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I did the standard searches (A&F and Google) and could not find a thread on this film, which surprised me a little, but...oh well. 


Anyway, Todd and I did a podcast in which we probed why the film didn't engage us emotionally as much as we thought it should.

0:00 – Intro and plot summary.
8:40 – Simply not a likable fellow.
18:00 – Umberto D. vs. Karin in Stromboli.
18:50 – A moment of grace?
30:55 – Just step in front of the train and be done with it…
39:00 – We should all just love our dogs and be happy.
42:02 – Walking back some of the criticisms.




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I guess we should mention the remake here, too.



An updated remake of Vittorio De Sica's post-war Italian masterpiece, about an elderly man struggling to survive in contemporary NYC with little money while facing eviction from a spoiled, vindictive landlady. His loss of purpose and marginalization by society is barely made tolerable by his only family, a small dog named Flike, which he cares for like a child.

It's the side effects that save us.
--The National, "Graceless"
Twitter Blog

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