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Your 2009 Mix

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We have a favorite *albums* of 2009 thread. Do we have a favorite *song* thread for this year?

If not, have at it. What would you include on a Highlights of 2009 mix disc?



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Admit it: You know you love it as much as I do. ;)

"What matters are movies, not awards; experiences, not celebrations; the subjective power of individual critical points of view, not the declamatory compromises of consensus." - Richard Brody, "Godard's Surprise Win Is a Victory for Independent Cinema," The New Yorker

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I spend months working on my yearly lists, so I started early this year. Lots to chose from...I thought this was a great year for music, and we still have two months left!

And with mixes, I don't always pick my favorite song off of an album and plop it in. I have to make sure it flows with everything. So that usually involves me tweaking track choices for weeks.

Here are a few on the list:

-The Antlers: "Shiva"

-Joe Henry: "Progress of Love" (I might open or close the mix with "Light No Lamp..." though)

-Built to Spill: "Aisle 13"

-Cymbals Eat Guitars: "Some Trees"

-Darcy James Argue's Secret Society: "Transit"

-Death Cab for Cutie: "My Mirror Speaks"

-Early Day Miners: "So Slowly"

-Marshall Crenshaw: "Jaggedland"

-Metavari: "Cerulean"

-Southeast Engine: "Preparing for the Flood"

There are more on my computer at home, but I can't remember which.

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I've only begun to mull over what would be on my Best of 2009 mix. But no doubt, "Stillness is the Move" by the Dirty Projectors is my favorite song of the year.

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Good call, Crow.

Here's the short list I posted on my Facebook page earlier today:

A few that spring to my mind...

  • Aaron Strumpel / Elephants / Won't Stop
  • David Bazan / Curse Your Branches / Bless This Mess
  • Joe Henry / Blood from Stars / Light No Lamp When The Sun Comes Down (or) All Blues Hail Mary
  • U2 / No Line on the Horizon / Moment of Surrender (or) Breathe (or) White as Snow
  • Dirty Projectors / Bitte Orca / Stillness is the Move
  • St. Vincent / Actor / The Neighbors (or) Actor Out of Work (or) Black Rainbow (or) Laughing with a Mouth of Blood

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Takin' 'er easy for all you sinners at lookingcloser.org. Also abiding at Facebook and Twitter.


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I'd have to include something from Mos Def's album-- I could go with "Life in Marvelous Times" or "Quiet Dog" or "Casa Rey."

Levon Helm's "Growing Trade" is one of my favorite songs of the year.

Jarvis Cocker's "I Never Said I Was Deep."

Paul Burch - "Still Your Man."

The Flaming Lips - "Watching the Planets" or "Convinced of the Hex" or "I Can Be a Frog" or "The Ego's Last Stand" or "Evil."

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Few can't miss tracks for me as I begin to pare them down:

The Doves - "Kingdom of Rust"

Greg Laswell - "Off I Go"

Paper Route - "Wish"

Pete Yorn - "Close"

AA Bondy - "Mightiest of Guns"

Tim Williams - "Murderous Air"

Ancient Astronauts - "Classic"

The Damnwells - "Soundtrack"

Matthew Ryan - "Some Streets Lead Nowhere"

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Every year several brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews and I put together mix CDs to share with one another over the Thanksgiving holidays. I have to say that it is a rare privilege to be associated with a bunch of family members who value making mix CDs. In any event, we spend three non-stop days with each other, and although we genuinely like one another, it's also a good idea to build in a little mindless media time to counteract the effects of cutthroat games of pinochle. Here's what's on my list for this year. It's probably as representative as I can get in terms of narrowing down my favorite songs from 2009.

California On My Mind -- Wild Light

Try This At Home -- Frank Turner

The Heartbreak Rides -- A.C. Newman

Canned Food Demons -- Boston Spaceships

In Babylon -- Aaron Strumpel

French Navy -- Camera Obscura

Bitch, I Love You -- Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

Kiss With a Fist -- Florence + The Machine

Cooperstown -- The Felice Brothers

Norman Bleik -- I Was a King

Shreveport -- The Gourds

Tidal -- Imogen Heap

Channel -- Joe Henry

We Sing in Time -- The Lonely Forest

Halfway Wrong -- Lucero

United States of Eurasia -- Muse

Preacher Blues -- Dave Perkins

Party to Survive -- No Through Road

End in Flames -- Strand of Oaks

America's Wives -- Watermelon Slim

Malcontent -- Southeast Engine

Amazing Thing -- The Receiver

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I'm listining to my 2009 "Best of" 3.0 right now. I'm hoping to have it ready for 3.1 by Wednesday, so I can burn it to cd and hear how it sounds then. Then it will be in Beta by Sunday and ready for ship.

