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Vision Statements

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Remember Jerry Maguire?

In the flick, the title character’s job has become what defines him—and one day he realizes that he’s become duplicitous, shallow and largely an ass.

So he succumbs to a crippling bout of integrity and spends all night hammering out a mission statement, a personal vision that, reactions be damned, he is driven to share with the world—which, in this case, consists of his co-workers. He’s willing to risk everything, laying it on the line—not realizing that ‘the world’ isn’t really willing to hear it and not expecting the swift ramifications of the act, losing his title, reputation and client base save for one person who believes in him.

Has anyone here ever written a ‘vision statement’ or been moved to do so as a result of some catalytic event or series of events that, reactions be damned, push you into a new realm of personal integrity—at the risk of losing everything secure, but revitalizing that sense of power which comes from striving to fulfill what your convictions/vision bid you attempt?

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In a time of questioning my life's direction, I did write a vision statement, but it was not revolutionary. After a lot of prayer and reflection, I put together something that focused what I had believed for a long time.

In response to the Grace, Love, and Truth of the TRIUNE GOD -

I am committed to living out His Will in every area of my life

in loving partnership with Karina, my wife:

being continually reconciled to God

through confession and forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ

and through walking in His Spirit,

working to be reconciled to others

by showing them the Love and Grace that God has shown me,

and seeking to help others be reconciled to God

by preaching, teaching, and living out the Gospel

of redemption through Jesus Christ.

It's based on 2 Corinthians 5:11-20.

I also have a short mission statement (no, I really don't know the difference between the two) that I use, as well.

My mission is to bear witness

to the transforming presence

of Christ’s Kingdom

so that the lost are found

and believers are equipped

to grow as disciples.

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