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  1. The Procussions "Little People" is about child neglect, and their song "American Fado" is about child prostitution. You could use either of those pretty effectively - check them out on the iTunes Music Store. bvl
  2. bvl

    Color Bands

    Bobby Brown The Bowling Green Blue Six Black Star Blackalicious Frank Black Corey Red David Gray Indigo Girls James Brown Redcloud Red Flag Unit The Whites
  3. bvl

    my new record

    Hi, all. My new record, entitled "chromedecay tracks pt2: 2001-2005", is now available via chromedecay (my record label). http://www.chromedecay.org/releases/cd003/ This project represents 4 years and 11 tracks, spanning dub-techno, downtempo instrumental hip-hop rhythms, and moody soundscapes. My signature sounds are found all over this record, which sees beauty filtered through a gritty urban palette of sounds and textures. There are 2 full songs available as downloadable MP3s to give a taste of what it's all about. I hope you check this out - it's a really significant piece of work for me. Apologies if this is too self-promotional in nature - I've really enjoyed being a part of this community and I thought I'd share this next step in my own artistic development. peace, Bill Van Loo
  4. bvl

    Trading In CDs

    The new best way to trade in your unwanted used CDs is LaLa: http://www.lala.com It's awesome - I've traded 33 CDs, and it's easy + cheap. You sign up for free, and they send you a packet of shipping envelopes (pre-paid postage) and plastic CD cases. You list the CDs that you want to get rid of (your "have" list), and when somebody wants one of your discs you pop it into the plastic CD case, and stick the artwork plus disc into a shipping envelope. It doesn't cost you anything, and you get credit for having sent out one disc. You can also build a "want" list, and after you've racked up some credit for sending out discs, people will start sending *you* discs. It costs somewhere around $1.50 to receive a disc (much better than the ratio when trading in discs at the local store, in my experience). I've gotten rid of some stuff I never listen to (for exmaple, a copy of John McLaughlin & Mahavishnu Orchestra's "Inner Mounting Flame" that was a gift; ugh, such awful fusion noise!) and gotten some real gems (Sleeping at Last "Ghosts", Sara Groves "Add to the Beauty", lots more). If you're going to sign up, it would be great if you could drop me a private message so I can "invite" you and get credit for it (and receive a free T-shirt). peace, Bill
  5. Give Pandora a try. Go to http://www.pandora.com, type in "hum" and go from there. You'll probably hear at least a couple Hum songs, plus stuff that sounds similar. bvl
  6. I love Hum, too. I haven't heard Downward is Heavenward in forever...I'm going to add it to my La La list for trades, though. I've got a Pandora station set up called "Midwest Hum-centric bands" whose core is Hum, Sleeping At Last, Poster Children. Sleeping at Last has become a recent fave in past months, in large part because of the similarity to Hum. This is drifting away from shoegaze, I guess...sorry. bvl
  7. Absolutely try out Whiskeytown. Pneumonia is *such* a good record. "Jacksonville Skyline" alone is worth the price of admission. bvl
  8. Yes, I use MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/bvl That's my page for my own music, and I'll be adding a page soon for the collaborative project I did with my friend J. Schnable. I still use my own website for the primary source of information about my music, but MySpace is a good way to reach a lot of people that wouldn't necessarily check out my site on its own, and keeps me connected in a way that's deeper than somebody reading my site (which is: http://www.chromedecay.org, so you can compare). peace, Bill
  9. bvl

    Sleeping at Last

    I finally picked up "Ghosts" thanks to the CD-trading site lala.com, and have really been enjoying it. The song "Currents" has been especially capturing my attention. I'm looking forward to hearing their new one, "Keep No Score", which just came out. http://www.sleepingatlast.com/ bvl
  10. I picked this up about 6 months ago and have listened to it a whole lot - it's a great record! I actually got that and his latest, "Belladonnna", at the same time, and have listened to Acadie a lot more. While I like "Belladonna", I find Lanois at his best when he balances instrumentals with his songs (which is why "Shine" is my favorite of his records), but "Acadie" has some really lovely moments. bvl
  11. This is a pretty well-regarded record, although I agree that more people should hear it. "Music for 18 Musicians" is one record I can definitively point to and say, "that changed the way I approach listening to and making music". Such a great piece. bvl
  12. How about "Rescue is coming", by David Crowder*Band? Then you could follow it up with "Come Awake", for early Sunday morning... bvl
  13. Glad to see this - I was going to mention it if nobody else had. And I'm sorry, it must be my kids' influence on me, but I find the version of this from the bonus disc that came with "The Other Side of Something" super cute. If you've heard it, you'll know what I'm talking about. bvl
  14. I've posted a little chart of my recent favorites to my blog, including short write-ups of each record: http://www.billvanloo.com/blog/ The top 7: Half-handed Cloud: halos + lassos [asthmatic kitty] david crowder*band: a collision (or 3+4=7) john davis: john davis [rambler] various tracks from the Thinner netlabel [http://www.thinnerism.com] loscil: stases [one netlabel: free from http://one.dot9.ca/2/releases.php?id=027] LABKLIK: Quilting with Dan and Tim [deepspace5 records; available for digital download via: http://www.forthelistener.com/store_downloads.php] Miles Davis: Kind of Blue [sony] peace, bvl
  15. bvl

