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Scotland - Kirin Cup WINNERS!

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I almost couldn't believe it! And of course, when Gary Lineker (BBC Sports presenter and ex England striker) gave the daily scores yesterday on FA Cup Final MOTD he stated "Scotland struggled to a 0-0 draw with Japan in a FRIENDLY..." AND WENT ON TO REMARK... "gosh, I bet that was a boring game"...

As you can see, we're still being oppresed by the english! Scotland had beaten Bulgaria 5-1 and drew with Japan 0-0 to win the Kirin Cup - a big shiny trophy all for themselves AND took home a cheque from the sponsors for $100,000.

sO... considering that Japan have qualified for this summer's World Cup (scotland failed to qualify) I'd reckon a 0-0 draw was a great result! AND A TROPHY!!!! HEY! can't fault them!

.:Football, that is.

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Bloody limeys.

With a lame-duck manager beating the bushes for talent because two of his best players are out with injuries, I don't give a fig for England's World Cup chances. They'll be playing their own boring games soon enough. Ta'e frae tha wha comfort ye can, laddie.

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Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

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