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The Field Guide to Evangelicals

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I will be getting that book. I didn't used to need it, being an Evangelical for most of my earlier life. But, I have forgotten much, and this will provide a needed refresher course. Thanks!

Info can be found here. The excerpt to be found there is pretty darn funny, although fundamentalists might be a more accurate descriptor in the book title.

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Hmmm... the excerpt is funny alright, sort of along the lines of Jon Stewart's America (The Book).

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Yeah, so I know I'll be in the minority here ("you just don't have a sense of humor! You should learn to laugh at yourself!" yadda yadda yadda) but I didn't find this funny at all. Just mean-spirited. I normally find Lark News funny, but this just seemed cruel and angry.

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So, now other Christians buy into the tired characture of Evangelicals? Sheese. That excerpt might have worked 20 years ago, but comes off as too mean-spirited today (Maybe I just hang around A Different Kind of Evangelicals - har har har.)

Here's another thought - whatever happened to good satirical writing? Satire can be critical and smart if done right, but nowadays all I see is mean-spirited barbs aimed at the lowest common denominator in order to undercut the target at hand. It's ineffective, mean, and boring to read/listen to.

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