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While searching for a thread, I was surprised we don't appear to have anything for the book or the film...just some mentions in Hornby's thread and some nominations threads.

Anyhow, this works far better than I thought it would, and it is making me rethink some of my assumptions about the novel. I've taught the novel several times, and there has been a definite shift in student attitudes over the years...from Rob is funny albeit sometimes painful to Rob is a monster. I've always sort of assumed that Rob's quirks are endearing (or not) because of male stereotypes and gender politics. So there are some scenes that are almost verbatim in the series but have different emotional resonances. Part of that is delivery, of course, but I'm convinced part of it is gender as well. I actually think we are more forgiving of some of the things Rob says and does when Kravitz is doing them than when Cusack is.

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