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  1. Lots of major checking by the Ducks. That seems to keep Detroit off their play. Kinda remind me of them %&#@* Oakland Raiders in the 70's who played dirty.
  2. Watch Cameron squirm in this video. Too much. LOL.
  3. And Ray Comfort is the guy who used to claim the banana was "the atheist's nightmare" because it was shaped to fit human hands. Yes. In "God Doesn't Believe In Atheists." Uh-huh...the way they talk about God's existence one would wonder why they would have to offer "proof." Proof is a means of arriving at certainty whether epistemic or psychological. But then again, there are many things of which we can be certain of that can't be proven. Many times even the "proofs" can be the disproven! What they should be saying is that they are "confident" of God's existence, but this would only tell us about their psychological make-up. Anyhoo...yeah...bring on William Lane Craig. Sheesh...
  4. Well if you go to the other links and watch some of the vids you'll see that they have recieved death threats. However, Brian goes by the last name of "Sapient" which means "to be wise."
  5. Evangelist Ray Comfort and former "Growing Pains" star Kirk Cameron debate "The Rational Response Squad" To watch the first "Nightline Face-Off," visit ABCNEWS.com Wednesday, May 9; the debate will be posted at 1 p.m. EDT. The debate will also be featured on ABC News Now at 2 p.m., and during our broadcast edition of "Nightline" on the same evening. Story here.
  6. What Andy and Joel said. And FWIW Joel...for the most part I'm probably the most charitable on these boards with regard to CCM and all the mediocre Christian art that's out there.
  7. Maybe they should title it, "Yes Magazine" or "Gen Y Magazine." You know...because they're ALWAYS agreeing with everything that gets churned out in Christian music. ::cheer:: @Nick: Meditating.................now.
  8. Story here and here.
  9. BBBCanada


    Jenga Tower Tragedy
  10. Yeah...I can just see it Peter. A city that "hogs." Like some sorta tractor beam.
  11. I just finished watching "Walk the Line." Maybe I'm coming into this real late. But then again, you've guys HAVE resurrected old threads in the past. Couple of things. SDG asked in post #71: The reason Johnny Cash could not wait that long was because his rent was due and they were about to be evicted. The scene starts out with Johnny sitting on the porch playing with his "band" (mechanics by day/rockers by night) and Johnny hears the woman yelling at her kid across the street. The kid's name is "Jack" and Johnny takes notice of this (his brother's name was Jack). He starts to sing when his wife runs into the bathroom where she tells Johnny she wants to go back home to her "Daddy." She tells him that she is living in dump with their baby with one on the way. In this scene she doesn't have much faith in him or his band because she compares it to what is playing on the radio (that her friend turned up so as possibly to drown out their arguing). A couple of scenes later she is helping him get ready for his audition with Sam Phillips. This is AFTER she learns that he GOT the audition. So there seems to be a lot of this bittersweetness that she has about Johnny and his career. I think the comments made here are really insightful as to how people think her attitude and character should be and then judge Johnny Cash in the movie based on THAT. Really interesting. What kebbie said, "All that to say, some of this disagreement may be a matter of perspective, and some of said perspective may be gendered." On the whole though, throughout the movie I got the sense that she was a drag on him and this is possibly why in real life Vivian's daughter upped and walked out of the theatre. As a matter of fact I would hazard to guess one of those scenes. In one of the scenes, Johnny Cash is having a concert with June and has his family there. They are singing, "It Ain't Me, Babe." The lyrics go like this: "It Ain't Me, Babe" Go away from my window Leave at your own chosen speed I'm not the one you want, babe I'm not the one you need You say you're lookin' for someone Who's never weak but always strong To protect you and defend you Whether you are right or wrong Someone to open each and every door [CHORUS:] But it ain't me babe No, no, no, it ain't me babe It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe Go lightly from the ledge, babe Go lightly on the ground I'm not the one you want, babe I'll only let you down You say you're lookin' for someone Who'll promise never to part Someone to close his eyes to you Someone to close his heart Someone to die for you and more [REPEAT CHORUS] You say you're lookin' for someone To pick you up each time you fall To gather flowers constantly And to come each time you call And will love you for your life And nothin' more [REPEAT CHORUS] Now, though both J&J are romp'n around up on stage there are shot's from Johnny's point of view of the whole family, and at times, as if Johnny is looking at them. There's a part where you know then that Johnny is looking (basically staring) at Vivian because: A. Johnny's dad looks to his left toward Vivian as if he notices that Johnny is singing to her. B. The scene is constructed in such a way that it lines up with the second verse. The idea that one gets when they are watching that scene is as if Johnny is saying to his wife, "I'm not the one for you" or "We're not meant for each other." It ain't me babe! One of the things I found most interesting about this scene was the family shot of his stern cold hearted, unapproving father and Vivian (maybe one of the first scenes in which you see them together). I couldn't help but notice the parallels as if trying to drive home Peter's point that being married to Vivian was much like Johnny's relationship with his father--a prison of sorts. Throughout the movie she just nags on him and of course depending on the depth of the relationship and how intertwined it is, she is probably contributing significantly so to the break-up.
  12. Ron said: Yer just jealous. Seriously though? You and I may not like it? But dems the demographics. It's a red rudder and it steers a lot of the policies in other provinces (especially the Western provinces a.k.a "western alienation") some of which is connected to the distribution of the population of Canada. By the way. I use to live in B.C. On the island. Courtney/Comox. My dad was in the military there.
