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Top 100 2011: Writers Needed

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We need volunteers willing to write short, 2-3 paragraph blurbs about the films that are new to this year's list.

A great example of a well-written blurb is SDG's piece on The Decalogue: we're looking for something about plot, cinematography, and, ultimately, the meaning of the thing.

We need to reserve the right to edit your work, but we're pretty good and sensitive at the editing biz.

Don't over-promise. Take on 1-4 films and if you finish those you can take on more.

As films are taken I will remove them from this post.

PM me to respond and to ask questions.

Let's divvy up the labor and have the whole site ready for our PR campaign!

Thanks, gang.


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I'd like to take Schindler's List and The Miracle Maker.

Edited by David Smedberg

That's just how eye roll.

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That's all right-- I changed my post late. But yes, I will keep it. :) I'll be sure and keep your excellent review in mind as I do.

That's just how eye roll.

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I'd be happy to write up 3 paragraphs for Amadeus (1984), although Jeffrey can have it if he wants, since I seem to remember he spent some significant time on it in his book.

I'd also like to try Paths of Glory (1957), because I've always known that there was something of spiritual worth to the film, and I think I can wrestle it out of it if I watch it again.

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Greg Wolfe wrote:

: Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

: Koyaanisqatsi (1982)

: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

These are among my, like, personal Top 20 films of all time (and two of them are in the all-time Top 5), so...

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I'd like to write on APOCALYPSE NOW and SPIRITED AWAY.

"A director must live with the fact that his work will be called to judgment by someone who has never seen a film of Murnau's." - François Truffaut


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2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Playtime (1967)

I can pick up these two. And Lazarescu, but only if no one else really, really wants it.

Edited by M. Leary

"...the vivid crossing of borders between film and theology may save the film from the banality of cinema and festival business, and it may also save the church from the deep sleep of the habitual and the always known."

(Hans Werner Dannowski)

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I will take Ratcatcher, Dogville and The Rules of the Lame -- jokin'! I hate that film. Good luck to whoever takes it trying to not tell the truth about it being a TOTAL BORE

I'll take Code Unknown.

In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the Universe.

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We're hoping for February 1 or as close to it as possible.

If we have to have some film pages up without blurbs, so be it, but we'd like to be as complete as possible.

SDG, shall I put you down for the Blubbing Camel? If not, no worries.

Ah. February 1 is soon. I don't want to overpromise. I'm dead overbooked till the end of January and have high hopes that February will be a time of tranquility in which I will bang out little requests like these, but I'm sure I can keep you happier with the timeliness of two than three, so, I regretfully pass on the Blubbing Bactrian.

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