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  1. I thought Om's Advaitic Songs was definitely the best album I heard all year, and probably one of my favorites of all time. Though it has received rave reviews, it's absent from quite a few people's lists. Maybe it snuck under too many radars. Here are a couple tracks.
  2. So... this is a documentary. Well no, cinema verite. Well no, actuality drama: "King describes his style as "actuality drama - filming the drama of everyday life as it happens, spontaneously without direction, interviews or narrative". He says he strives to "serve the action as unobtrusively as possible" and does so by becoming very familiar with the environment and people he films, by paying particular attention to movement patterns, routines and light quality." - wiki I made this nomination after I saw Overstreet asking for doc ideas on Facebook. If you don't know Allan King, DEFINI
  3. I'm kicking myself for not thinking of that one first. I personally don't find it as aesthetically pleasing as The Woman in the Dunes, but I like your words "more interesting." I think that's terribly accurate. My gauge for how interesting a film is starts rising with the post-viewing discussion, and The Woman in the Dunes doesn't strike up anywhere near as many conversations (read: debates, arguments, name calling) as The Face of Another. Edit: Plus, Teshigahara is one of my very favorite directors. He will always need more attention. What he did with Kobo Abe and the AMAZING Toru Takemits
  4. My apologies for not being around A&F lately... it's a long story. However, I feel very strongly about these and would love to see them included. I would also relish the opportunity to write about them, especially as they pertain to marriage issues and matters of faith: Title: A Married Couple Director: Allan King Running Time: 96 Minutes Language: English IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0064640/ YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film): http://www.criterion...-married-couple Link to the A&F thread on the film (if there is one): ? Title: Antichrist Director:
  5. Just throwing in my two bits: I haven't really bothered much watching opera on home media but then again, I haven't been able to go as often as I'd like for the past several years. I think I'll check out that DVD (NY Metro). This is my very favorite opera and in my opinion the Solti recording is THE one to own. It's not exactly an original conclusion to draw, but I tried on a dozen or so, and ended up agreeing with the general consensus anyway. My advice is to save time and save (up) your money, and go for Solti.
  6. Pair


    Mint juleps and whiskey sours are standards for summertime in the Pair household. Super refreshing. Often I don't feel like bothering with a mint julep so whiskey sours are more frequent. Maybe it's just easier to keep lemon around than mint. I adore absinthe year round, but especially in the summer with properly mega-chilled water. I find I'm usually alone in this. Anybody else into absinthe? Absinthe and chartreuse; I absolutely love them both. Absinthe and chartreuse are constantly neck-in-neck for my very favorite drink. I make a drink involving absinthe, chartreuse and gin (plus som
  7. That's what I was thinking. Plus I noticed spine number 666 is approaching fast... might be an appropriate little joke.
  8. Pair


    +1, with gusto! I plan to launch an arts blog mid-May, or I can write something up for you to post... I'm game for anything if you'd like me. Tarkovsky is one of my very favorite artists! Are you looking for anything specific? Would you be looking for film-specific entries, or general posts on his entire body of work, or both - or neither? - or all of the above???
  9. As of today, A Man Escaped expires in 13 days. L'argent is also free right now, but expires in 6 days.
  10. I was searching the forum for something else and came across this thread. Coincidentally, this past weekend my wife had to reel me in before I yelled at two girls outside a theater after I took her to see Pina for her birthday. Once we were back home, I had collected myself (had I yelled at them on the spot, I would have probably lost control until I became terribly cruel) but my anger was still poison in my stomach so I posted this to the theater's Facebook. Even if nobody dignifies it with a response, I felt lighter just by putting it out there.
  11. I definitely get that. Sometimes they work best for people in a random mix that includes a wide variety of other music, but if I'm in the right mood there's nothing I'd rather listen to. You might want to skip Earth.
  12. Are we trying to blow his mind, or keep it within some sort of reason? Maybe just throw some randomness out there to see what sticks? Koenji Hyakkei Maja Ratkje Sunn O))) Abesse 2/084 Boris Jucifer Alcest Amesoeurs Earth Current 93 Hieronymus Bosch Baroness Death in June Rome Dillinger Escape Plan Mastodon Today is the Day Neurosis Onryo Lustmord Merzbow Vidna Obmana Lull Toru Takemitsu Arvo Part Henryk Gorecki Knut Eskmo Flying Lotus ...and I used to carry around Pynchon, Joyce or ee cummings like badges of honor. Now I make sure whatever movie or book I hav
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