with one of the producers, and he did mention an issue or two that popped up in the process of making the film. I won't share the specifics because every film has problems to overcome, and some are only known to the filmmakers. The rest of the audience will never even know about it, and I even felt that
  8. I haven't been on this forum in quite a while. I guess over the past few years I've been making more films and videos than watching them. Until recently, most projects have been for competitions or contests. Of course, having a family and a full time job on top of all that keeps me busy. My latest film venture is different than everything I've done recently. It's a 20-30 minute short called "Moving Day" Here's the... Logline: When a terminal illness strikes, one couple calls it quits... and for all the right reasons. And a short synopsis: Pete and Carrie are in love, and they'll be
  9. I haven't posted to the forums for a while, so I'm sure there are a lot of you who don't remember me and even more who don't even know me. Lately I've been quite busy working successfully in freelance production and post, and I've begun entering some film contests with some of my production friends. I could use your help with one of these contests. We're finalists, but this final stage is all about the votes. I'm not asking you to automatically vote for us, but if you enjoy our entry then please do so EVERY day until November 14th. I'm aiming for top prize so that the cast and crew can g
  10. If you're interested, here's the final product our crew submitted for the Austin 48 Hour Film Project: "Through the Fire" We got an Honorable Mention in the Audience Award category. So that was nice.
  11. And, we just completed another 48 Hour Film Project, this time for the city of Austin. The elements for all teams were: Character: Vincent or Vanessa Lowe, potter Prop: a balloon Line of dialogue: "Why does everyone always say that?" Our crew pulled the genre: Drama We should be uploading the film in a few days to both YouTube and Vimeo. I'll posts links when that is done. On this one I was only a co-writer and the editor. Also a producer, but that's a given on these things. My co-producer wanted to direct this time so I handed over the reigns to him. I am super proud of
  12. Thanks for the comments. I helped write it, and I was both the director and the editor. A lot of pressure on the directing side after only 3 hours of sleep the first night, and on the editing side after just 5 hours of sleep the second night. Yes, in a timed event it basically boils down to making the best decision at the time and then sticking to it. The cleavage line was said as a joke Friday night when we were laying out the beats of the script, and it made us all laugh. So we decided to write it in. Since it was a lighthearted piece we didn't feel like we had to give the male lea
  13. I forgot that I had posted to the forum. Here's our short, "The IT Kid" It's a fun little piece. We won the Audience Award, so not half bad for our first venture into a timed competition.
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