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    Sophie Scholl

    I had a similar reaction, though it was years ago. In the little background reading I did, I remember reading that she thought that the injustice of their executions would lead people to rise up against the regime, which certainly was not the case. I wondered if the filmmakers dipicted the showering down of the tracts into the lobby to anticipate the ending with the historically accurate showering down of the tracts from the air by the Allies. This is a great point. I totally agree, and it's part of why I also rank this film highly. I wish we also could have kept A Hidden Life, which i
  2. In addition to those 16 films that had been on all the previous Top 100 lists but dropped off in 2020, and so have been on 5 of the six lists, there are a handful that had been on all but one of the previous lists but are now back on the 2020 version. They too have been on five of the six Top 100 lists. The Miracle Maker The Flowers of St. Francis Schindler’s List Night of the Hunter Crimes & Misdemeanors Looks like Faust and Rome, Open City would have also been on all but one list with the 2 films/director list.
  3. Here are the films that had been on the previous five Top 100s by how they fell off the 2020 list, which I think is interesting: Ineligible due to nominations rule change: Dekalog Three Colors (as a trilogy) Not nominated: The Straight Story Three Colors: Red Three Colors: White Yi Yi The Straight Story Not voted into 2020 Top 100: Jesus of Montreal Wild Strawberries Voted into 2020 Top 100, but Director's third or fourth film: Au Hasard Balthazar Day of Wrath Mirror The Promise D
  4. These films also have blurbs from 2011 or 2010: Spirited Away Grave of the Fireflies Vertigo Magnolia Silent Light Ushpizin The Death of Mr. Lazarescu Still Life Places in the Heart This Is Martin Bonner was on the Waking Up list. There may be others. I'll think about which ones I might want to write on!
  5. There is a website that does something like this called Flickchart. You choose the "better" of two films and after a certain number of selections it generates a ranked list for you of about 20 films. You can also add films to your list when you see them. The thing is, if I remember, it takes the initial list to be pretty rigid, so once your original list is generated, the mechanism just puts things higher or lower based on how you compare it to films already on the list rather than more holistically. Or maybe I just didn't figure out how to manipulate the tool. They also have an all time
  6. Thanks for clarifying, Ken. I will still be voting for Red Beard.
  7. Hold on a second. Was it ever decided that the film would stay in the same ranking or that whichever film by a director is chosen, it would occupy the higher spot. The former makes more sense to me from a process point of view, but I would be happy to see Red Beard in the Top 25 even if it is an awfully big jump. This will definitely affect how I vote.
  8. I'm up for a Round 2 to rank the Top 25. I'm fine with the ranking as it is, regardless of the date or director. I know I for one would want to rank whichever Bergman film we have higher than 25 (assuming that the chosen film goes into the director's highest ranked slot). That said, if we do this, I think we should use the criteria that (I think) we agreed on earlier: make it optional but where non-voting count as a positive vote for keeping the order as it is. Watching The Music Room will be a priority for me this coming week!
  9. I 100% agree with your thoughts here, Ken. (I might choose different examples. I think Dogville is spiritually significant, but I'm glad it's off the list. I think Chariots of Fire is spiritually significant for its subject and writing rather than its direction...) But I feel like we're being asked to choose this NOT as just the A&F Top 100. If it were just that, I'd absolutely want to stick the the original 2/director plan--a list of films (not director's top films), different only in degree from previous lists. It's for the book that I think the more geographically (and, obviou
  10. I was swayed to vote for the 1/director list, but I feel like there should be a way to have our cake and eat it too.This gets at what Ken, Beth, and Jeffrey mentioned via email. I too wish we'd just stuck to the original procedures we agreed on. But presented with the choice after the fact with arguments on either side, I'm not going to let those principles stop me from choosing between the two choices at hand, even though I'm rankled. Just a couple reflections: I think the 2/director list has overall better films (I've seen 83) than the 1/director list (I've seen 79), and I think th
  11. So, I know there's a lot going on, but this came up earlier, and I think we have yet to deal with it: There are ties on the list. Each of the following films had the same number of points from the same number of voters. The current list ranks them by standard deviation first (meaning, I think, the more controversial film is first) and then alphabetically if the standard deviation was the same. A few of these films may drop off in we go with the 1/director list. Do we want to have a poll of some kind to choose between these? I know one place difference isn't big, but it would affect t
  12. I think Ken made the call that if we go with the 1/director list, the order would stand as it is currently. I don't remember in which thread. The current order is fine with me, but I'd gladly go along for another round. For some reason, the 25 with multiple films by the same director seemed like we'd want to reorder it more, plus that was the original next step in the plan, and if we're changing plans, then maybe that's not the next step?
