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My nephew introduced us to this game and we enjoy it so far. Seems to really vary in the game play and works well with 2, 3, or 4. 

My one complaint so far is that it may be a little luck based once you hit the higher (more powerful) cards, but perhaps I haven't figured out all the strategy yet--or we're just evenly matched. 


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This is (sometimes) my favorite game. Or, it's the one I get to the table the most often. Yes, there's definitely some luck, but it's rare for the game to actually make it to the age 10 cards that are overly luck-based. I found the game plays much better as a 2- or 3-player game than with 4, too.

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My issue with this as a two player game (especially with expansion packs) is that in about a dozen two player games, never has the winning player won on achievements. It's always for high score by running out the 10s. I'm not sure why anyone would claim an achievement in the 2 player game, especially in the expansion pack where doing so gives the opponent a figure card. 

I think the solution is to tweak the rules for two player--if someone has to draw a card higher than 10, the player with the most *achievements* wins rather than the player with the highest score. But that might bring the runaway problem back in play.

(Incidentally, I've had two games end with card(s) that said to draw and tuck a card for every three factories and repeat if one is green. In both instances it forced a player who was ahead to draw out, exhausting all the 8s, 9s, and 10s in one turn. Sort of a Hail Mary play, but works well if someone is ahead on board and got nearly all the factories but isn't necessarily ahead on score. It does usually allow them to collect one or two special bonuses along the way, but...)

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Then again, the online version is filled with players that always win on achievements. 

I may not understand strategy...or could just lack the patience to actually look at the cards melded in online version and see what opponents are setting up for...


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