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Like most of us, I suspect, I don't buy many DVDs these days, but I did just spring for the Criterion Ingmar Bergman box, figuring I'll have the next couple of decades to dig and dig.  I have a couple of Bergman Criterion DVDs that are now superfluous that I was planning to put on ebay, but figured I'd see if anyone here was interested.  I've got the single-disc releases of THE SEVENTH SEAL and WILD STRAWBERRIES and the boxes/double discs for SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE and FANNY AND ALEXANDER.  I guess I was hoping to get maybe $7 each for the single discs and $10 each for the boxes/doubles, with buyer paying shipping.  Oh, I also have the non-Criterion PERSONA and SARABAND, which I'd be happy to see $5 for.  Is anyone here interested in them, or interested in trading any Criterions they're not particularly interested in having anymore? 


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I might have some old Criterions I've upgraded to Blu-ray if I dig around, although I tend to trade in my old DVDs for store credit. I'll keep an eye out.

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