Stay tuned folks.

"It is scandalous for Christians to have an imagination starved for God." - Mark Filiatreau

I write occasionally at Unfamiliar Stars.

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Aeon- Antony & the Johnsons

Back & Forth- Obits

Benedictus Agnus Dei- Emmanuel Shal Come to Thee

Bimogo- Amadou & Mariam

Bolts Of Melody- Adam Franklin

By Two's- Yo La Tengo

California- I Was A King

The Chair- PJ Harvey

Contender- The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Dark Was The Night- Kronos Quartet

Feeling Good- My Brightest Diamond

Femme Fatale- Elvis Costello

Fresh Blood- Eels

Heartbroken, In Disrepair- Dan Auerbach

How To Have Sex With a Ghost- Maybeshewill

I am The Changer- Cotton Jones

I'm Broke- Black Joe Lewis

Little Paper Birds- Wussy

Malibu Gas Station- Sonic Youth

The mountain- Heartless Bastards

Moving Clocks Run Slow- We Were Promised Jet Packs

Oh No- Andrew Bird

San Francisco- Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard

Shampoo- Elvis Perkins

Streets of Laredo- Grandpa Boy/Paul Westerberg

Technicolor Health- Harlem Shakes

To Live is To Fly- Steve Earle

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As it stands today, this is my mix:

1. Camera Obscura - "French Navy"

2. God Help the Girl - "God Help the Girl"

3. Built to Spill - "Hindsight"

4. Hope Sandoval - "For the Rest of Your Life"

5. Alela Diane - "To Be Still"

6. Mirah - "The Forest"

7. Animal Collective - "My Girls"

8. Telekinesis! - "Tokyo"

9. The Boy Least Likely To - "Balloon on a Broken String"

10. Southeast Engine - "Two of Every Kind"

11. The Mountain Goats - "Romans 10:9"

12. Neko Case - "People Gotta Lot of Nerve"

13. Magnolia Electric Co. "O! Grace"

14. Marissa Nadler - "Ghosts & Lovers"

15. the Clientele - "Jennifer & Julia"

16. the Mary Onettes - "The Disappearance of my Youth"

17. Yo La Tengo - "If It's True"

18. David Bazan - "Bearing Witness"

19. Death Cab for Cutie - "I was Once a Loyal Lover"

Three notes:

1. I anually make a mix and give it to friends and family. Consequently I try to strike a balance between my favorites and what they'd actually like. It changes things a bit. I probably might not include some songs (i.e. Death Cab for Cutie, maybe the Mountain Goats or Southeast Engine), might include some different artists (the Legends, the Pains of Being Pure in Heart), or do some substitution of certain songs.

2. The two songs that really made my year are the tracks by Camera Obscura and Neko Case. On the former, it's a slice of bouncy pop heaven that knows how to kick off an album. It's a slightly tongue-in-cheek, slightly heart-on-sleave romatic with a killer chorus to boot. The later is hilarious. As a slight nod to Hall and Oates, the man eater isn't a woman but a killer whale. Neko Case swears that there is no hidden message in the song but it's certainly a fine metaphor of how we're drawn to the things we know are bad for us.

3. I really wanted to include Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks". It's a killer song. But then I remembered they're a crazy-hyped band that made, in my estimation, a merely so-so album. Consider the exclusion of "Two Weeks" my form of backlash.

"It is scandalous for Christians to have an imagination starved for God." - Mark Filiatreau

I write occasionally at Unfamiliar Stars.

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14. Marissa Nadler - "Ghosts & Lovers"

I'm currently making my mix, motivated by this thread (I usually wait til the end of the year, if not the beginning of the next one). There will be Eleni Mandell, Neko Case, Marissa Nadler, Jill Sobule, for sure (going at it chronologically).

Same pick than you for Neko. For Marissa, I chose "Loner", but the whole Little Hells album is hypnotique ("hypnotic"?).

On the other hand, on second or third listen, I found Bat for Lashes's Two Suns totally boring.

And so far I still support Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest, which is a fine and subtle pop album, unless I have to replace my ears!

Hard to pick something from The Antlers's Hospice. Maybe the last track, "Epilogue".

