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Dark Places


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Dark Places is the "other" Gillian Flynn adaptation coming out this year. Gone Girl is the big one.


Dark Places is about a woman whose brother murdered everyone in their family when they were children (except her) who is forced to confront her memories of the murder when a "kill club" (people who frequent forums and conventions for murders, the way some people do with super heroes) invited her to one of their gatherings (she needs the money).


I just started reading the novel, and I was curious to see if the cast in my head lined up with the cast for the movie. I guessed one character--Christina Hendricks as the mother--exactly right, and the others made sense--Nicholas Hoult, Glenn Morshower, Tye Sheridan--but the narrator, Libby, describes herself as "barely five foot--four foot, ten inches in truth, but I round up."


Charlize Theron is playing Libby. blink.png


The writer/director is Gilles Paquet-Brenner, whom I haven't heard of before.

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Tyler wrote:
: Dark Places will be in theaters next Friday (not sure how wide it's opening), but it doesn't seem to have any buzz or even promotion behind it.


It's being distributed in the U.S. by A24 (and in Canada by Remstar), and A24 has had only two films in its entire history that cracked the $8 million mark at the box office: Spring Breakers ($14.1 million) and Ex Machina ($25.4 million).


Not coincidentally, those are also the only films of theirs that have been released in more than 800-ish theatres (in 1,379 and 2,004 theatres, respectively, after limited openings of only a few theatres).


Their widest release *without* a "limited" opening to date was the 602-theatre release of Kevin Smith's Tusk, which grossed $1.8 million total (i.e. not just on the opening weekend).


So, this is a distributor that doesn't go "big" like some other ones.


For what it's worth, Dark Places opens August 7, which *already* has four wide releases: Fantastic Four, The Gift, Ricki and the Flash and Shaun the Sheep Movie.

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