  13. Well in a sense, Toronto is the "centre of the universe" (of Canada anyway) because Ontario has over 12mill and T.O. has over 5mill of THAT population. That's a lot of buying power considering that the rest of the country is spread out thinly throughout the provinces and territories. Let's face it. Whatever happens in Ontario affects the rest of the country. And where are the centres of power located? Ottawa and Toronto. Both in Ontario. And believe me. As a Windsorite who has heard for years that Windsor is the "A$$-hole of Canada" (I wear the label proudly of course ) it has this name because most people here feel that when it comes to handing out the government dole, we are the last to see it, i.e. our increasing border problem is an example of this. So the rest of you guys out East or West? You aren't the only ones that feel that way. Now, Toronto might not have mountains and lovely streams and forests, yada, yada, yada...but it is a cultural centre (probably moreso than the rest of the country or continent for that matter). But as far as modern cities are concerned, it is an example of modern architecture which represents a kind of utopian dream. Tell me. Is this not the site of eternal aspiration?
  14. Here is a wikipedia link on Rob Bell. Note the "External Link"--"View a response to the "Bullhorn" video from Way Of The Master Radio" If you want to talk about "relevance?" There ya go.
  15. With Steven and Alan, I thought the guy made some good points--(don't let your children hang out with his children, HA! Good one). What I seem to get out of it was that this is where much of, especially evangelical Christian culture, is and that it still needs to do some growing up (though the "low brow" stuff needs to be talked about too). Obviously his point about "stop trying to redeem culture" cannot be heeded as Christ and culture are not so easily unlinked.
  16. Got this e-mail yesterday. I'm thinking, "No." I just don't have the time to read never mind understand the small print. Frankly, I don't want someone taking my picture and using it for ANY purpose (editting, hacking, etc???) if they do that. Hello, I'm a contributer to the well known online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, which is currently using a very poor photo for its article on Project 86. I've noticed that you've taken a very good photo of Project 86 http://www.flickr.com/photos/bbbcanada/199626862/, which would be great for use in the article on Wikipedia. However, the license you have released the image under means that it can't be used on Wikipedia, as it would violate copyright terms. I'm contacting you to ask whether you would be willing to re-license the above photo under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (available here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/. In short, this would mean that while the photo would still be under your copyright, people would be able to use it freely for any purpose, as long as they state who created it (yourself). I hope you're willing to do this, as it would greatly benefit the Wikipedia article to use this image - plus, everyone who looked at the article would be able to see your image! Let me know what you think, XXXXXXX XXXX
  17. BBBCanada


    Saw it last night. Went in thinking it was about the murders themselves and it turns out it's more about one man's obsession with the case. I agree with ya Peter that some of these "meta-interpretations" i.e. family, need to be looked at more in depth. I began to wonder who was the "more obsessed party" the killer (obsession with fame i.e. "I want people wearing "Zodiac buttons") or Graysmith? Who's the more evil one the killer or Graysmith who knowingly puts his family in a potentially harmful situation? Personally, my respect for the guy dropped a few notches because of this--which made me wonder if Graysmith was concerned about his own fame i.e. Peter's: "...whether this film contributes to the ongoing banality of the Zodiac killings by treating them as just another thing that we can make movies about and discuss in online fora, or whether the film renders immediate -- once again -- what had long ago slipped into distant memory." Not just make movies but money off of.
  18. All I can say is that some people live in the ghetto...like that boy Elvis sang about.
  19. Caretaker Discovers James Cameron's Grave A cemetery caretaker in Montpelier, Vermont, has uncovered "compelling evidence" that movie director James Cameron died in 1837. William Frostmore said he was clearing old leaves from among the tombstones at the First Presbyterian Cemetery when he came across a weathered marker that caught his eye. "I'm a big movie buff," Frostmore said. "I love 'The Terminator' movies. So I noticed the name 'James Cameron' on that stone right away. I didn't think anything of it, until I went home to do a little research." Frostmore said when he looked up Cameron's entry on Wikipedia, he was shocked to find that Cameron's parents were named Phillip and Shirley -- just like the man buried in the cemetery in 1837. Frostmore called his buddy, middle school math teacher Mark Yancey, to run some calculations. "Mark told me he figures the chances of that gravestone having the same name as James Cameron's family are about 'a million to one.' That's just what he told me -- 'a million to one,' he said." Frostmore said he's not going public with the revelation of Cameron's death to make money, or to destroy people's faith in the movie business. "Regardless of whether James Cameron really contributed to great movies like 'Rambo: First Blood Part II,' or 'The Abyss,' the fact is that people are free to draw meaning from those films in their own personal way. Update: A Technorati search revealed that Christianity Today has been hornswoggled into believing that it interviewed James Cameron -- the same James Cameron who has been conclusively proven to have died in 1837. Picture at website: Horn+Swoggled
  20. And stolen. It was lifted straight from famous missionary C.T. Studd, who once wrote "some wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell". Of course now Camp does this from the gritty trenches of Franklin, TN. Dont be fooled by my sarcasm. I have he day off tomorrow and I fully plan to dig through my old CCM tape box in the utility room in search of some Camp. I was dating my wife around the time Consider the Cost came out ('93?), so there are definitely some very fond memories attached to that ol' blowhard's sermons. (Camp's that is... ) Hmmm...and Studd could have ripped it off from Revelation 2:13 I know where you live
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