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Aaron Strumpel - Birds (2010)

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I've just been treated to a sneak preview of the *next* Aaron Strumpel album: Birds.

After the feverish jam session of Elephants, it sounds as if the players slept for several hours, rose inspired, and picked up a different variety of instruments, and decided to pick up right where they left off, with a sound that leans more towards a hoedown or a hootenanny this time. There's more of an acoustic emphasis this time, but it could very easily have played as the second disc of a double album. And, if you want my first impression, I think it would have been the stronger of the two discs.

So, if you liked Elephants, rest assured that you won't be disappointed by Birds... unless you were hoping for something completely different.

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Some (old) messages--with links--I got from Strumpel's Facebook group:

November 30

Subject: free bird preview mp3 and story

friends! well, just a note, i'm hard at work at the new album, almost done and since you're in the inside loop, thought i'd jot just a bit more about this song then what i've written elsewhere...

i wrote it a few years back after visiting my grandmother...she always loved to give me gifts when i came, and this time she had a chocolate bar or some snack for me...she lives in a nursing home! anyway, she said she wished she could give me more and was really actually sad about it and i told her i didn't want anything more than to see her smile and be with her...it's a crazy thing this life is...we're born and everything is brand new for 25 years or so, then things get normal and i feel like a lot of experience a dead zone of plateau if we're not careful...then we get older and can't quite do the things we do...but all through it, love from and to family can just immerse and give meaning and beauty to our times and seasons...anyway, i wrote the song as an inner conversation w/ myself about being ok with the passing of time and life here...

i've never shared it with grandma and now she's getting a bit older, gonna turn 98 in a couple of weeks! she doesn't remember me when i visit, but loves it that i come and seems to know what it means when i tell her i'm her grandson. she wears a rosary i gave her a few years ago everyday and i tell her i gave it to here every time i see her...this last time, my dad visited her the night before, saying she was going to have a special visitor the next day and asked her if she knew who it was gonna be...she answered in her 98 yr old voice, 'is it our dear Lord?' :) she was excited to see me and my folks, said, 'will you come everyday, can it always be like this?' and gave me a bag of chips to have on my drive home...she's so lovely and i hope i get to see her again.

and i hope you enjoy this song. it's a different version from what will be released.

hope you've had a wonderful thanksgiving!




December 3

Subject: i know you guys are all over the world, but...

i'd still like to invite you to the show on saturday here in colorado! it's gonna be the first time the elephants have been performed in it's entirety. and it's a benefit for a venue that blesses musicians. they give 90% of the door to artists which is unreal. this night tho, they'll get 90% to fund their service. anyway, check out the links, you'll get a taste of what will go down via the vid, and the details via the poster. peace.

oh, and thank you so much for all the notes back from the grandma track!

http://www.facebook.com/l/6ff55;www.everydayjoes.org - show details

http://www.facebook.com/l/6ff55;www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXQT0CQYDMo - pretty stellar video :)


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I received a copy of Birds last week, and I put it on the car stereo very, very loud for a long road trip.

I've been living with rough cuts of these songs for a long time, but the final production is a revelation. He's done it again. It's raucous, rowdy, top-of-your-lungs stuff that drives around sharp curves at high speed and yet somehow never flying off the road and over the precipice. I think it's exhilarating.

Andy, have you heard this yet?



Takin' 'er easy for all you sinners at lookingcloser.org. Also abiding at Facebook and Twitter.


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