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Starcraft II

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Wikipedia, of all places, has a pretty extensive article on the development of Starcraft II. Naturally, it must be taken with much salt, but it seems that this project is indeed nearing fruition.

Count me as excited. When I was but a 12-year-old, I was first introduced to Starcraft, and I loved it. There is no other non-licensed franchise game that features such a memorable plot, nor does any other game boast such imaginative world-building. Sure, Warcraft III was cool, but it ripped off Tolkien far too much to be a compelling tale in its own right. Starcraft's cybernetic, Road Warrior-esque, post-Earth milieu is something that I've always appreciated (this is the rare video game that would translate perfectly into a feature film, should such a film be well made, preferably directed by someone OTHER than the guy who made this turd).

All three major races are playable, according to Wiki. Apparently, instead of three small campaigns in one game, Starcraft II will be a trilogy in which the first game involves a human campaign, the second, a Zerg campaign, and the third, a Protoss campaign. Yes, this will ultimately cost a lot of money, but it promises to be a rousing good time.

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I am completely confounded by that response.... Huh?

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