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  1. Thx! So ... In past seasons I always liked how they handled the Luke and Lor relationship - it was the un-Ross and Rachel. Any tension there was natural and it all made sense given the characters and all. Somehow they lost that (I guess when creator girl and hubby left the show) and it started feeling like any other show.
  2. Could you sum up what happened with appropriate spoiler black-out? My wife and I were big fans until this season and we couldn't fight through it.
  3. chrismo


    I was bummed Locke didn't blow anything up last night. At least we've still got Mythbusters. Fool me twice ... Hatch? What hatch? Oh that super important thing that blew up and turned out to not even be mentioned this entire season. Wait til you see what we blow up _next_ season! Though they have managed to suck me in a bit these last few episodes. Esp. when they made me eat my own words and did a Desmond/Charlie bit the week after I complained about it.
  4. chrismo


    Yeah, I agree. For some reason, I think last night's episode confirmed for me the big switch between seasons 1 and 2. Season 1 was so slow and drawn out and, "Hey, here's a hatch ... " and it's a central plot point for sometime. And while it was annoying to be strung along, the backstories were great, and those combined with the on-island plots lead to things like the internet wondering if this is purgatory, yada yada. This season we get 10 minutes of -- someone's pressed the fast forward button on their remote. And while it's sorta nice that they're not stringing us along very much, it feels like they're throwing away as much as they reveal. And the polar bears and fog of doom - well, they're still around so far - but, really this is just an island in the middle of some magnetic anomoly and some hyper-secret organization that's doing medical testing. Perfectly reasonable stuff. But ... it's easy to complain. I think it's got to be a million times easier to create an intriguing mystery than actually do something with it. Imagine being handed the writing reins at the end of season one. You can try to wrap it up with reasonable explanations and the answers won't live up to the mystery. You can try to wrap it up with supernatural wowie (it's aliens! with angels! and talking polar bears who evolved from toxic waste!) and it won't have enough realistic bite to satisfy the mystery. Or you could shrug it all off and have Jack and Kate sailing off the island for the US of A looking back at the island wondering, "What the hell happened back there?" and just leave everyone hanging. I'm wondering if they've intentionally started moving us towards some reasonable revelations much more quickly to help force us out of some of the so-incredible-it-can't-be-resolved well mysteries. If so, I respect that on one level - though I miss the wonder of season 1. (And a minor nitpick - Desmond used to be one cool freaky dude. I hate the shots where they pan through the whole crew and now Desmond's just one of them it seems. He should be wandering in and out of camp, eating locusts or something. And the Charlie dying thing - they should've just done one incident - doing multiples made it feel to me that this would be a daily struggle, but of course we can't include that theme in every show - so now it feels wrong -- one more thing they've gotten me intrigued with and then tossed off to the side. With just one incident, then it feels like that could come back in a month or 3 seasons from now ... much better back-pocket suspenseful element, me thinks).
  5. Yeah, this week's episode - blah blah blah, Matt and Harriet - blah blah blah, Simon and the new writer dude -- it seemed like I was seeing variations of the same scene over and over ("What if we wrote it this way? ... How about this way? ... Eh, let's show all of them"). Roof-top stuff didn't seem to annoy me as much, not sure why though. And the animal bit had its moments. Still some funny/interesting, but I don't like the shift in the show either. Oh well, Lost is back to enabling my sucker addiction...
  6. chrismo


    Maybe Donald Trump would.
  7. chrismo


    +1 for me. Plus, I'm a sucker for time travel bits. Whew, I hope he never runs into the guy who was behind this. *boo* I've got way too many IVs already running from each thread of the story, I don't have time for /fun/ and /whimsy/ - I need my plot drip fixes. Take two SpongeBobs and sit down, you're blocking the view... ;-)
  8. Since the ball continued to roll after I pushed it, I'll ramble on... ... I thought I had more in me head last night, but it's since left me.
  9. [Apologies if I missed the real thread on the show - please punt (ahem) me in the right direction] Anyone catch the first two episodes? I got sucked in by the hyped ads -- though those came off looking like 90210 ... hike! The atmosphere of the show is interesting, and appeals to the meloncholy in me (a bit of a Bill Frissell-ish soundscape to boot). I have a hard time getting my brain past the "It's Just Football!" frustrations ... but I'm starting to wonder if that's a very intentional element to the show. Perhaps they want to annoy you with how dependent this town is on football. Perhaps this show is more about coaching in and not of. If I can pretend that's what they're doing - tonight's show had a lot of interesting moments. Or maybe it's just a soap opera in shoulder pads.
  10. Overall, season seven is off to a good start, much better than season six in fact. Consider me pleased. The wife and I don't agree, unfortunately. I thought this week's was pretty lousy. While the show gets a +1 for the Lane 'real life sex isn't hollywood sex' plot point - I don't see her suddenly out on the whole thing after one bad experience. The child naming bit was good, though. The opening scene was very funny... but the Kirk stuff has been too forced I think. He's good when he's just quirky and not directly opposing characters. All things Luke and Lor were awful. That regular grocery store scene looked like it was shot at the last minute - credit to the actors for fighting through, but what a stupid scene. Lor being so normally cute with Rory did not at all match what else is going on with Luke. Rory's reaction was well written, but I don't buy Lor being so happy around Rory and gloomy elsewhere. There is such a thing as denial, but Lor was too good at it. Didn't she spend a few scenes moping in bed the last time things went weird with Luke? I don't see the point in rehashing everything between Lor and Luke and Christopher. The show used to be real good about not injecting drama into the proceedings, and just letting things play out, but with enough healthy payoff to make me want to come back for more. I'm to the point now that I'm starting not to root for any particular outcome.
  11. yeah ... until the last half of last season where she decided to break character and sit and the sidelines while the whole Luke's daughter thing happened. I've not been buying much in how the end of this relationship has been unfolding. Was Luke's daughter the shark moment?
  12. chrismo


    Smells to me like the writers couldn't go anywhere with the whole Dharma thing and decided it wasn't too late to punt it for a whole new season of teasing us with new sweet nothings. "That map that baldy found last season while crushing his leg? Y'know how exciting that was? And mysterious? Well ... turns out it's just a bunch of abandoned buildings from a long lost thing that's not really a player in all this anymore." I'm suspicious. I've caught the first episodes of Heroes -- and while overall I don't like it as much as Lost so far, to me it has more indications of the writers already having worked out the plot.
  13. I agree. It was certainly better than many of the early season episodes last year where it seemed like each episode was thrown together the hour before air time. I was also surprised to see Amy Sherman-P's name listed as an Exec Producer (amid the amazingly endless list of co-producers -- good gravy). Not sure what that means to her involvement, of if that's simply a title she gets to retain even though she's not doing anything with the show. But the big but here ...
  14. chrismo


    Yeah, I agree - that's good advice.
  15. chrismo


    Dah! I'd missed that. I didn't even recognize him. Thx for mentioning that. Was just re-watching parts of it. Some tidbits I don't think I've seen mentioned yet:
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