  13. I don't think this was ever discussed. Why wouldn't the film stay in the order where it landed on the list? As to the rationale, I guess I just don't see why that warrants taking a film and putting it in a different films' place. It's not like this is a seeded bracket tournament. I'm sure we'd all have voted differently with the 1/director rule (and nominated differently), we're working off this ranked list, not a list that might have been, so it makes sense to me that the film would keep it's current rank. I don't think anyone is suggesting we to voting over again. I didn't compare eve
  14. I just sent my list. When I saw Ken's request, the films that came immediately to mind were mostly ones that I see are already on the list of films above. So I did a little more thinking and came up with a list of 10 that weren't yet on the list. These following ones I haven’t seen, so I don’t feel like I can be the one to add them, but what about Queen of Katwe, The Breadwinner, and One Child Nation? Those films are only on my radar because they’ve been on year-end lists of people who are part of this discussion! Though the exercise was framed as your top 10 spiritually significant films
  15. Nice! I didn't notice that. The thought that crossed my mind was, I wonder if there's a rug in Andrew's office that really ties the room together!
  16. I'm really glad I could catch the last part of the meetup, and I listened to the earlier conversation as well. Thanks for including the newer folks like me! Can I just say, Andrew, that because of your A&F avatar, I'd always imagined you as The Dude, and I was pleasantly surprised to see (and I mean this in an entirely complimentary way) that I think you do look like a slightly older version, just more put together
  17. Could we just call Ordet and Joan co-#1? I have a clear preference, but I really think that they're both essential to this as an A&F list. I know we are all more rigid about some aspects of the process than others, but if things are up in the air, then this seems to me the most honest thing to do if we end up going with one film per director. With other directors' top films, I could either take either one or don't feel like either is so essential that I'd be heartbroken if my favored pick lost out. I am not in cinema studies, and I'm not invested in auteur theory, though I've found it
  18. I think this is a really good idea.
  19. I find this very compelling. Here is my ideal vision for how this list would be presented, at A&F and in the companion book: The Top 100 with 2 films/director, based on the voting procedures we all used thus far, including the round 2 for the top 25. This reflects what's spiritually significant to this group, flawed and limited in perspective as we are. A supplementary yet prominent unranked list of spiritually significant films directed by women (50?) beyond the six or so that are on the current list. An article focused on women in cinema would be ideal, too. Ken has solicit
  20. Darren sent out a list of the 18 films that would be added in the 1 director scenario (although Uncle Boonmee would be added instead of Stevie). Could someone post list of the 18 #2 films that would be cut, or rather the 36 films films we'd chose from?
  21. Of course. No pressure if someone would prefer not to.
  22. Perhaps the thing that struck me most about the Top 25 was that 4 are very much World War 2 films: A Hidden Life, Sophie Scholl, A Man Escaped, and Night and Fog. Several other films on the list are WW2 films (Rome, Open City, Grave of the Fireflies, The Burmese Harp) or are concerned with its aftermath (Tokyo Story, Heartbeat Detector, The Best Years of Our Lives).
  23. I definitely think it was, especially since a couple of the films made the Top 100. Like Ken's prompt about women director's, it was also just a good exercise for me to think about personally.
  24. Hey, everyone. I actually have a job interview online at the exact time of the meetup (4pm here on the West coast). It would be nice to meet you face to face (or at least face to screen to face), but this interview is one I'm grateful just to haven gotten. Evan, do you think you could record the meeting and make it available? I'd love to listen in to the discussion after the fact while I do dishes or whatever. Have fun in an hour!
  25. Wow, these not only had the same number of voters and votes, but the same standard deviation! Fortunately these are in the Top 25, so round 2 should be what ranks them. It should at least be ahead of Make Way for Tomorrow, as a thematically similar film! Your nomination prompted me to watch it for the first time, and I would have been happy to see it on the list, though near the bottom (I can't remember if I gave it a 4 or 3). I nominated The Story of the Weeping Camel from Mongolia, and now I wish I'd advocated more for it. I think those might be the only central Asian films?
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