Am I the only one to be endlessly moved by Jill Sobule's voice and music? (well, no, she has her fans, they even made her album possible! They're all mentionned in the booklet, the donors at least!)

edit: fave Camera Obscura track: "Swans"

There'll be St. Vincent (Annie Clark) for sure as well, a track like "The Strangers", for example, is superb. That album, Actor, is inventive, intelligent, and has soul. She reminds me a bit of the early Sparks at times.

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edit: fave Camera Obscura track: "Swans"

Also, a fine, fine, fine song. I would be tempted to also put on "Honey in the Sun" or "Sweetest Thing". Well, also "My Maudlin Career" or "Away with Murder" And...well you get the idea.

"It is scandalous for Christians to have an imagination starved for God." - Mark Filiatreau

I write occasionally at Unfamiliar Stars.

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Yikes, Kyle...our mixes are pretty similar.

Here's my almost-final list. I still have to weed some songs out and arrange them track-wise.

Like Kyle, this will mainly be for a few people (my girlfriend, a few other close friends), so I try not to put anything too nuts. I realize that the mix might not mesh one-on-one with my favorite album list, either; some so-so albums had awesome songs, and some amazing albums really didn't have any single song that stood out over the album as a whole.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes - "Home"

Superchunk - "Knock Knock Knock"

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - "Transit"

Marshall Crenshaw - "Jaggedland"

Cymbals Eat Guitars - "Some Trees"

Aaron Strumpel - "Family"

Death Cab for Cutie - "My Mirror Speaks"

Appleseed Cast - "As Things Go By"

U2 - "White as Snow"

Metavari - "Cerulean"

The Antlers - "Shiva"

Dinosaur Jr. - "Pieces"

Southeast Engine - "Preparing for the Flood"

Mos Def - "Quiet Dog"

The Gourds - "Country Love"

Neko Case - "People Got a Lotta Nerve"

Telekinesis - "Coast of Carolina"

Molina & Johnson - "Almost Let You In"

Magnolia Electric Co. - "Josephine"

Throw Me the Statue - "Ancestors"

Bon Iver - "Blood Bank"

Built to Spill - "Planting Seeds"

Joe Henry - "Coda: Light No Lamp When the Sun Comes Down"

I'd like to include something from the Dirty Projectors, Antony, and the Twilight Sad, but I'm torn between a few songs.

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I'd like to include something from the Dirty Projectors, but I'm torn between a few songs.

So am I. I'm sure it'll be one of these three ones: "The Bride", "Useful Chamber" (probably the masterpiece of the album), and "Fluorescent Half Dome".

That record is of those key ones that make progress music. You feel the man, David Longstreth, doesn't indulge and just worries about new territories of some kind. He works like a masochistic scientist. In Bitte Orca, I'm reminded of Pet Sounds (in the way the record has a life of itself, outside the real life), Revolver (for a clear, acid sophistication), Marquee Moon (for the surgical guitars) and on one track (can't remember which one), I'm especially reminded of "Heard Her Call My Name" (Velvet Underground) for the free, noisy lead guitar.

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Pitchfork picks the top 100 tracks of 2009.

You could probably guess most of them, at least in the top 20: Multiple tracks from Animal Collective, Phoenix, and Grizzly Bear-- and, of course, that one Dirty Projectors song. Some choice hip-hop cuts, as well-- I love that they ranked the Big Boi single so high.

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Animal Collective: Bluish

Phoenix: Girlfriend

Grizzly Bear: Southern Point

Dirty Projectors: Useful Chamber

These are the best songs of this year's bands albums to me, that should be on my 2009 mix.

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I know a few of these are older than 2009, but they were new to me this year. Sue me.

1. Fleet of Hope - Indigo Girls

2. Paris - Paul Benton

3. Bulletproof - La Roux

4. Just Ain't Gonna Work Out - Mayer Hawthorne

5. Skinny Love - Bon Iver

6. Off I Go - Greg Laswell

7. Melody - Kate Earl

8. Corner - Allie Moss

9. Little Person - Jon Brion

Guilty Pleasure

10. Whatcha Say - Jason DeRullo

*Note: I have been a participant of this board for about 8 years. And I think this is my second post in the music forum. I lurk here quite a bit, but always feel in over my head.

