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  1. I've just started taking classes at Mars Hill Grad School in Seattle. This past Monday night Dan Allendar, the prof and pres of the college, was talking about how dangerous it is to totally sheild our children. He criticized some writings for children, said Veggie Tales are great work,well done, but that nothing gets into the reality of death and evil and sorrow like fairy tales. and I have to agree.
  2. I guess not anymore. BTW, if anyone is interested, Image is sponsoring Paul Elie who will be speaking at Elliot Bay Books on April 29th in the evening. He wrote a great book called The Live You Save May Be Your Own which interweaves the biographies of Thomas Merton, Flannery O'Conner, Walker Percy and Dorothy Day.
  3. So, you are saying that as far as Joan being a "prophet" as in speaking God's message to others, it is not a speaking but an acting out (before others?). Hosea and Ezekiel were asked to do things rather than speak a message, but it was always to be done before the nation of Israel inorder to teach them about their relationship to God. Joan's actions seem more private. I don't know that i see in Joan that God speaks to Joan in order to get a message to others as much as to use Joan as a chanel to bring good and to be changed herself in the process. Rambling thoughts wrestling with your thoughts...
  4. Chris

    Trailer Alert!

    you avoid previews? (Generally). I really enjoy them. I don't prefer commercials on films, but for me previews an opportunity to learn about new films or be reminded of ones i wanted to see. And the preview can almost always make a movie look good. Plus I enjoy the audience's reactions around me. There was a Dogville preview before Eternal Sunshine as well. I'm really looking forward to that one (though the preview was just OK).
  5. Chris

    Trailer Alert!

    THAT'S it!!! Whew. i'll be able to get on with my life now... Bummer that it only got 4.8 stars out of 10 on IMBD. Natalie Portman. I forgot Natalie Portman. Well, whatever the film is like, it was a great trailer.
  6. well, I for one can't refute what he said! I would love to see other stats on deaths in films. I find it kind of odd how these two heart attacks were linked to how violent the film was. I don't believe I read anything that specifically said "we believe they died because they were watching excessive violence" but it certainly was implied throughout.
  7. It does loop a few times and then fade out. I wasn't quite sure how to interpret. I suppose with this sort of film it is fine to think whatever you want to about it!
  8. Chris

    Trailer Alert!

    SIGH No. I thought juuuuust maybe someone else would say "yeah, I remember a preview that kinda hit me that way" I assume it is in English. I don't think there was any words, only music in the trailer. Hmmm. And it came right after Wilbur wants to kill himself (not that that helps either...) um, i think the film had a two word title (sheepish grin) Bummer...i feel like I got a bit of a memory wipe on that one...
  9. Chris

    Trailer Alert!

    There was a trailer before "Eternal Sunshine" last night that was amazing. It revealed very little about the plot and was mostly images, especially of one particular guy who I assume is the main character, but was powerful enough to make me want to cry just by hints of the relationships btw people (boy i'm a sap these days) and my husband to say "wow. that one is going to do really well" Unfortunately neither of us can remember the name of the film!!! anyone have any idea what it may be? I know i'm not much help here. definately an independent film... :-k
  10. Kebbie, you had a similar experience to a friend of mine, who told me this morning how she loved the film. Later, I realized part of the reason it washed over her so much strongly is that she is at a place where the relationship she is in needs hope, knowledge that despite the ways they've hurt each other and the ups and downs and breakups and such that there can be hope. Being a film about memory and emotions (among other things) I find that fitting. I love the interplay of humor, such as the scene where Joel takes his items into the clinic and briefly sits next to the poor woman who is waiting to get her memory wiped of her dog. And this seems this has been resolved, but i wanted to add my 2 bits, that I agree that Joel went to the clinic to have his memories mapped and they did the actually wipe in his home...and I also agree that the finally scenes on Valentine's and the day after follow the memory wipe, rather than are part of it. I have to confess to feeling rather clever for figuring out that we were going to loop back to the opening scene before the film actually did. I know, not too clever. But it felt good... There was quite a crowd at the 9:45 showing we went to last night, and it was a good crowd to sit among--the kind of audience that responds the right way to the movie at the right moments.
  11. man, ya'll are in thick with Flickerings and The Imaginarium? I may just have to show up after all--to hear you people rather than just read you. Great film line-up, btw Mike. If I make it, this may just be the summer I spend more time inside with Flickerings rather than out in the Imaginarium tent.
  12. Favorite headline so far related to The Passion: Zombies Drive Jesus From Top of Box Office.
  13. Yeah, go Seattle / My husband and I were able to go to Elliot Bay Books a couple of months back and hear Gregory read some of his essays from Intruding. His whole family was there, so I enjoyed hearing him read and essay about his family dynamics and be able to see his kids sitting just down the row from me. I enjoyed learning about his wanderings through different forms of Christianity. He also fielded the questions well. One man asked "You say it is a journal of arts and faith, but the faith represented is only western faith. Why are you biased against Eastern religions?" And Gregory shared how he really wished he could make it broader, but in doing so the work would fall apart. He could only cover so much ground and do it well, so he made the deliberate choice to stick with the ground he was most familiar with.
  14. Why was that do you think? No worries on the waiting. I've only just finished season 3! I'm finding my life is too busy to work through them too quickly...for which i'm glad. That way I won't run out of Buffy too quickly
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