    Views of Distant Towns

    I have no time to write more, but suffice it to say - your excellent taste in music continues, Opus. This is gorgeous stuff. Will listen more later. Y'know, I'm kind of keen on acoustic instruments with my electronica, too... ;-) bvl
  16. I received Anders's mix on Saturday, and though I haven't had a chance to listen yet, I wanted to comment on how enjoyable it was to read his thorough commentary about his selections, ands his reasons for including each song. Anders, I'll listen in the next few days and give you an update. Thanks for the trade! Bill
  17. bvl

    Nicest Voices

    Nope, it's only on the Best Bit EP. The two collaborations with Terry Callier are my favorite things on that EP! Bill
  18. bvl

    Sleeping at Last

    Thanks for the tip! I'm downloading it now. I got to see Sleeping at Last for free last summer (a friend of mine had an extra ticket for Switchfoot/Sleeping at Last) and really, really enjoyed their set. The link to download the record is buried (on purpose, I think) but if you don't want to dig, here it is: http://www.sleepingatlast.com/secret_capture_page.htm I do encourage you to look around, though - they've got a really lovely site. Great design. bvl
  19. No kidding. Overall, I found Standards a little lacking, probably because I liked TNT so much (it's still my fave Tortois album), but that track, and the opening minutes in particular, is just sick. John McEntire's got some mad chops. "Seneca" is, in fact, the only reason I hang on to Standards. The rest of the album feels kind of Tortoise-by-the-numbers, but that track's worth the price of admission. I can definitely get behind TNT as "favorite Tortoise record", although I have a massive soft spot for "DJed", and since it's almost half of "Millions now living...", that record ranks a close second. On a side note, I just found out the other day that the phrase "Millions now living will never die" is th title of a Jehovah's Witness statement about the end of the world, from 1918. I got a visit from 2 JWs the other day and started doing some research since I knew basically nothing about what they actually believe (other than it's different than mainstream Christianity in a few significant ways), and stumbled across it. bvl
  20. OK, here's the tracklist: bvl: mixtape for anders -------------------------------------- Artist: Song Name (Album Name) -------------------------------------- Tortoise: Seneca (Standards) Mars ILL: The Beautiful Hustle (Pirate Radio) Ohmega Watts: You Are Now Tuned In (Featuring Adam L & DJ Bombay) (The Find) Dert: A Piece Of Forever (Fledgling) Dax: Hummingbird (Derty Version) (Dax Joints) Mat Kearney: Renaissance (Bullet) David Crowder Band: A Beautiful Collision (A Collision or (3+4=7)) Telefon Tel Aviv: Fahrenheit Fair Enough {Fahrenheit Fair Enough) Derrick May: Icon (Montage Mix) (Innovator (Disc 2)) Benfay: Falke ([THN039] Silent Season Dub) Monolake: Mass Transit Railway (Hongkong) This mix is sort of in 3 parts: grungy hip-hop related stuff, "songs", and electronics. The Tortoise track starts out with this over-the-top wall-of-distortion 2-minute craziness, then breaks and comes back with one of the fattest, most tenuously-held-together bass and drum riddim tracks I've ever heard. That leads into a grimy Mars ILL track, which connect to Ohmega Watts (love that Adam L rhyme, including the intro: "Haiku, hymn, breath of God!"), and then into Dert's ATCQ-intro-sampling "A piece of forever"). The Dax joint is the transition point between the hip-hop and "songs" stuff, and it blends well out of the Dert track because, well, Dert remixed the Dax track! Then Mat Kearney and David Crowder sing a few songs, and that leads into... The Telefon Tel Aviv track, which opens with a lush electronic piano and builds from there. A lovely Derrick May piece follows, full of beauty and tension, and then one of Benfay's tracks from the free netlabel Thinner (check http://www.thinnerism.com) comes in to start the descent into quiet, ambient territory. One of my favorite all-time tracks closes, Monolake's "Mass Transit Railway", which starts with Hong Kong subway ambience and floats along to a blissful close. No worries - I'm looking forward to hearing it! peace, bvl
  21. Wow, the post office was SLOW! Let me know when you're ready for the track titles. Hope you enjoy it! peace, bvl
  22. Hey, Josh. I want to help, but I can't really resist poking at this for a sec: What in the world does it mean for a genre of music to have inherent value? I'm really having trouble wrapping my brain around this idea. To stand on this idea means you'd have to have some sort of objective ranking system that holds true for all people of all experiences and cultures. I just don't interact with music that way, myself. Anyway, enough of the critical part and on to the helpful portion: If you like the new Mars ILL record (which is excellent, from the couple tracks I've heard), you should explore the rest of the Deepspace5 crew, of which Mars ILL is part. I'd start with the first DS5 record, "The night we called it a day", and also check out the Listener album "Whispermoon". Along with those, I second Opus's suggestion about some of the more electronic-leaning stuff - DJ Shadow's "Endtroducing..." is mos def a crucial record, and some of the other stuff on his Quannum label, especially Blackalicious, might be up your alley. I love the new Ohmega Watts record, which is about 50% instrumental and 50% with rappers/singers, including Ohmega Watts himself and a bunch of guests. If you're really serious about exploring hip-hop, you might check out the Sphere of Hip-Hop site. It's focused on indie, underground Christian hip-hop, but some more "positive" mainstream stuff gets addressed at times, too. peace, Bill
  23. I'm in again. And I really will review the excellent atmospherics mix Opus sent me in the next few days - I've had it for some weeks now and need to really dig into it and write it up!
  24. bvl

    Best of 2005?

    I'm assuming that working for AllMusic Guide has something to do with it. Thom, give my good friend Rob Theakston a backslap for me next time you see him, eh? peace, bvl
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