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  1. The funny thing about iPod is that my 13 year old says she is able to download music and put it in her iPod catalogue on her home computer and then transfer it to her iPod (maybe she has her iPod set up to recieve mp3s). So I'm not understanding why Apple doesn't want this if people can basically do that anyway.
  2. Basically, the article is saying that after years of battling illegal downloads that would drive it out of business, the music industry's major corporations--EMI, Universal and Warner, are backing the launch of a free website in which people can download from a catalogue of 25 million songs--apparently, profits from CDs dropped by 10 percent last year as legal downloads failed to generate compensation for it. So in otherwords, as I heard on the radio this morning, basically they are saying, "We give up, we can't fight this anymore." Q-Trax will pay for it is via advertising banners on their website. Apple which has 5 million songs in their catalogue is resisting this by not allowing this site to become "iPod compatible" in order to protect it's own iPod store (which is kinda lame from a business sense). QTrax chief executive Allan Klepfisz, said, ""People don't want to be illegal, but they do want free music." QTrax claims to carry official releases from nearly every major artist, plus live bootlegs and alternative versions. It seems the one major draw back is that tracks cannot be burned on to CDs. Here's a link to Qtrax
  3. I'm still linking to it fine. Anyone else having a problem with that link?
  4. Story here. as well as here.
  5. Saw this last night. Adding to the comments here about the inconsistencies in the movie, I did think it strange that the U.S. military would need ALL that information from this video. For example, did they need the footage of the party itself? Sure, as a movie, you'd want character development, but as a military? What was THAT all about??? Second, during the movie when Rob was trying to find Beth I did ask myself, "What if my son Brandon was stuck in Manhattan? Would I go back and try to save him? Would it be hopeless? Given the circumstances? Brandon, you are on your own. Why? Because the chance of my going back and finding you alive would be almost nil. I think I'd rather wait to 'hear the news.' Now is this lame of me or what? Do I not have any courage? Is this unchristian of me? Or is it just a matter of pragmatics talk'n here?" Now why I thought of only my son is really neither here nor there. It could have been any/all of my children. He just came to mind thats all. I suppose if it was all of them I may have taken the chance to go in and attempt to retrieve at least ONE of them as the chances are one of them may have survived. Either way, the point is that I really had lingering questions of what my obligations were and my own identity as someone who names the name of Christ is.
  6. BBBCanada

    I Am Legend

    I know this is something minor compared to some of the thoughts that have been expressed here but a couple of the continuity issues I had were with the CARS in the film. Unless Will Smith is outside on a sunny Saturday after noon washing his Mustang, that thing looked really shiny and clean for being about three years old. Plus the car Anna was driving (at the end of the movie) was all polished up as well! I dunno, that became very distracting as well. Both didn't seem to "fit" very well in any sort of apocolyse scenario. Well, there you go. Just when we thought the world was going to be saved Also the scenes in which he is at the harbor running down mutants had a "I Robot" feel to it.
  7. Opus point this site out June 19th. Here's the latest one: Wulffmorgenthaler You HAVE to read the comments on this comic strip. I put site in my favs.
  8. Story here. Official website here.
  9. BBBCanada


    I know several people in this video. 1. My "brother-in-law" "John Stuckless" (cartoon person) 2. My "mother-in-law" "Edna Stuckless" (lady in black with blue shirt) 3. Man in red jacket, "Kit" 4. Girl in red shirt under bridge, "Diane" 5. Bald man with gotee with Capitol Hill behind him, "Ron Dans" This is an organization set up to sign music videos for the deaf and hard of hearing as they did for John Mayer's song, "Waiting on the World to Change" in the video below. All people are deaf except for John Stuckless.
  10. What the &%$#@!?!? LOL. Somebody shoot me now!
  11. Yeah...maybe you're right. My version sounds just plain sinful. K...here's one... "I hear there's going to be a love offering tonight." Eh? Eh? Huh? Pretty good eh?
  12. I just don't feel called to celibacy. Nice Bible
  13. I finished watching this yesterday. All I could think of was, "Who would EVER believe that these two were going to make it?" I did think Alison (Heigl) was believable in her attempts to love Ben (Rogen)--though Nick Alexander's, gives new meaning to Dr Laura Schlessinger's, "Now go and do the right thing." Lastly, Ken Jeong--two words, freak'n hilarious. Here's a deleted scene at YouTube
  14. BBBCanada


    Excellent Globe and Mail article Peter. I give it...4.5/5 It is definitely worthwhile to look at why male bonding and lasting relationships (if is a problem) is a problem.
  15. Just rented this movie. Really enjoyed Rufus Sewell's performance (I even loved his under the radar entrance into the theatre) and then Paul Giamatti (I kept on thinking of Chris Elliot) and then Edward Norton (kept on thinking of JO...lol). Jessica Biel is pretty enough for someone to go the great lenghts Eisenheim did to get her. I'm glad no secrets of the illusions were revealed or at least the need for it. I think I would have been distracted from the story had they done anything like that. And I guess the question of who the bad guy is seems a little blurred. In other words, yes, Leopold is the bad guy and you understand that. But isn't Eisenheim as well? Remember that song from the 70's group 10Cc, "The things we do for love..."?
  16. Did any of you get a chance to see this three part series? Thought it was extremely well done with Christiane attempting to address some root issues. The part on Greg Boyd was interesting as she contrasts him from all that preceded his interview by entitling it, "The Heretic." Regardless, I don't think Greg is a "Heretic," just a little inconsistent.
  17. I've come to believe and trust that most individuals have the common sense on when to lay aside some pursuits (ultimately and to some large extent they are the decision makers of their own destinies and personal histories). But not only this, it is the idea that there is something bigger than the family that the family possibly fits into.
  18. Just finished watching this movie. I like some of these "down on the farm homestead movies." On the one hand while I agree with Steven's assessment that "...Farmer's domestic responsibilities and commitments make it harder to get on board with his obsessive and irresponsible pursuit of a dream that one may reasonably feel he should have given up a long time ago." His family doesn't seem to have quite the same problem as they are the one's who do in fact jump on board (not without any doubts or reservations) with his dream. For example, why does his wife put up with the almost near loss of everything from family to the homestead to reputation? It seems that the dream (and surrounding rituals i.e. at dinner time they would play a, "I'm taking to the moon..." game" that reinforces this family dream and connectivity) is what unifies this family. As a matter of fact, in one scene Bruce Dern says, ""I'll tell you one thing. You are one fabulous father. And you know why Farmer? This man (pointing to himself) couldn't even get his family to eat dinner together. But you!--have got your family dreeeeeaaaming together."
  19. BBBCanada


    I was just wonder'n if this movie could also be seen as a farewell to childhood. There seems to be major themes of social acceptance before adulthood. My 12 year old daughter just had one of her best friends move a couple of hours away. Sometime before that she told me that she thinks she won't be friends with most of her friends when they are adults. I felt a little sad about that as I try to involve myself into her relationships to the extent that she and they allow me. By the end of this movie I felt the same way I felt about my daughter and her comments, that over time friendships will be broken never to return on the same terms. Wondering how much of that social acceptance plays into it.
  20. Just a reminder for those interested that this will be showing on CNN over the next three nights starting tonight.
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