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I finished my 2009 mix (a chronological collection of favorite songs from each CD I purchased), but have a problem: it makes more than the 2 CDs set I initially planned to get, and I can't decide which song I should take off (except for the Bat for Lashes one, maybe, as her voice doesn't quite make it for me, at some point, even one second, it rings false to my heart, though I like the gospel mood of the chosen track). So I think I should expand it to a 3 CDs set, but then I need to buy about ten CDs more from 2009 to complete this mix (about 55 minutes of space to fill again). I won't escape the rule of choosing only one song per CD (or project, the LWIII one being a double CD), since I like the variety of the whole mix.

1. Animal Collective Bluish (Merriweather Post Pavilion, 20/1) 5:13

2. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart A Teenager in Love (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, 3/2) 3:24

3. Ana Egge New Tattoo (Road to My Love, 17/2) 2:57

4. Eleni Mandell God Is Love (Artificial Fire, 17/2) 4:43

5. M. Ward For Beginners (Hold Time, 17/2) 2:47

6. The Antlers Epilogue (Hospice, 3/3) 5:29

7. Neko Case People Got a Lotta Nerve (Middle Cyclone, 3/3) 2:33

8. Marissa Nadler Loner (Little Hells, 3/3) 4:47

9. The Decemberists The Wanting Comes in Waves / Repaid (The Hazards of Love, 24/3) 6:27

10. Julie Doiron Consolation Prize (I Can Wonder What You Did with Your Day, 24/3) 2:03

11. Bat for Lashes Peace of Mind (Two Suns, 6/4) 3:28

12. Jill Sobule Palm Springs (California Years, 14/4) 4:42

13. Camera Obscura Swans (My Maudlin Career, 20/4) 4:09

14. St Vincent The Strangers (Actor, 5/5) 4:04

15. Niobe Time Is Kindling (Black Bird’s Echo, 18/5) 3:57

16. Devon Sproule Ain’t That the Way (Don’t Hurry for Heaven!, 20/5) 4:11

17. Phoenix Girlfriend (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, 25/5) 3:24

18. Grizzly Bear Southern Point (Veckatimest, 26/5) 5:02

19. Dirty Projectors Useful Chamber (Bitte Orca, 9/6) 6:28

20. Kim Lenz & the Jaguars That’s the Breaks (It’s All True! 16/6) 3:02

21. Amy Allison Sheffield Streets (Sheffield Streets, 17/6) 3:24

22. Wilco Deeper Down (the album, 30/6) 3:00

23. Anny Celsi Tangle-Free World (Tangle-Free World, 13/7) 4:31

24. Plastiscines I Am Down (About Love, 4/8) 4:11

25. Joe Henry Progress of Love (Blood from Stars, 18/8) 4:28

26. Jay Reatard I’m Watching You (Watch Me Fall, 18/8) 3:46

27. Loudon Wainwright III Took My Gal Out Walkin’ (High Wide & Handsome ~ The Charlie Poole Project, 18/8) 2:32

28. Arctic Monkeys My Propeller (Humbug, 24/8) 3:27

29. David Mead Twenty Girls Ago (Almost and Always, 25/8) 4:27

30. Pastels/Tenniscoats About You (Two Sunsets, 7/9) 3:05

31. Taken by Trees To Lose Someone (East of Eden, 8/9) 4:47

32. Sylvie Vartan L’amour avec des sentiments (Toutes peines confondues, 14/9) 4:06

33. Butterfly Boucher Scary Fragile (Scaryfragile, 15/9) 3:04

34. Richard Hawley For Your Lover Give Some Time (Truelove’s Gutter, 21/9) 5:39

35. Jean-Louis Murat Comme un incendie (Le cours ordinaire des choses, 21/9) 5 :41

36. Shannon Wright Sympathy On Challen Avenue (Honeybee Girls, 21/9) 3:29

37. Rose Melberg Moon Singer (Homemade Ship, 22/9) 2:30

38. Yoko Ono Unun. To (Between My Head & the Sky, 22/9) 3:19

39. Exene Cervenka Trojan Horse (Somewhere Gone, 6/10) 1:46

40. Jess Klein When the Time Comes (Bound to Love, 6/10) 3:37

41. Sondre Lerche I Guess It’s Gonna Rain Today (Heartbeat Radio, 12/10) 4:06

42. Phantom feat. Lio Le long de la voie ferrée (Phantom Feat. Lio, 12/10) 3:33

43. Emily Jane White The Ravens (Victorian America, 12/10) 7:11

44. El Perro del Mar A Better Love (Love Is Not Pop, 20/10) 4:29

45. Paul Curreri Down by the Water (California, 26/10) 3:08

46. Norah Jones Tell Yer Mama (The Fall, 16/11) 3:26

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