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"God Is Still Speaking"

Darrel Manson

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A few years ago the United Church of Christ had some mildly controversial ads that many channels/networks refused to run. I expect we discussed them back in the day, but I can't hit anything with the search engine here. They have come out with a new version that won't be as controversial.

See the new ads here.

A foreign movie can't be stupid.

-from the film

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What's with all the camera flares? Who directed this, JJ Abrams? :)

In what way is it less controversial? Seems to contain plenty of food for controversy on the usual topics.

Did the tagline "God is still speaking," end with a comma in the old ad, or with a period? The comma just increases my temptation to add a certain snarky comeback:

"but only to us."

Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

Do you know the deep dark secret of the avatars?

It's big. It's fat. It's Greek.

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Did the tagline "God is still speaking," end with a comma in the old ad, or with a period?

It's always had a comma, I believe. And, not coincidentally, "Never place a period where God has placed a comma" has been one the mainstays in both UCC churches I've worked at during the past three years. (Actually, they were both Congregational churches, but both were part of the UCC.)

Also, that ad is stupid.


Edited by M. Dale Prins

Metalfoot on Emmanuel Shall Come to Thee's Noel: "...this album is...monotony...bland, tripy fare..."

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So, punctuation is the one "creation" of man we dare not credit God for, being made in His Image? OTOH, it is ironic that a progressive Protestant denomination that almost by definition doesn't do literalism would use aphorisms setting punctuation marks in stone. Good music though.

Edited by Rich Kennedy

"During the contest trial, the Coleman team presented evidence of a further 6500 absentees that it felt deserved to be included under the process that had produced the prior 933 [submitted by Franken, rk]. The three judges finally defined what constituted a 'legal' absentee ballot. Countable ballots, for instance, had to contain the signature of the voter, complete registration information, and proper witness credentials.

But the panel only applied the standards going forward, severely reducing the universe of additional basentees the Coleman team could hope to have included. In the end, the three judges allowed about 350 additional absentees to be counted. The panel also did nothing about the hundreds, possibly thousands, of absentees that have already been legally included, yet are now 'illegal' according to the panel's own ex-post definition."

The Wall Street Journal editorial, April 18, 2009 concerning the Franken Coleman decision in the Minnesota U.S. Senate race of 2008.

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